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Atlin BC - World Famous Mining Properties

Atlin BC Canada is home to the historic Atlin gold camp. Mining has been going on here since the late 1800's. The area was first discovered by prospectors on their way to the Klondike Gold fields of Dawson City Yukon. Some of the largest gold nuggets in the world have been found in Atlin on Spruce Creek and Pine Creek. Pine Creek is where the discovery actually took place and the old town of Discovery started there. After time and several fires, the town eventually moved to it's present location.

The town of Atlin today sits along the shores of BC's largest natural fresh water lake. Many old buildings and mining artifacts from the past still remain scattered around town and the country side.

Below is a listing of all the claims and mining operations that are for sale in the Atlin area at present. Some of these claims that are for sale have been in families for generations. Others are old timers wanting to retire.

Wilson Creek
4 titles 11 cells. Easy access.

Pine Creek Placer

Turnkey Placer Operation With Good Condition Equipment
This is a super nice two man operation situated on Apple Creek. Apple Creek is a small tribuatary at the top end of Birch Creek. This operation consists of a full line of equipment a 2 cell lease.

Moosebrook Gold Mine - Yukon
This property is not really in Atlin but is along the highway on the way to Atlin. It's location is in the Yukon but very close to the BC border.

Atlin BC O'Donnell River Gold Claims
The O'Donnel River area has seen mining off and on over the years. Many years ago there was a town in the area where miners lived. The area had it's own post office and had several stores. The property that is for sale has been in the family for many many years and the vendor is selling do to health issues.

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