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Montana Bentonite: The Natural Solution!

Montana Bentonite is a complete vertical operation. We own the 40 acre tract on which we produce and sell consumer-ready and distributor products and materials. This is a turn-key operation. We are Licensed, Permitted, Bonded, insured and in operation. Our venture is ready for expansion into full production and we are ready to consider virtually all modes of development. We are willing to sell our venture outright, we will consider lease-to-own and we are willing to stay on in transition assistance. Price and terms are negotiable. Complete data, documentation and information are available.

"The Montana Bentonite Family of Products".

Our operation is located in southwest Montana with excellent access to transportation. We have developed the property with accesses and initial utilities. You can find us on googlemaps along I-90 between Butte and Anaconda.

  • 1 Multiple product lines to dynamic, growing markets.
  • 2 Current projections show over 50 years of full operation with current resources.
  • 3 $9B valuation, conservatively, in today dollars.
  • 4 The venture is suitable for durable stand-alone profitable operation or integration with another operation.
  • 5 No waste! Even the overburden ashen silt is valuable as an organic soil amendment.
  • 6 Orders continue to increase via our webstore even with no advertising because people search for our products and materials-
  • 7 Clear property Title transferable by Grant or Warranty Deed.

Documentation and information available.



Silver & Kenny Creek

Kenny Creek flows easterly into Silver Creek at a point approximately 39 kilometres northeast of Takla Landing. Gold was originally discovered on Silver Creek in 1868, but production from both creeks was not reported until the 1930s. Drilling was undertaken to test Silver Creek in 1935 and again in 1954, and work has continued sporadically until recently.

The area is underlain by a north northwest striking, steeply dipping metasedimentary/volcanic suite assigned to the Carboniferous to Jurassic Cache Creek Complex, along and west of the Pinchi fault zone. Here, phyllite and tuff are the most common members. These rocks host numerous barren looking, locally rusty, white quartz veins varying up to a metre in width. East of the fault zone, andesite and sandstone assigned to the Middle Triassic to Lower Jurassic Takla Formation have been mapped.

The creeks have fairly wide valleys with high gravel banks on both sides. Concentrations of placer gold were apparently found in shallow preglacial gravels on or immediately overlying bedrock.

Combined production from Kenny and Silver creeks to 1949 is reported to be 19,968 grams of gold (Geological Survey of Canada Memoir 252, page 141). Recent production from Kenny Creek, approximately 1 kilometre up from its confluence with Silver Creek, is reported to have totalled 22,395 grams gold for the period 1979 1982 (Assessment Report 11625, page 3). Sporadic work has continued up to the present.

Nuggets of arquerite, a native amalgam of silver and mercury, and boulders of cinnabar up to 60 centimetres in diameter have also been found in Silver Creek near its confluence with Kenny Creek (Geological Survey of Canada Memoir 252, page 141).

Asking price, 25,000.00 for both claims.

Contact: Darrel Davis


Amazing Investment. Comstock Mine

The Comstock occurrence is located at about 2103 metres elevation on the divide between Fennell and Silverton creeks. Silverton, British Columbia is located 11.5 kilometres to the northwest. The Comstock Group historically consisted of seven claims including the Ruby Trust (Lot 1804), Silver Chief (Lot 1813) (forfeited to the Crown February 9, 1993) and Comstock (Lot 1814) (forfeited to the Crown February 9, 1993), Silver Cup (Lot 1815), Isabel Fraction (Lot 1817) and Kentucky Girl (Lot 1818).

The earliest recorded work was in 1898 and continued intermittently until 1920. Early workings consisted of nine adits totalling 853 metres length. A mill was erected in 1897 to treat Comstock ore but was only used for two months. No further work was recorded until 1970. Work in 1970 was conducted by R.H. Murphy and partners and included a small shipment of dump material to the Trail smelter. Further work was done in 1972 and 1973. In 1976, H.S. Murphy and R.H. Murphy conducted a geochemical survey, trenching and one 25-metre drillhole. In 1988, Dragoon Resources Ltd. custom smelted ore in a mill in Ainsworth.

The area is dominated by granitic rocks of the Middle Jurassic Nelson intrusions. At the Comstock occurrence these consist of biotite lamprophyre and quartz monzonite.
At the Comstock mine, mineralized quartz veins occur predominantly along the contact of a biotite lamprophyre body and quartz monzonite, both of the Nelson intrusions. The quartz monzonite is fine to medium grained, massive and fresh. The biotite lamprophyre is dark grey to black, medium grained with local coarse biotite crystals; magnetite is common. Monzonite blocks occur within the lamprophyre body.

Quartz veining and related mineralization is hosted in a brecciated zone 5 centimetres to 2 metres wide, striking 035 to 055 degrees and dipping 35 to 55 degrees southeast. Mineralization consists of galena, sphalerite, minor tetrahedrite and trace pyrargyrite. Gouge is evident on both the hangingwall and footwall of the zone which also contains crushed quartz monzonite and lamprophyre fragments. The zone has been traced over a strike length of approximately 2100 metres between the 1670 and 2040 metre elevations (Assessment Report 17821).

Intense iron carbonate alteration, limonitic fractures and minor quartz-carbonate veining occur adjacent to the main mineralized zone. Several east striking lamprophyre dikes and quartz veins intersect the main zone. Measured geological (proven) reserves at the Comstock-Silver Cup property is 45,355 tonnes grading 1199.8 grams per tonne silver, 6 per cent lead and 10 per cent zinc (Western Investment News - May 1987).

The Comstock mine was developed by nine adits. Stoping was carried out between the second and third levels and between the fifth and seventh levels, for a strike length of 15 metres and 109 metres respectively. The underground workings have explored the mineralized zone over a vertical distance of 121 metres. Production records indicate 455 tonnes of ore mined. From this, 1,687,774 grams silver, 12,387 grams gold, 217,634 kilograms lead and 126,657 kilograms zinc were recovered.

Comstock Mine has a measured drilled reserve 1,750,000 ounces Silver,10,000,000 lbs Zinc ,6,000,000 Lead worth $70,000,000 U.S

Contact: Darrel Davis


Advanced Gold Silver Property in South Central B.C.

This property has had over $3,000,000 spent on exploration up until 1989 and has been idle since. At the conclusion of the programs it was determined that a mineralized zone with an estimated average thickness of 7.1 meters indicated a tonnage of about 17,000,000 tons with an estimated composite average grade of 0.056 oz/ton Au and 1.97 oz/ton Ag. These grades were based on drilling and over 3500 tons of bulk samples. One zone grading 0.167 oz/ton Au and 6.1 oz/ton Ag indicated that there could be about 1.6 million tons of material based on drilling and a 45 ton bulk sample.

There is sufficient drilling to provide technical detail for production planning for 500,000 tons of open pit material.
The entire deposit also contains over 2% graphite that could possibly be a viable by-product.

If you have any interest in receiving the latest (1989) report on this property, I'd be happy to email you a copy.

For Option or JV.


Feb 7, 2013

Sparkling Creek - Dawson City, Yukon

Turn Key Operation!!
For more information, go to Dulac Mining

52 Grouped Claims (over 5 miles in length)
The water license and land-use permits are all in place until 2016.
The camp is currently set-up for 6 employees with plenty of room for expansion.

It is beautiful gold, lots of nuggets and some fine gold. Nice for jewelry.
Wayne has seen nuggets up to 3 ounces.
He found the ground to be between 25 and 28 feet deep.

The material that Wayne has put through his plant worked out to be about $28.85/cubic yard at $1,000/ounce gold price at the time.
Over 60% of the claims are virgin ground.

Go to Dulac Mining for a full equipment list, maps and photos.

Contact: Wayne and Bev Fischer

Feb 5, 2013

Klondike Quartz Claims For Sale

The Prospective claims are located in the Klondike district, 50 km South East from Dawson City and 550 km North West from Whitehorse, and are in the Dominion Creek area (Map ref. 115O15). 6 claims for sale, 5 connected and on the brow of a likely source of placer deposits and 1 sited just off a main access road, approximately 2 km from the other 5 claims.


These sites come with a full and comprehensive geological rock structure report compiled by a professional geologist over a 3 week on site survey period. 4 samples from the area have been analysed by the Eco Tech laboratory in Whitehorse. A short report can be found at

All sites are mark stamped but no further work has yet been carried out. Old access roads exist and could be easily resurrected to develop the 5 linked claim sites.

Price is negotiable.

For further information and site photographs contact:
Tel: +447714263746



640 acres of Bureau of Land Management placer mining claims located 6 miles SE of Quartzsite Arizona.

Location and Access:
Plomosa Mining District, Quartzsite Arizona

The Plomosa Placer Property consists of (4) 160 acre unpatented placer mining claims located on Bureau of Land Management (BLM)in the historic Plomosa Mining District. Similar size placer projects in this district have recently sold for 12M-15M. This project is adjacent to the 700 acre "Jackpot" property which was recently approved by the Bureau of Land Management for commercial gold production.

The Plomosa Placer Property is located within the Basin and Range Province, which comprises the southern third of the state of Arizona. The region is characterized by linear mountain ranges separated by downthrown, alluvium-filled basins. In southern Arizona, a "belt" of Precambrian "metamorphic core complex" ranges forms a sort of transition zone between the younger, predominantly volcanic desert mountains of the south and the folded and faulted highlands of central Arizona.

The Plomosa Mountains rise up just west of the Bouse Hills to the north and extend for tens of miles southward. The Plomosas form the eastern wall of the La Posa Plain for nearly its entire length. The northern half of the Plomosa Mountains is predominantly composed of Mesozoic sandstone, shale, conglomerate, and limestone. Slightly younger Cretaceous to early-Tertiary sediments crop out along the northernmost point of the range, and small outcrops of ancient Precambrian gneiss also occur in the area.

The alluvial placer gravels on the property consist of schist, granite, and volcanic rocks derived from the Plomosa Mountains to the east. The schist exposures in the Plomosa Mountains contain gold-bearing quartz veins and stringers, and probably were a significant source of the placer gold deposits. Photo 6 shows an outcrop of quartz vein similar to exposures which host gold mines in the region. These occurrences are geologically important because they are the host rocks of numerous prolific vein controlled gold mines in Arizona.

The property contains underlying gold placer gravels located within washes that drain the Plomosa Mountains, and these drainages obtain alluvial material from the Plomosa Mining District. Photos 7 and 8 show drainages exposing thick abundant deposits of placer sand and gravel derived from the Plomosa Mountains. As discussed above, historic gold mines are located up-drainage from the property. The placer sand and gravel deposits extend for miles west of the Plomosa Mountains (Photos 9 and 10), and the Plomosa property overlies the drainages and washes that receive material derived from weathering of the Plomosas.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) Bulletin 135 "Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona" indicates gold-bearing placer gravels extend for up to four miles along the western edge of the Plomosa Mountains and production was large in the 1860's. When gold was valued at around $21 per ounce, the value per yard ranged from 71 cents to around two dollars with a high of $20 per yard, which is equivalent to about one ounce per yard. At least 18,000 ounces of gold was produced from the early small-scale placer operations at Plomosa.

Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report 85-12 "Ore Grades for Metallic Mineral Districts of Arizona" provides list of the average grades of mines in the Southern Plomosa District of La Paz County. The average gold grade was 0.295 ounces per ton, and the average silver grade was 7.487 ounces per ton.

Arizona Geological Survey Bulletin 168 "Gold Placers and Placering in Arizona" states the coarse gold content per cubic yard in the Plomosa District averaged from ten cents to several dollars when gold was valued at $21 per ounce. This gold content is equivalent to approximately 0.120 ounces per yard at the upper end. During 1934 to 1949, production from the district was valued at $176,042 from small dry-placer mining operations that typically only excavated to a depth of about 15 feet. Additionally, some pits were sunk into the placer gravels 5 to 50 feet or more, often encountering cemented gravel (often called caliche) with a much richer gold content.

Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology Bulletin 192 "Index of Mining Properties in Yuma County, Arizona" states production from the La Paz placers west of the Plomosa property produced over 50,000 ounces gold from small-scale operations in the two year period from 1862 to 1864. Production from the Plomosa district was at least 18,000 ounces gold.

The Delos Toole's book "Where to Find Arizona Placer Gold" indicates that since 1862 over two million ounces of gold has been produced from the La Posa Plain just west of the Plomosa property. Some of this gold originated from the Plomosa Mountains, which host the property.

Contact:Panos D. Gianneotis
Telephone: (310) 365-0783


Jan 24.2013


Three (3) BLM registered hard rock Gold Claims For Sale. Located within 1.5 miles of major Hwy and rail, with potential spur. Good access with year round spring on site. Claims successfully worked in the 30's. Approx. 300 ton of tailings, 5 existing shafts.

Assay results show GOLD range from 1 - 4.6 oz per ton. SILVER assays show from 2.9 - 8.75 oz per ton. Only Low to medium samples quoted. Much hotter rock available for third party testing. No core drilling tests performed. Major RARE EARTH system present and tested.

Assays available to qualified Buyers.


Contact: Brian Malloy

Jan 20/13


The Gold Machine - where science and technology makes you money. Click links below to view two videos on the Gold Machine. These videos show how the Gold Machine works and how efficient it is. The first video is about the Model 100 (approx. 100 cubic yards/hour) The second video is on the Model 200 (approx. 200 cubic yards/hour) Model 200 & Model 100

There is also a Model 10 (10 yards/hour) available for testing and small scale operations.

For more videos, information, drawings and statistics on this very efficient sluice plant go to: The Gold Machine



Trommel For Sale

For sale, Trommel, AS NEW condition, all electric 3 phase drive, water manifold, fully adjustable drum with 28 foot discharge conveyor, shaker deck infeed, c/w 24 inch sluice. Used for bulk sampling less than 1000 yards, 25 to 30 yards per hour capacity. $31,500 or trade for 200 size excavator.

Also, three claims on Summit Creek in gold rich Caribou. Call for price.

For more information call (604) 220-7977.

Contact: Mark
Telephone: (604) 220-7977


Fortymile River, Browns Creek and Dawson Tandem Partnerships

The Mickey/Fortymile, Tally, Browns Creek, Tandem Dawson City Placer Gold Prospects

The Mickey/Fortymile and Tally prospects are located by the Fortymile River about 48 miles down the Yukon River from Dawson City and the Klondike. It is about a 1-1/2 hour drive from Dawson City on government maintained roads. The Tandem prospect is directly across the Yukon River from Dawson City.

The Mickey/Fortymile prospect consists of a group of thirty-four placer claims that are on a low level terrace of the Fortymile River and on approximately one kilometre of Mickey Creek. Mining land use permit and a water license has been granted on this property.

Tally prospect consists of nine placer claims that are on the lower Fortymile River near the historic Forty Mile town site. Gold has been found on these claims. There is a large steamer and windlass dating back to 1896. Permitting for mining and a ten year water license has been given to mine these claims. There is a government maintained road that goes through the claim block.

The Tandem prospect consists of nine placer claims located on a bench on the west side of the Yukon River facing Dawson City just downriver from the confluence of the Klondike River. There is easy access to Dawson via road and trails.

The Browns Creek prospects consist of thirty-nine claims and a five mile prospecting lease on Browns Creek. There is road and trail access. A land use and water license application is progressing. Parts of this creek have been mined since the 1880's, and by modern methods since the 1970's.

Any group or individual claims can be bought outright, leased or optioned at negotiable terms. A joint venture on some of the claims would be possible to finance further exploration and testing, and potentially mining.

Contact: Grant Allan
Telephone: (867) 332-9975



Production Mine for Sale or Joint Venture in Yukon

Operating Mine for sale in central Yukon, Canada. Up to 3250 acres (aprox 140 claims) included in sale with all equipment on site. License in place till 2021 on 36 claims and pending for the remainder of the property. Geological and Geophysical exploration in addition to auger drilling testing grids completed. All infrastructure and equipment included is in good working condition and maintenance records available.

This is a turn key operation with detailed info for previous years available to serious inquiries.



2011 Caterpillar 305DCR Excavator FOR SALE

2011 Caterpillar 305DCR Excavator For sale.

    Equipment Details:
  • 136 Hours
  • Clean Up and Dig Bucket
  • Hydraulic Thumb
  • Comfort Cab
  • Rubber Track
  • Blade

This excavator is in MINT condition and is located in Whitehorse Yukon.

Asking price: $59,900.00 Cdn

Contact: Adam Purves
Cell: (778) 266-7777
Fax: (604) 567-2888


In The Heart Of The Klondike

T.D. Oilfield Services Ltd. is a placer mining operation in the Yukon with two (2) turn key operations.

These two (2) turnkey placer gold mining operations consists of 43 claims on Sulpher Creek and 50 claims on Goldrun Creek.

For more information and photos click here or click the above photo.

Box 1470 Dawson City Yukon
Y0B 1G0
Ph/Fx: 1.867.933.2700
Cell: 1.250.319.6390



4 placer gold mining claim for sale, located on Upper Bonana Rd located about 16 miles from the highway going into Dawson City in the Yukon. The claims are on Upper Bonanza Creek and Carmack Fork. You can drive to right up to them all summer. All the claims have some banked work and the water permit is good until July 2014. Our gold has been running about 75% pure and we also get some silver and platinum. This is a turn key operation, everything needed to get started is located on site.

    Equipment included:
  • D-7 Cat
  • Warner-Swassey Hop-To shovel
  • 450B Case tractor with bucket
  • Lincoln welder
  • Juniper wash plant
  • 4" water pump
  • Denver panner
  • 40' storage box
  • 2 water tanks
  • 2 - 500 gallon diesel tanks
  • 1- 300 gallon gasoline tank
  • Misc items

Asking $95,000

Contact: Al
Ph: 503-857-0818


25 Placer Gold Claims For Sale

25 placer gold claims located 10 minutes from Dawson City,Yukon on Bonanza creek.
Easy access to the mine site and water on Bonanza creek. We have been successfully mining here since 2000 and must sell due to ill health.
The claims are in a grouping and most have 30 years excess credit.

    Equipment includes:
  • 1 235 Cat trackhoe
  • 1 7.G Cat ripper dozer
  • 1 966 Cat loader
  • 1 3000 Ford dump truck
  • 1 Duetz 6 cyl. 6" pump (new pump overhaul)
  • 1 Duetz 4 cyl. 6" pump (new)
  • 1 Duetz 2 cyl. 4" pump
  • 1 275 Cummins high pressure pump with 1800 ft. of 8" and 10" pipe,
    2500 ft.7" aluminum pipe and 6" layflat hose
  • 1 20 KVA 3 phase generator 800 hr. diesel
  • 1 20 KVA 1 phase generator diesel
  • 1 Hobart welder bought new Onan gas
  • 1 Ford 1 ton service truck
  • 1 4x8 screen deck with miner's moss
  • 2 2" water pumps hoses etc.
  • 1 long tom cleanup box
  • 1 26 " gold wheel.

Selling seperately the white house on Mosquito gulch & 5th wheel located in Bonanza Gold RV park.

Asking price: $ 500,000.00

Contact: Ralph Labonte
Ph: 780 584-2475


822 Contiguous Alluvial Gold Claims For Sale

Located on the Sixtymile River in the Historic Klondike Gold Rush District of Yukon. Eldorado Placers Ltd mined on the property from 1986 until it was sold in 2005 with peak annual production of 6,000+ fine ounces.

The gold is small in size and high in fineness at 84%. Average depth of ground is 21ft of which 9ft is frozen mud. Wide valley with wide benches and a pay-zone 1,000+ft wide. Three points of road access and water licenses in place.

Exploratory drilling, trenching and shafting done and results available.

Contact: Greg Hakonson
Ph: 867 993-5103


Frisco Creek - Yukon

Frisco Creek is located in the Klondike Placer Region upstream the Yukon River from Dawson City. This is currently a small turn key gold placer mine.
For more information, go to Dulac Mining

Included are 67 grouped placer claims in good standing (7 miles x 2000' = >1500 acres). A Class IV Water License and Land Use permit are in place.

The fineness of Frisco Creek gold is 88% gold and 11.5% silver. Very little in the way fines, mostly course and lots of nuggets.
Eric has spent a lot of time exploring and proving the property and has production records on hand.

For Sale or Investment:
Eric will sell this turn key property, but ultimately would like an investor to bring forward $250,000, so that larger equipment can be purchased turning this gold placer mine into a 1,000 ounce/year mine.

To view the full mining equipment list, gold production and more photos, go to Dulac Mining

Contact: Eric Stretch


8 Placer Gold Claims For Sale In British Columbia

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we have 8 placer gold claims for sale and we are looking to close the sale quickly.
A brief geological report giving background about these properties is available via email.
Please note that the amount of material that can be processed from a placer claim has been increased from 1000 cubic metres per year to 20,000 cubic meters per year.
Also, 5 of the claims are eligible to be turned into placer leases, which will allow an unlimited amount of material to be processed per year.

  • 2 claims are close to the town of Hope and are at the mouth of the Coquihalla River (582686 and 582699). One of these claims is inside the city limits of Hope, close to the panning reserve.
  • 2 of the claims are close to the trans-Canada highway 8 miles north of the town of Hope, B.C. In the vicinity of Strawberry island ( 580967 and 580969) which is on the Fraser River.
  • 1 of the claims is at Siwash Creek on the Fraser River and is partly on First Nations land. ( 580857 )
  • 1 of the claims is at Coulter Creek in the Wells area of the Cariboo ( 577683 )
  • 1 of the claims is at Mcculloughs Bar on the Liard River, about 80km away from Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory. (576581).


**Editors Note, You can locate these claims by using the online map viewers located on the left hand side of this web page.



Copper - Silver - Gold Property Vancouver Island, BC

The YREKA property consists of 13 contiguous mineral claims totaling 1090 hectares 5 minfile occurrences including the past producing YREKA mine.Based on former drilling, plans and sections of the 1,750' and 1,900' levels, indicated reserves were reported as 118,450 tons a t 1.05% Cu, 0.02 oz/t Au, 0.60 oz/t Ag

(C.W. B a l , 23/03/81 in VSE Statement of Material Facts 61/81, Uke Resources Ltd.)

The property also has a highly anomalous RGS stream sediment sample located in the NE corner that returned 1262 ppb gold and 3000 ppm copper and 11.3 grams per ton silver. This a mine-grade anomaly substantiating high-grade mineralization at least 600m east of the actual Yreka Mine. This property has HUGE potential. Conclusions - ARIS Report 25797

Widespread alteration and mineralization are present throughout the entire property. The copper skarn horizon of significant lateral extent and thickness of up to 250 metres has a potential to host additional economic mineralization outside of the old Yreka mine area and there are surface indications that other styles of mineralization of significant size such as porphyry copper-moly (-gold) might also be discovered.

A March 16th, 2011 Geoscience BC Stream Sediment Reanalysis (Vancouver Island) Report has returned the following assay results:
1st Sample Results 6260 ppb AG 3180 ppm CU 984 ppb AU
2nd Sample Results 4600 ppb AG 3090 ppm CU 1262 ppb AU

This is a very good indicator that significant ore bodies may remain undiscovered on these claims!

Production Report
Property File

For Sale or Option



For Sale In Nevada

17 Patented Claims and 2 quarter Sections of fee land for sale in the Battle Mountain Nevada Area.

Ph: (361) 949-8218
View website:


Placer Gold Mine in East Fork for Sale, Yukon

Turn Key project. Contact:
Tel: (604)862-8636

Price: $1,180,000.00

Taxes: Annual claim renew fee is $10.00 per claim per year.
Improvements: Mobile home with kitchen (stove & fridge), living area, wood heat, a wash house (toilet & shower) additional accommodation includes 31' fifth wheel trailer, 12 x 16 cabin. Generator.

The Nansen Mt. claims and campsite are located 6 miles from the BYG hard rock mine site in a permafrost area. Access is by a government Maintained road for 62 km out of Carmacks, the final 10-km maintained by the miner. The overlying material is glacial till, with two to four feet of black muck, six to eight feet of gravel over six or more feet of gold bearing clay. Most of the gold is found in the clay under the gravels. Pay materials range from $10 to $15 at $800/oz. The mine is under operation right now.

We hold 40 claims and 1 lease (equal to 10 claims). The size of each claim is 500 by 2000 feet. There are 5 claims of virgin ground on East Fork and 10 claims of virgin Ground on Nankeen Creek. Nansen Creek has one additional gold bearing Stream coming into the claims with 1 lease (10 claims). Experience shows the ground has been rich in these claim sites where there is a confluence of streams. The old timers had mined the overlying gravel in this area but did not mine the underlying clays, which have proved to be quite mineable.

This area has provided a good living and sufficient returns to upgrade and maintain the equipment. The mining equipment is efficient and in good condition and can be used to make this an ongoing turnkey operation. Licenses for mining in place.

This fuel-efficient operation is run by 2 persons using one 250 kW gen. set that runs a 150 yd/hour Trommel & Feeder & 6" Flit pump. Material is fed by a 6-yard loader.
There is great expansion potential here. The present owner goes into camp in late March for maintenance and leaves late September, actually mining 3-4 months. The equipment and number of claims would make this operation ideal for a 5 or 6 men operation.

Vehicles Includes: 1 1995 F350 Ford 4X4 1 ton pickup truck.
Equipment Includes:

  • 1 D8H need work
  • 1 Trojan Loader 6-yard, good tires, new motor
  • 1 Michigan Loader 4-yard, new tires, new motor
  • 1 Excavator Hitachi EX200
  • 1 2001 John Deere 230 in good condition
  • 1 150 Yard/hour Trommel mounted on a low bed 6' X 42' with belt feed hopper & sluice runs, built in 2007
  • 2 6" submersible pumps, brand new
  • 3 8" submersible pumps, new
  • 8" Lay Flat Hose -1000' new
  • 1 250 Kw Daiwae generator 2007, only 1300 hours
  • 1 Onon 10kw generator, almost new
  • 1 Lincoln 305G welder, brand new
  • 5000 gallon fuel tank with electrical fuel pump - double lined tank
  • 1 100 gallon tidy tank
  • 1 Atlas Bus used for tool shed
  • 1 wooden shed 18' by 10' for storage
  • 1 Kohler 14 hp compressor complete with air tools
  • 1 60-ton press
  • Miscellaneous Tools large and small too numerous to list
  • Good supply of parts for all machines
  • Camp

Location: Nansen Mountain area, North of Whitehorse, west of Carmacks, Yukon, Canada


Arizona Placer Gold Claims

Arizona placer gold claims for sale.

  • 3 square Miles
  • 12 X 160-acres (1920-Acres)
  • Unpatented BLM placer Claims
  • Over 100 million tons to work
  • $2,800,000. o.n.o (Terms Available)

The Placer Claims off interstate 93 near Wikieup water & electricity available no overburden to clear & excellent access. Geologist 43-101 compliant & Drill team & & assay lab ready to carry out full report (funding required). All replies to qualified buyers:

Please email L. McKay at the following email address -



Located on summit creek. 19 km on Bowern Lake Rd. Turn left on 2300 rd first mine on left.
We have a hugh number of claims in the area and we would like to sell 3 of them. Contact me for geo report. And findings of our mine. Gold is in the first 9 feet of the ground up to 500 colors per 1/8 yard of gravel. This is a glacier deposit of gold and is easy to remove.

Come see us for more info.

Contact: Gary Thompson 1-250-565-5135

Price range from 150 grand to 750 grand gold is where you find it and we have found it. There are five mines on summit creek now you could be the next.


FOR SALE! 22 Yukon Placer Mining Claims

Twenty two (22) Placer Mining Claims , Virgin Ground. Located on Left Fork on Clear Creek About 65 Miles south and north from Dawson City, Yukon.

Asking $20,000.00 Per Claim.

Contact: Phone Tony 306-372-4116, Cell 306-372-7475
Or Don @ 780-468-5714
Email: - For More Info and leave your phone number.


Yukon Placer Claims For Sale. Carmacks Area

5 placer claims located on Discovery Creek 70 km west of Carmacks, Yukon. Good summer road to the property. Sale includes camp, 5 pieces of older Cat equipment in fair to good condition, 50 yard per hour trommel and much more.

Full price $350,000.00 CAD.

For details and a complete list:
Phone: 867-633-4150 and leave a message.


Red Cloud Patent Gold Mine For Sale


Mine consist of 4-lode claims and 2-mill sites for a total of 94 -acres in the pristine Chuckwalla Mountains, located in Riverside County, Southern California. There are 3-main shafts, Red Head 310ft. deep, White Wing 267ft. deep and Great Western 480ft deep, the high-grade gold vein is 2ft to 5ft wide, pays 1/4 to 1/2 oz per ton. Vein on the surface can be seen for over 4,000ft. Also includes, 200ft wide by 1,000yrds porphyry that pays 0.10oz per ton. Free of environmental restrictions & includes Grandfather Clause.

Red Cloud Mine is located approximately 40-miles northwest of the Mesquite Mine, the richest gold mine operating in California. Red Cloud was first worked in the 1880's and intermittently from 1900's to 1941. Ore was reported to have averaged $12.00 per ton (0.6 oz/ton Au @ 20.67/oz Au; 0.34 oz/ton Au @ 35.00/oz Au). In 1931, they installed a small amalgamation plant and milled ore from the Red Head Tunnel and shaft; the milling heads reportedly averaged $20.00 per ton in gold. In 1983, Kenpan Ltd. leased the patented claims but the price in gold fell and no work has been done since. Since 1970, the mine has been owned by the Figueroa Mining family whose father and grandfather had work there during the 1930's, and were familiar with its ore values.

Asking Price: $200,000

Contact: Alfredo Acosta Figueroa
Ph: (760) 922-6422


Dawson Mining District-Yukon

18 contiguous placer claims; creek & bench. Bench claims thawed & shallow. Creek claims drilled well. C/w 14 x 60 mobile home; has hydro & phone service. Close to services & suppliers. $600,000. CAD

Dredge trommel wash plant w/oscillating riffles, 100 Kw Generator, Komatsu 400, clean-up shed, portable compressor, Dodge truck, Chalet (wired & plumbed), plus a bone yard of mining 'treasures' & various tools.
$195,000. CAD OBO. Pictures available.



Bering Sea Gold Claims!!

We have multiple claims in the area and are interested in either leasing or selling them as individual claims or groups of claims.
The majority of our claims are north of the Cripple River. This makes them anywhere from 15 to 30 miles from town and not easily reached by smaller dredges. We have both 40 acre and 160 acre claims available.

We also have (2)- 40 acre claims on the east side of Sledge Island. They are all tidewater claims. It is possible that more claims will become available from our partners by the summers end. Claims start at Mean High Tide and extend into the ocean. All mining must be done below this Mean High Tide line.

There is a right of way along the beach for access from the land, but no camping on claim or mining above Mean High Tide is allowed. Dredging permits are issued thru the DNR and you must receive one before they will allow any dredging to take place on these properties.

    Mainland claims
  • 7 miles of mainland claims are available
  • (14) 160 acre claims that can be divided into (56) individual 40 acre sections.
  • Leasing- 30 % of gross to land owner, there may be multiple lessees on some sections.
  • Exclusive leases- will require an $8,000 per 40 acre section, none refundable retainer

Sales-40 acre parcels are available @ $28,000 per parcel. These do not need to be contiguous.
160 acre contiguous claims are available @ $100,000 per claim.

Sledge Island Claims-these are on the East side of the island. Only (2) of these 40 acre claims are available @ $50,000 each

Contact: Shayne


FOR SALE - 470 acre Tertiary Placer
Butte County California - Fully Permitted

Available for outright sale. 470 acres containing approximately four miles of un-worked tertiary channel. Patented mineral rights located on private land. Not Mining Claims! No BLM or USFS. Full permitting in place will allow for mining to begin immediately. Available reports indicate the average values are estimated at 0.5 - 1.00 ounce of Au per cubic yard. Water available. Just two miles from state highway.

Principles only! Owner will consider reasonable offers from qualified investors.

Contact: Jason Inks


Gold Mining Claims In Northern California

Three (3) unpatented, recreational gold mining claims in Northern California. Two (2) in Plumas county, One (1) in Tuolumne county.
Plumas county claims are 40 acres each, each with 1/4 mile of the South Fork Feather river. Very good gold, tertiary river gravels. About 5 miles NE of the historic town of La Porte.
* CAMC 302101 SWNW sec18, 22N 10E, CA21 $5,000
* CAMC 302100 SENW sec18, 22N 10E, CA21 $4,000 .
Will sell both of the above for $8K.

Tuolumne county claim is on Deer Creek. 1/4 mile of creek, about 1 mile from OHV area.
* CAMC 302544 NWNW sec28, 3N 16E, CA21 $2,000.

Please email for more info/details




These claims are located on the 2nd richest creek in the Klondike. Middle of the creek has been mined out we are doing side pay which is averaging $ 38.00 to $ 42.00 per yard. There is a estimated 3000 - 4000 yards of side pay stripped already and ready to sluice now. Plus an additional 5000 - 8000 yards partially stripped as well as three virgins claims. Ponds and settling facilities ready to go, you can begin mining in a matter of hours. Plant is set up, camp is set up with satilate and internet. This is a turn key operation. Claims on a well maintained secondary road approximately hour and half from Dawson.

  • 10 Claims
  • ZX-200 Hitachi Excavator
  • 5X8 Screening plant
  • 6" pump
  • 5th wheel trailer 1999 27 foot Seahawk
  • 5th wheel trailer 2001 35 foot Cardinal
  • Shop Tent ( dome tent new 2011)
  • Fuel Tanks six 500 gallon tanks
  • Gen Set Whisper
  • Gold Cleaning Table
  • Flying Dutchman small sluice machine with gas engine.
  • Misc other equipment

ASKING $ 550,000.00
Photos of operation availiable

Contact: for more information.


Spend Your Winter in Arizona

Four Placer Claims totaling 640 acres with millions of yards of gold bearing material to be processed. Western Arizona historic mining district surrounded by numerous operating mines. Third party project report available for serious buyers. Local operation options available. 5% NSR in place.

All for only $1,950,000

  • Mining Services Company selling developable parcels with or without lease back potential
  • Walker Lane Gold Trend
  • Can be split into 160 acre quarter sections or $487,500 each claim
  • Can structure for individuals and/or groups
  • Numerous Tax advantages with ownership
  • Cost efficient well water depths
  • Secondary Mineralization
  • Placer Reserves and Lode Potential

Contact: Jeff Marolf
Director Of Marketing
CYGNI Capital Partners, LLC
Ph:949-200-5461 direct
Website: Click Here


Claims Starting At $2500

Several mining claims available in historical mining regions throughout the southwest area of Idaho. Claims range between 10 to 20 acres, all with water frontage, and most having vehicle access right to the claim. Some claims for the recreational miner who wants to pan, metal detect or highbank, and others for the more experienced who prefer dredging or trammel operations.

All of the claims either have open dredging seasons, or permits can be submitted to dredge on them. Please contact me, and I can e-mail you a list of what I have available, and I will include pictures, mapping, and specific costs of the claim(s).

Thank you for your interest, and look forward to hearing from you.



Yukon, Canada

Joint Venture Partner Sought

Joint Venture partner sought for large scale placer mining oportuntities. Seeking venture capital to build large scale mutli-year placer operation.

I am currently seeking to team up with an individual or group interested in participating in the development of a large scale placer operation.

Proceeding in stages, the first year will target the extraction of a drilled and permitted property, while conducting advanced exploration on a large scale placer property.
Year two will complete the extraction of the drilled resource and commence development work and production of large scale placer project.

Project includes :

  • Large scale processing pant
  • Medium scale washing plant
  • Large to medium scale rolling stock

Ph: 867 335 1934


160 Acres Gold and Silver For Sale

Kern County California

160 acre mining claim containing indicated reserves of approximately 64,500,000 tons of ore bearing material. Geological surveys are completed and show average values of 0.358 ounces of gold per ton and 0.416 ounces of silver per ton. NI-43-101 Technical Report available(completed March 19, 2012). Approved for extraction of all precious metals. No special or unique process is required to extract the commercially recoverable values. Appraisals, topographical maps, geological and assay reports etc. can be provided.

The property is accessable, gently sloping and has access to utilities.

For more information please contact:
Contact: Jason Inks


Goodman Creek Gold Mine
Mayo, Yukon

  • 26 Grouped Placer Claims (over 620 acres)
  • Historic Ground
  • Water License and Land Use permits in place until 2022
  • Good road access
  • 95% Virgin - many years of mining

The property has been held by Kim Klippert for close to 30 years. He has done some bulk testing with a screen deck (around 30-35 yards/hour). The property has yielded between $18 and $24/cubic yard. Coarse gold was also found.

Kim holds 5 other Water Licenses and properties around the Yukon and has finally decided to let this property go since he is getting stretched too thin.

This property is surrounded by Hard Rock Gold and Silver properties who are actively mining or about to go into production.

Sale Price: $ 275,000.00

For more information go to


Montana Mineral Claims For Sale

819,017 hard rock mineral acres for sale in western Montana.
Price $5,323,610

Photo is a sample of the mineral acres near Kalispell.

Parsons FarmnRanch Realty. 406-538-7400


Nome Turn-key Mining Operation for Sale $200,000

(2) 160 Acre State Placer Mining Claims - Nome, Alaska. Permits are valid through 2014. Site is at Mile 92 of the Nome Taylor Highway.

  • Hitachi Excavator Ex 200 - good condition
  • TD 25 International Dozer - fair condition
  • 4' Trommel, jigs, generator, sluice, sand screw and conveyor
  • 25 KW generator
  • Chevy diesel pickup truck
  • Self-contained 20' van
  • Haul trailer
  • Great large Yurt camp
  • Gold table
  • Tools, welder and miscellaneous

(No leasing, no terms, 320 acres total. The equipment alone is worth more than $200,000 and could be used to build an ocean dredge in Nome).

Drill records available and shows values up to $79 c/y @ $1,700 gold. Owner has over $365,000 invested. SELL FOR $200,000.




Small commercial properties are also available. All claims are in proven districts. Quality claims at affordable prices!
Reputable company.



DeRocker For Sale

Reconditioned 10 x20 derocker for sale.

Call: 867 633 6556 or 867 6336557
Fax: 867 633 6434 eve.


For Sale - Patented Gold and Silver Mine
Located in Kern County California

This Gold and Silver Mine is a group of 5 patented and 15 un-patented mining claims. This mine is just under 300 acres total.
Most of the mining claims were filed in 1902. This mine was worked from 1902-1942. During this time approximately $3,500,000.00 in Gold was recovered. This is based on the fixed gold prices of that era of $16.00-$32.00 an oz.

During the late 1980's through 1991 the mine was operated under lease. Four pits were opened with the ore being processed by cyanide heap leach. During this time 77,500 oz. of gold and over 200,000 oz. of silver was produced. In addition, during this time over 300 test holes were drilled between 300 to 500 foot depths with assays taken every 5 feet. This drill hole data indicates the remaining reserves to be 75-100,000 oz. Gold and more than 200,000 oz. of silver.

This mine has an active chemical extraction permit. It is currently being operated under lease for aggregate extraction.

Contact: Jason Inks


Placer Gold Custom Sluice Plant For Sale or Lease

Portable 30-35 Yard per hour (50 ton) TRAILER MOUNTED gold trommel.
New 42 inch diameter x 9 ft long custom built hydraulic driven trommel/washplant mounted on a tri-axle goose neck trailer.
Complete with feed hopper, discharge conveyor and sluice box.
Includes a Honda water pump and 200' of quality 4" hose.
This is a well-built custom mobile gold production plant.

Click Photo To Enlarge

Sale: CDN $65,000

Ph: 604.818.2359


Brewer Creek Placer Mine For Sale

Forty one claims for sale in the Dawson Mining District. Permits in place. Geological report.

  • Some equipment and infrastructure
  • Historical workings
  • Cat mined in the late sixties
  • Winter road access
  • Summer boat/air access
  • Coarse gold
  • Fineness 83-85%
  • Shallow ground/ average depth 20 feet to bedrock
  • Average grade $43/ yd

This is a sweet little creek that has had sporadic mining. There is a mile and a half of virgin valley ground which contains good values.
The upper portion of the creek needs more testing but has good potential. All of the iron on the property is tired with exception of the little wash plant. Due to its remote location, good equipment is required to achieve some reasonable production.

Price $1,050,000 CAD

Purchase can be made in three payments of $350,000 over a three year period.

Ph: 867 335-1934


Mountain Lite Portable Sluice For Sale

Lightweight, portable sluice / highbanker. Weighs only 15lbs. Easily folds up for carrying or mounting to ATV racks. Ideal for testing remote areas. No need to classify your gravels first, just shovel directly into the unit and it does the rest. Unit includes hopper, spray bar, grizzly and 36" sluice.

mini aluminum sluice highbanker

All aluminum construction. Requires 1" water supply, not included. $850.00

Contact: Tim



Five (5) properties in a variety of geologic settings. Gold. Gold silver. Gold silver copper. Gold. Gold+.

Seventy (70) total claims with room for more. Reports infer over 1 million oz au in one property.

Also available - properties in Ca, Or. Skarn, volcanogenic, porphry.

We are owners. Sale or JV.

Contact: Roy
Ph: 310-441-1952
Email: for details.


2471 Acres (1000 Hectares) Placer Mine CUSCO PERU

Located 100 miles west of Puerto Maldonado with an international airport connected with Lima and US. Only 3 miles from completely paved Interoceanica highway, connecting Peru and Brazil.

Historic mining area in Araza and Camanti rivers. Amazing geology and topography situated between two rivers, boasting beaches, mountains and plains. Lowest operation costs in region. United States - Peru Trade Promotion Agreement. The agreement provides protections for U.S. companies. Environmental Impact Study (EIS) approved.

Geological maps are available on request. I personally could take you to the place and help in any business aspect. Geology reports and assay figures are available upon request regarding this property.

$ 4 million plus 7% royalties, negotiable. Serious inquiries please.

Contact: jbp
Ph: (51)9875-90455
Nextel 51*407*4996


World Famous Atlin Claims For Sale

If you are thinking about going placer mining you might as well go to where the gold is. Atlin BC is full of history and big gold and we have claims on some of the most historic talked about creeks in the area. Still lots of gold to be mined.

Check out our online flyer for more information on buying or JV some of these great properties.

Nov. 16.11

WANTED! Tailings and/or Deposits

Wish to purchase large, gold/silver bearing refractory tailings and/or deposits. Please provide ownership, location, size, average grade, mineralogy and original rock type. Whole rock analysis if available and depth of data available.
Also provide any information related to environmental liabilities such as acid drainage, arsenic or mercury seepage, etc. Lastly please provide sale price, email address and telephone number. We are not interested in properties unless the proposal is supported by appropriate scientific data.


Oct. 19.11

Lead Silver Mine

Lead and silver mine. Assays up to 80 oz. per/ton. Some native silver and a small amount of gold.
Historic mining area in Eastern Washington state.

Contact: Paul
Phone: 509-770-0367

Oct. 19.11

Omenica Region Placer Claim For Sale

For sale a placer claim of 7 cells [1claim] complete with a 20 foot house trailer, 12 foot by 12 foot storage shed and an outhouse.
This is on Twenty Mile Creek in the Omenica Mining District. Accessible by pickup. Claim is in good standing till July 30, 2014.

Contact: Ron Murphy



Three SW Arizona claims being offered for sale. These claims are rich in Gold, Silver and Rare Earth Minerals. The claims are located in the Granite Wash Mountains near Harcuvar Arizona. The claims have a year round spring that collects in one of the three mine shafts. Dedicated road access to all claims. Rail spur within 7 miles with potential spur less than 2 miles in Harcuvar Ariz.. Major Highway access 1/2 mile.

GOLD - SILVER tests of low to medium grades done by Jacobs Assay on April 12, 2011 show Gold @ 4.524 oz per ton and Silver @ 6.10 oz per ton. No core tests have been performed. There is approx. 300 tons of tailings of which the tests were taken. RARE EARTH tests done by ALS Minerals on May 16, 2011 show high levels of Neodymium, Barium, Stratium and Cerium. Over 54 other minerals are present.
Claims are contiguous and located between Harcuvar and Hope Arizona on BML land.

Price reflects the value of the Gold on the ground in tailing piles as of 9-09-11.

PRICE: $2,5100,00. Serious inquiries only.

Contact: Brian Malloy



Golden Eagle gold mine consists of two unpatented lode claims located between Bakersfield and Lake Isabella in Kern County, California. Sample assayed on 04/15/2011 shows 0.75 oz of gold per ton.

Silver Spoon galena mine consists of four unpatented lode claims located near Elliston, Powell County,Montana. Other than galena (silver & lead), Shipment Records shows that the ore contained 1.5 oz of gold per ton.

Either SALE or JV, we accept down payment and terms are negotiable. All Business Proposals which benefit both parties will be considered. Email or call for more information and further discussion.

Contact: Andy Ho
Phone: 702-871-6511


Cariboo Terrane Mineral & Placer Claims For Sale

Mineral Claims for sale or option

  • - West of Barkerville British Columbia, Canada
  • - 12700 Hectares of Mineral claims, large blocks in historically proven gold areas
  • - Maps, Minefiles, Geology and history available
  • - Access by paved Hwy and good logging roads
  • - Fairly priced, will take shares or cash/shares

Placer Claims For Sale

  • - 2500 Hectares Placer claims on or near proven creeks.
  • - Cunningham, Conklin, Upper Antler, Perkins, Upper Burns, Lightning, Mosquito, Red Gulch, Boulder Gulch, Willow, Cottonwood and others
  • - Will consider options on some of the larger blocks
  • - Fairly priced



Placer Claims For Sale, Lease or JV

Claims are located in the Cariboo mining district along the Barkerville highway, good road access, proven gold.
Serious inquiries only.

Warning-- This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use thr surface for residential or recreational purposes.

For more information,
Contact: Ray Blaine
Phone: 250-991-5134
Contact: Jayne Ball
Phone: 250-994-3268


Arizona Gold Claims at the Monarch Mine
Yavapai County

Our current offering is a package of four unpatented federal lode claims with a total coverage of 80 acres. These Monarch claims cover the historic Monarch Mine. The Monarch was the crown jewel gold producer of the Cherry Creek Mining District. The target gold is located in a hydrothermal quartz vein structure - in numerous pods and lenses. The gold generally occurs in small particles in the massive waxy white quartz. Some of the historical workings produced 1oz/ton au.

The Monarch Claim Package is available for a cash price of only $19,900 or as a lease/purchase option. To lease the Monarch Claims, we only require $5,000 at signing and your company can control 100% of the project (with no exploration expenditure requirement).

AMC#405356 - AMC#405357 - AMC#405358 - AMC#405359

For complete package visit

Contact: Rex
Phone: (928) 308-0700

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