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Gold Wash Trommel For Sale

Wash plant for sale, 8 foot diameter app. 35 foot long drum with feed hopper. Water header full length, hook up from either side. Large gear drive with gear box and drive shaft. Heavy 3 axel trailer with good brakes.

Asking price: $82,500.00

Ph: 907-322-8180


Two Mining Projects -Yukon

Two gold bearing creeks properties in the Dawson Yukon area for sale. The first creek is Australia Creek. For those who watch Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel, and Yukon Gold on the History Channel, Australia Creek Mine is just upstream of Parker Schnabel's mine on Scribner Creek (Indian River) and 5 km downstream from Marty and Carl Knutsen's mine on Sulphur Creek.

See the Australia Creek website for more details HERE

The second creek for sale is the Wounded Moose Creek. This is an operating gold mine, turnkey ready for 1,200 cu yards a day which consists of An estimated ore body of 13,000,000 cubic yards of high grade ore. 50 Virgin claims - with potential for 60 more - in the heart of the historic Klondike Gold Fields.

See the Wounded Moose website of more details HERE

Contact: George


Lucky Buck Gold Mine

Large fully permitted placer gold mine in southern British Columbia. This land package contains one and a half square kilometers of highly prospective placer gold ground. Ore body tested and proven so far contains over 800,000 cubic meters of material averaging over 1.8 gram per cubic meter.This translates to over $60 million of in ground gold value on just one of the three claims.

Gold is coarse and rough edged with many nuggets having quartz inclusions. Nuggets to 1 ounce recovered in 2013 season with many in the 1/4 to 1/2 ounce range. In 72 days of bulk sample testing we recovered over 300 ounces of gold.

See full page ad with photos of this property HERE


Placer Gold Trommel For Sale

Custom 7' x 30' Trommel. Very heavy duty built. 12 Yard dump box. Nugget trap - quick clean-up in the hopper.

12' wide x 20 long sluice runs include:
  • - 3 reversers
  • - Hydraulic riffles
  • - expanded metal riffles
  • - boil boxes
  • - clean-up drains and hoses

All on wheels and heavy duty skids combined.
60 KVA Genset - 240v/480v

Asking price: $165,000 for the Trommel
$11,000 for the Genset


For lots more photos and information, go to Dulac Mining


Hunker Creek (Upper Left Fork)

We own a 2 miles prospecting lease on the top left fork of Hunker Creek Yukon and it comes right out of the center of the Mitchell Sheba & MacKay gold bearing quartz lode in the Klondike schist between King Solomon Dome and Hunker Summit.
There are several pups on the lease and they're all carrying gold.

Hunker Creek was one of the richest creeks in Klondike and it is likely there is a placer gold bearing paleo channel on this fork. It has easy access next to Hunker Road. There is plenty of water for mining.

Indications of a deeper channel off to the side and flat spots in bedrock make it a very very interesting prospect. Remains from past mining activities were found here and there and we stumble on an old mining shaft close to the first post.

If you are looking for prime location in the Yukon near all the commodities at a low price this is a once in the lifetime opportunity.

2 Miles of Lease valued at $75,000 OBO cash/gold.
Would also consider trading for an excavator and 30-50 tph washplant.

Please note that we still plan to move forward and convert this lease into 20 claims next season (2014) so if you want to make a move, sooner is better. We reserve the right to pull the plug on this offer at any time.

Serious Enquirer Only Please



Commonwealth Extension Mine Pearce Hill Arizona

The Commonwealth Extension mining property is located on and around the famous mining hill called "Pearce Hill" next to the town of Pearce in Cochise County.This property is made up of four patented mining claims known as the Rainbow, Horn Spoon, Arthur and Silverthread claims in the Pearce mining district.

From 1895 through 1970 the Pearce Mining District has produced an estimated 1,341,000 tons of ore yielding over 12,000 ounces of gold and nearly 138,000 ounces of silver. Arizona Archives Online showed for the Commonwealth Mine "During its forty year existence, the mine produced $8 million worth of silver and $2.5 million in gold at a time when silver was priced around 50 cents an ounce, and gold was $20 an ounce.

See full page ad with photos of this property and equipment HERE



Bentonite Mine In Kazahkstan

Bentonite is widely used in drilling, farming, as sealant, as food additive for livestock, cement, adhesives, ceramic bodies, winemaking, paper manufacturing, cat litters production, production of copper concentrate and many other areas.

We sell the rights for pit development of bentonite clay field till 2025 (time duration can be extended). The mine is located in Eastern Kazakhstan (ex-USSR country).

See full page ad with photos of this property and equipment HERE

Ph: +7-701-79-777-33


Upper Frisco Creek - Dawson Yukon

New Age Drilling and Mining has opened up new ground on a Beringia ground creek, which is a rare find anymore in the Yukon. We own 15 claims on Frisco Creek with options on another 30 up the creek. The ground has proven very positive and we continue to work up the creek, opening up ground for the future. This a a full scale mining operation with a complete line of modern up todate equipment.

See full page ad with photos of this property and equipment HERE

Contact: Stuart Young


Portable Ore Processing and Refining Systems Available!

With the demand for gold world wide on the rise, and refining not readily available, we will assist you in maximizing your mining opportunity by providing you a portable unit on site. Our portable processing and refining units are in compliance with US Mercury Laws, and our procedure eliminates Mercury emissions.

You will need to assign your Mining Engineer to this account, who will be readily available to speak with our Mining Engineer. Clay is not an issue and you are not limited to free gold refining. Recovery on tailings, concentrates and sludges is over 90%. Your production cost will eventually become zero!

Please contact us for more details and initial procedures.

Contact: Charlie McCoy
Ph: 415-747-2550


Two Crown Grants

For sale, two (2) Crown grants in the Cassiar district Northern B.C. L 1279, Daffodil MC and L 1278, Buttercup MC. These are the original Crown Grants, staked for gold on White Moose Mountain across from Engineer Mine on Tagish Lake. One also has beautiful water front.
Both are excellent targets for gold and have old tunnels on them.

Contact: Swede

June 17/13

Yukon Gold Claims

Twenty five (25) placer gold claims for sale in Mt.Nansen area, Yukon, Canada with some mining equipment.



Davenport Creek. Atlin, BC

Last of the claims with road access in, prep work done on site. Pit already dug half way to bedrock and the gold!!! This is all virgin ground. Consists of 23 cells at the head- waters of Davenport Creek. Don't miss this one. Literally 100s of thousands of dollars spent to this point. Road and site prepped.

Great buy at $450,000.00 or will consider a percentage of gold recovered to the right miner.
Only serious inquirers need reply.

To view some aerial photos of these claims, Click Here




GOLD. Kern County California

160 acres, BLM land. 3 continuos claims, one 80 acre, and two 40 acre claim. 1 mile SW of Summit Diggins in Kern County, California. Rich area, and historic mining area. Surface samples show promising results, Au .031, .066, and .089 oz/ton. Estimate over 2 million yards of material.

Asking $35,000 for all 3, or will sell individually.



Quartz Claims in Yukon

1. Thirty-one (31) claims cover a large gold anomaly in soils and stream sediments. The property has road access, an adjacent powerline and is located in the Mayo Mining District. It has not been drilled.

2. Forty-nine (49) claims cover a possible VMS with a large Pb-Zn-Zg anomaly in soils and stream sediments that is open to expansion. The claims are accessible by helicopter about 90km from Dawson City near the Alaska border. A major recommended further work on this property and it has not been drilled.

3. Two hundred and seventeen (217) Off-White claims cover the possible source of angular and sub-angular gold found in nearby placer mining operations. The claims are accessible by road year round and are adjacent to a powerline. Located in Dawson Mining District. Initial soil sampling has been completed.

Recent work was completed on groups 1 and 2 in 2011 and on group 3 in 2012.

Contact: Bob Stirling
Ph: (867) 633-3829


Trommel For Sale, Atlin, B.C.

Older factory built trommel, heavy steel drum 42" diameter x 20' long. Side sluice approx 6' wide x 8' long. Nugget sluice 5'

One season on new gear box. Wheels on hopper end to aid in site moves, not for hi-way. 35 - 40 yds per hour capacity. Lots of life left in this unit.

Sold as is where is.
Price $22,500.00

Contact: Jim


Nelson B.C Gold Property

The Bear occurrence is located on the south side of Hall Creek, 12 kilometres due south of Nelson. The deposit was worked from 1937 to 1942. The Fern mine (082FSW183) adjoins the claims to the east.

The area is underlain by augite basalt flows and flow breccias of the Lower Jurassic Elise Formation (Unit Je1, Open File 1989-11), Rossland Group intruded by granodiorite and quartz monzonite of the Middle to Late Jurassic Nelson Intrusions and a dark, fine-grained dyke with light feldspar phenocrysts.

The dyke is host to numerous east trending joints and fractures. Fractures and zones of crushed wallrock are host to quartz with pyrite. Minor malachite and abundant pyrite stringers and blebs occur in quartzose crushed rocks. The wallrock adjacent to quartz stringers is oxidized and argillically altered.

The Bear workings are developed at the contact between augite porphyry and a porphyritic granite dyke. The vein in the adit is up to 25 centimetres wide, pinches out to 10 centimetres and contains free gold. At surface the ore is rusty and decomposed but also hosts free gold.

The highest assay from a sampling program in 1987 was from a rusty fracture in an open cut, 10 metres east of the adit entrance. The oxidized, agillically altered and crushed quartzose material assayed 35 grams per tonne gold (Assessment Report 16847).

Assessment report:
Capsule Geology
This property is located at 1524 metres elevation on the south side of Hall Creek, 11.2 kilometres south of Nelson.

The ground was staked by a Captain Duncan in about 1894. Five claims, the Fern (Lot 374), Eureka, Hidden Treasure, Chicoia, and Foothill, were bonded to Frank Fletcher in about 1895; the Fern claim was Crown-granted in 1896.

The Fern Gold Mining and Milling Company Limited Liability was formed in 1897 to explore and develop the property. A 10 stamp mill was erected that same year and the mine and mill operated until the latter part of 1900. Leasee E. Rammelmeyer worked the mine intermittently from 1902 until about 1908. Other small scale, intermittent, leassee operations were carried on until 1927.

The Gold Fern Syndicate was formed by Buffalo and Toronto interests in 1933 to lease and operate the mine. Development work began in 1934. The syndicate formed Gold Fern Mines Limited in 1935 and the company continued exploration and development work into 1937 when all activity ceased. The property was acquired by C.E. And L.R. Hawley, of Spokane, in about 1939 and lessees worked in the mine until 1943.

Work on the property was resumed in 1945 by Harold Lakes and Associates, who obtained an option on the mine. A diamond drilling program was begun and succeeded in finding the extension of the vein south of the fault which bounded the area stoped in the first mining operation. A new company, Fern Mine, Limited, was formed in March 1946 to develop and operate the property. The company was financed by Premier Border Gold Mining Company, Limited and Quatsino Copper-Gold Mines Limited. A crosscut adit was collared 30 metres below the outcrop of the vein extension and the vein was drifted on for 142 metres. Values of interest were found in the first 16 metres from the fault and again at 86 to 119 metres from it but the widths represented were too narrow for company operation.

The original mining operation was carried on in 4 adits between elevations of 1536 and 1478 metres, and includes some 427 metres of drifts and 78 metres of crosscuts. In 1934 a crosscut adit was started 244 metres below No. 4 level and driven 49 metres before work was suspended. No. 5 level is a crosscut, driven 15 metres of the estimated 30 metres required to reach the "B" vein. The 7th adit, began in 1946, was driven a total of 167 metres.

Weland Mining Ltd. Acquired the property in 1965 and began a program of surface exploration and underground diamond drilling.

The Fern mine is located on Hall Creek, 14.4 kilometres south of Nelson. The deposit was located in 1896. The majority of the production was from 1897 to 1904 and from 1904 to 1942 production was intermittent.

The area is underlain by sheared volcanics, comprising augite basalt flows, flow breccias and subvolcanic intrusions (Unit Je1, Open File 1989-11)) of the Lower Jurassic Elise Formation, Rossland Group. These have been intruded by granitic Middle To Late Jurassic Nelson Intrusions.

The Fern vein, hosted in augite porphyry is well defined, sinuous and strikes 305 to 075 degrees with a 60 degree west dip. This orientation is generally conformable with the Silver King shear zone. Locally, it follows a granite porphyry dyke and varies from a few centimetres up to 2 metres in width. The mined portions of the vein were up to 1 metre wide and high grade streaks were up to 0.30 metre wide. Quartz with crushed rock and minor siderite is the gangue for pyrite, chalcopyrite, bornite, pyrrhotite and free gold. Pyrite, by far, is the dominant sulphide. Arsenopyrite is a minor constituent of some quartz veins. The vein is cut off by a fault containing a lamprophyre dyke which strikes northwest and dips 75 degrees north. The ore contained substantial oxidized material.

The records indicate that better grades of precious metals were obtained from areas of the vein which were within or associated with the older, granite porphyry dyke. The vein is later than the dyke. An extension to the vein was found 1945 and 1946 but results were disappointing.

Numerous other veins occur in the area, but vein B and vein P 1 are the only ones with good values, up to 9.6 grams per tonne gold (Geological Survey of Canada Memoir 191, page 52).

The mine produced 11,277 tonnes yielding 196,448 grams of gold and 16,515 grams of silver.

The deposit produced 114 tonnes of material which yielded 4,167 grams of gold and 1,897 grams of silver.

Asking $150,000 or trade for gold.

Contact: Darrel Davis

Invest In Brazil

Looking for investor to develop a tantalite, scheelite and lead project in the northeast of Brazil.
If your company is interested, please contact us.

Contact: Mario Tavares - EMPROGEO LTDA
BR 427, Km 10 - Mina Barra Verde
Currais Novos/RN - Brazil
Zip 59.380-000
Ph: 005584 990253


Snowshoe Mountain Resources

Snowshoe Mountain Resources Corp is a private junior exploration company focused on exploration of mineral and placer gold deposits in British Columbia, Canada, and currently seeking investment for numerous projects in the planning stages.

Snowshoe Mountain Resources is also available as a consulting service for developing client projects through the stages of exploration and into development. The company performs a variety of services for their clients including:

  • Tenure acquisitions, conversions, amalgamations and reductions.
  • Performing assessment work/physical work
  • Mineral/placer sampling and shipping of samples for assay
  • Digital compilation/filing of assessment work/physical work reports and maps
  • Digital preparation & online submission of work permits
  • Historical Research of Tenure locations

Visit our Website
Email: smresources (at)
Cell: (250) 988 - 1325


Logan/Gold Leaf - Cherry Creek Mining District

NOW AVAILABLE! Our Logan/Gold Leaf project in the southern portion of the Cherry Creek Mining District. The project contains 6 claims around the historic Logan Gold Mine - Gold Leaf Mine - Big Chief Mine, and another claim that covers the historic Arizona Comstock (Radio) property to the west.

  • Location: Yavapai County Arizona, Cherry Creek Mining Dist - Twp 14N-3E-SEC(S) 21,28,32
  • Target Mineral: Gold
  • Status: Available
  • Type: 7 unpatented Federal Lode Claims. Prescott National Forest. Total 140 acres (expandable).
  • Workings: Claims cover the past producers at the Logan, Big Chief, Gold Leaf, and AZ Comstock (Radio) mine
  • Reserves: Unknown - Dump at Logan said to contain $2.8MM low grade material (not verified)
  • Terms: $15,000 cash or cash/stock deal.

History/potential: This group of claims has an interesting history of production back to the 1800's. The most recent smelter returns (Phelps Dodge Corp) was from 1938-39 at the Logan site which had an average assay of about .85oz/ton gold. The Arizona Comstock was being considered for a surface operation with a heap/leach in the 1980's. The Logan property has had sampling/cutting done by Gray Eagle Mining Co. in the 1960's and Alanco in the 1980's. Click our Gold Leaf-Logan Brochure for more information.

Geology: Hydrothermal quartz vein structures located in Porphyry Dykes.

Contact: REX CLARK
Ph: (928) 308-0700 to tour property. Rex is available at your convenience.
Email: Please use web form on our website @



Opportunity Information:
This Request for Proposal ("RFP") is an invitation to prospective Bidders to submit proposals for the development of the Client's silica sand mine (from start-up to operations) located in three counties (Custer, Lawrence & Pennington) in South Dakota. The sands meet API fracking standards. Each proposal will provide detailed information on extraction, processing and eventual reclamation of the lands.

RFP terms and conditions may be obtained from:

Contact: David L. Ganje, Ganje Law Offices
3220 West Main Street, Rapid City SD 57702
Phone: 605.385.0330



Opportunity Information:
This Request for Proposal ("RFP") is an invitation to prospective Bidders to submit proposals for the development of the Client's gold mine.

General description:
Two mine sites in one 20-acre unpatented lode claim in a mineralized iron formation. The first has projected 201,326 ounces of gold at 0.215 ounces per ton at a depth of 2000 feet. The second site has projected 58,636 ounces of gold at 0.45 ounces per ton. A historic mining company operated the two sections as one unit for five years. They developed by open cut, shaft and drifts, totaling about 900 feet. Fifteen drill holes were drilled to depths of about 150 feet, though most of the ore came from an open cut roughly 100 by 300 feet in area.

Each proposal will provide detailed information on extraction, processing and eventual reclamation of the lands.
RFP terms and conditions may be obtained from:

Contact: David L. Ganje, Ganje Law Offices
3220 West Main Street, Rapid City SD 57702
Phone: 605.385.0330


Montana Bentonite: The Natural Solution!

Montana Bentonite is a complete vertical operation. We own the 40 acre tract on which we produce and sell consumer-ready and distributor products and materials. This is a turn-key operation. We are Licensed, Permitted, Bonded, insured and in operation. Our venture is ready for expansion into full production and we are ready to consider virtually all modes of development. We are willing to sell our venture outright, we will consider lease-to-own and we are willing to stay on in transition assistance. Price and terms are negotiable. Complete data, documentation and information are available.

"The Montana Bentonite Family of Products".

Our operation is located in southwest Montana with excellent access to transportation. We have developed the property with accesses and initial utilities. You can find us on googlemaps along I-90 between Butte and Anaconda.

  • 1 Multiple product lines to dynamic, growing markets.
  • 2 Current projections show over 50 years of full operation with current resources.
  • 3 $9B valuation, conservatively, in today dollars.
  • 4 The venture is suitable for durable stand-alone profitable operation or integration with another operation.
  • 5 No waste! Even the overburden ashen silt is valuable as an organic soil amendment.
  • 6 Orders continue to increase via our webstore even with no advertising because people search for our products and materials-
  • 7 Clear property Title transferable by Grant or Warranty Deed.

Documentation and information available.



Silver & Kenny Creek

Kenny Creek flows easterly into Silver Creek at a point approximately 39 kilometres northeast of Takla Landing. Gold was originally discovered on Silver Creek in 1868, but production from both creeks was not reported until the 1930s. Drilling was undertaken to test Silver Creek in 1935 and again in 1954, and work has continued sporadically until recently.

The area is underlain by a north northwest striking, steeply dipping metasedimentary/volcanic suite assigned to the Carboniferous to Jurassic Cache Creek Complex, along and west of the Pinchi fault zone. Here, phyllite and tuff are the most common members. These rocks host numerous barren looking, locally rusty, white quartz veins varying up to a metre in width. East of the fault zone, andesite and sandstone assigned to the Middle Triassic to Lower Jurassic Takla Formation have been mapped.

The creeks have fairly wide valleys with high gravel banks on both sides. Concentrations of placer gold were apparently found in shallow preglacial gravels on or immediately overlying bedrock.

Combined production from Kenny and Silver creeks to 1949 is reported to be 19,968 grams of gold (Geological Survey of Canada Memoir 252, page 141). Recent production from Kenny Creek, approximately 1 kilometre up from its confluence with Silver Creek, is reported to have totalled 22,395 grams gold for the period 1979 1982 (Assessment Report 11625, page 3). Sporadic work has continued up to the present.

Nuggets of arquerite, a native amalgam of silver and mercury, and boulders of cinnabar up to 60 centimetres in diameter have also been found in Silver Creek near its confluence with Kenny Creek (Geological Survey of Canada Memoir 252, page 141).

Asking price, 25,000.00 for both claims.

Contact: Darrel Davis


Amazing Investment. Comstock Mine

The Comstock occurrence is located at about 2103 metres elevation on the divide between Fennell and Silverton creeks. Silverton, British Columbia is located 11.5 kilometres to the northwest. The Comstock Group historically consisted of seven claims including the Ruby Trust (Lot 1804), Silver Chief (Lot 1813) (forfeited to the Crown February 9, 1993) and Comstock (Lot 1814) (forfeited to the Crown February 9, 1993), Silver Cup (Lot 1815), Isabel Fraction (Lot 1817) and Kentucky Girl (Lot 1818).

The earliest recorded work was in 1898 and continued intermittently until 1920. Early workings consisted of nine adits totalling 853 metres length. A mill was erected in 1897 to treat Comstock ore but was only used for two months. No further work was recorded until 1970. Work in 1970 was conducted by R.H. Murphy and partners and included a small shipment of dump material to the Trail smelter. Further work was done in 1972 and 1973. In 1976, H.S. Murphy and R.H. Murphy conducted a geochemical survey, trenching and one 25-metre drillhole. In 1988, Dragoon Resources Ltd. custom smelted ore in a mill in Ainsworth.

The area is dominated by granitic rocks of the Middle Jurassic Nelson intrusions. At the Comstock occurrence these consist of biotite lamprophyre and quartz monzonite.
At the Comstock mine, mineralized quartz veins occur predominantly along the contact of a biotite lamprophyre body and quartz monzonite, both of the Nelson intrusions. The quartz monzonite is fine to medium grained, massive and fresh. The biotite lamprophyre is dark grey to black, medium grained with local coarse biotite crystals; magnetite is common. Monzonite blocks occur within the lamprophyre body.

Quartz veining and related mineralization is hosted in a brecciated zone 5 centimetres to 2 metres wide, striking 035 to 055 degrees and dipping 35 to 55 degrees southeast. Mineralization consists of galena, sphalerite, minor tetrahedrite and trace pyrargyrite. Gouge is evident on both the hangingwall and footwall of the zone which also contains crushed quartz monzonite and lamprophyre fragments. The zone has been traced over a strike length of approximately 2100 metres between the 1670 and 2040 metre elevations (Assessment Report 17821).

Intense iron carbonate alteration, limonitic fractures and minor quartz-carbonate veining occur adjacent to the main mineralized zone. Several east striking lamprophyre dikes and quartz veins intersect the main zone. Measured geological (proven) reserves at the Comstock-Silver Cup property is 45,355 tonnes grading 1199.8 grams per tonne silver, 6 per cent lead and 10 per cent zinc (Western Investment News - May 1987).

The Comstock mine was developed by nine adits. Stoping was carried out between the second and third levels and between the fifth and seventh levels, for a strike length of 15 metres and 109 metres respectively. The underground workings have explored the mineralized zone over a vertical distance of 121 metres. Production records indicate 455 tonnes of ore mined. From this, 1,687,774 grams silver, 12,387 grams gold, 217,634 kilograms lead and 126,657 kilograms zinc were recovered.

Comstock Mine has a measured drilled reserve 1,750,000 ounces Silver,10,000,000 lbs Zinc ,6,000,000 Lead worth $70,000,000 U.S

Contact: Darrel Davis


Advanced Gold Silver Property in South Central B.C.

This property has had over $3,000,000 spent on exploration up until 1989 and has been idle since. At the conclusion of the programs it was determined that a mineralized zone with an estimated average thickness of 7.1 meters indicated a tonnage of about 17,000,000 tons with an estimated composite average grade of 0.056 oz/ton Au and 1.97 oz/ton Ag. These grades were based on drilling and over 3500 tons of bulk samples. One zone grading 0.167 oz/ton Au and 6.1 oz/ton Ag indicated that there could be about 1.6 million tons of material based on drilling and a 45 ton bulk sample.

There is sufficient drilling to provide technical detail for production planning for 500,000 tons of open pit material.
The entire deposit also contains over 2% graphite that could possibly be a viable by-product.

If you have any interest in receiving the latest (1989) report on this property, I'd be happy to email you a copy.

For Option or JV.


Feb 7, 2013

Sparkling Creek - Dawson City, Yukon

Turn Key Operation!!
For more information, go to Dulac Mining

52 Grouped Claims (over 5 miles in length)
The water license and land-use permits are all in place until 2016.
The camp is currently set-up for 6 employees with plenty of room for expansion.

It is beautiful gold, lots of nuggets and some fine gold. Nice for jewelry.
Wayne has seen nuggets up to 3 ounces.
He found the ground to be between 25 and 28 feet deep.

The material that Wayne has put through his plant worked out to be about $28.85/cubic yard at $1,000/ounce gold price at the time.
Over 60% of the claims are virgin ground.

Go to Dulac Mining for a full equipment list, maps and photos.

Contact: Wayne and Bev Fischer

Feb 5, 2013

Klondike Quartz Claims For Sale

The Prospective claims are located in the Klondike district, 50 km South East from Dawson City and 550 km North West from Whitehorse, and are in the Dominion Creek area (Map ref. 115O15). 6 claims for sale, 5 connected and on the brow of a likely source of placer deposits and 1 sited just off a main access road, approximately 2 km from the other 5 claims.


These sites come with a full and comprehensive geological rock structure report compiled by a professional geologist over a 3 week on site survey period. 4 samples from the area have been analysed by the Eco Tech laboratory in Whitehorse. A short report can be found at

All sites are mark stamped but no further work has yet been carried out. Old access roads exist and could be easily resurrected to develop the 5 linked claim sites.

Price is negotiable.

For further information and site photographs contact:
Tel: +447714263746



640 acres of Bureau of Land Management placer mining claims located 6 miles SE of Quartzsite Arizona.

Location and Access:
Plomosa Mining District, Quartzsite Arizona

The Plomosa Placer Property consists of (4) 160 acre unpatented placer mining claims located on Bureau of Land Management (BLM)in the historic Plomosa Mining District. Similar size placer projects in this district have recently sold for 12M-15M. This project is adjacent to the 700 acre "Jackpot" property which was recently approved by the Bureau of Land Management for commercial gold production.

The Plomosa Placer Property is located within the Basin and Range Province, which comprises the southern third of the state of Arizona. The region is characterized by linear mountain ranges separated by downthrown, alluvium-filled basins. In southern Arizona, a "belt" of Precambrian "metamorphic core complex" ranges forms a sort of transition zone between the younger, predominantly volcanic desert mountains of the south and the folded and faulted highlands of central Arizona.

The Plomosa Mountains rise up just west of the Bouse Hills to the north and extend for tens of miles southward. The Plomosas form the eastern wall of the La Posa Plain for nearly its entire length. The northern half of the Plomosa Mountains is predominantly composed of Mesozoic sandstone, shale, conglomerate, and limestone. Slightly younger Cretaceous to early-Tertiary sediments crop out along the northernmost point of the range, and small outcrops of ancient Precambrian gneiss also occur in the area.

The alluvial placer gravels on the property consist of schist, granite, and volcanic rocks derived from the Plomosa Mountains to the east. The schist exposures in the Plomosa Mountains contain gold-bearing quartz veins and stringers, and probably were a significant source of the placer gold deposits. Photo 6 shows an outcrop of quartz vein similar to exposures which host gold mines in the region. These occurrences are geologically important because they are the host rocks of numerous prolific vein controlled gold mines in Arizona.

The property contains underlying gold placer gravels located within washes that drain the Plomosa Mountains, and these drainages obtain alluvial material from the Plomosa Mining District. Photos 7 and 8 show drainages exposing thick abundant deposits of placer sand and gravel derived from the Plomosa Mountains. As discussed above, historic gold mines are located up-drainage from the property. The placer sand and gravel deposits extend for miles west of the Plomosa Mountains (Photos 9 and 10), and the Plomosa property overlies the drainages and washes that receive material derived from weathering of the Plomosas.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) Bulletin 135 "Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona" indicates gold-bearing placer gravels extend for up to four miles along the western edge of the Plomosa Mountains and production was large in the 1860's. When gold was valued at around $21 per ounce, the value per yard ranged from 71 cents to around two dollars with a high of $20 per yard, which is equivalent to about one ounce per yard. At least 18,000 ounces of gold was produced from the early small-scale placer operations at Plomosa.

Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report 85-12 "Ore Grades for Metallic Mineral Districts of Arizona" provides list of the average grades of mines in the Southern Plomosa District of La Paz County. The average gold grade was 0.295 ounces per ton, and the average silver grade was 7.487 ounces per ton.

Arizona Geological Survey Bulletin 168 "Gold Placers and Placering in Arizona" states the coarse gold content per cubic yard in the Plomosa District averaged from ten cents to several dollars when gold was valued at $21 per ounce. This gold content is equivalent to approximately 0.120 ounces per yard at the upper end. During 1934 to 1949, production from the district was valued at $176,042 from small dry-placer mining operations that typically only excavated to a depth of about 15 feet. Additionally, some pits were sunk into the placer gravels 5 to 50 feet or more, often encountering cemented gravel (often called caliche) with a much richer gold content.

Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology Bulletin 192 "Index of Mining Properties in Yuma County, Arizona" states production from the La Paz placers west of the Plomosa property produced over 50,000 ounces gold from small-scale operations in the two year period from 1862 to 1864. Production from the Plomosa district was at least 18,000 ounces gold.

The Delos Toole's book "Where to Find Arizona Placer Gold" indicates that since 1862 over two million ounces of gold has been produced from the La Posa Plain just west of the Plomosa property. Some of this gold originated from the Plomosa Mountains, which host the property.

Contact:Panos D. Gianneotis
Telephone: (310) 365-0783


Jan 24.2013


Three (3) BLM registered hard rock Gold Claims For Sale. Located within 1.5 miles of major Hwy and rail, with potential spur. Good access with year round spring on site. Claims successfully worked in the 30's. Approx. 300 ton of tailings, 5 existing shafts.

Assay results show GOLD range from 1 - 4.6 oz per ton. SILVER assays show from 2.9 - 8.75 oz per ton. Only Low to medium samples quoted. Much hotter rock available for third party testing. No core drilling tests performed. Major RARE EARTH system present and tested.

Assays available to qualified Buyers.


Contact: Brian Malloy

Jan 20/13


The Gold Machine - where science and technology makes you money. Click links below to view two videos on the Gold Machine. These videos show how the Gold Machine works and how efficient it is. The first video is about the Model 100 (approx. 100 cubic yards/hour) The second video is on the Model 200 (approx. 200 cubic yards/hour) Model 200 & Model 100

There is also a Model 10 (10 yards/hour) available for testing and small scale operations.

For more videos, information, drawings and statistics on this very efficient sluice plant go to: The Gold Machine



Trommel For Sale

For sale, Trommel, AS NEW condition, all electric 3 phase drive, water manifold, fully adjustable drum with 28 foot discharge conveyor, shaker deck infeed, c/w 24 inch sluice. Used for bulk sampling less than 1000 yards, 25 to 30 yards per hour capacity. $31,500 or trade for 200 size excavator.

Also, three claims on Summit Creek in gold rich Caribou. Call for price.

For more information call (604) 220-7977.

Contact: Mark
Telephone: (604) 220-7977


Fortymile River, Browns Creek and Dawson Tandem Partnerships

The Mickey/Fortymile, Tally, Browns Creek, Tandem Dawson City Placer Gold Prospects

The Mickey/Fortymile and Tally prospects are located by the Fortymile River about 48 miles down the Yukon River from Dawson City and the Klondike. It is about a 1-1/2 hour drive from Dawson City on government maintained roads. The Tandem prospect is directly across the Yukon River from Dawson City.

The Mickey/Fortymile prospect consists of a group of thirty-four placer claims that are on a low level terrace of the Fortymile River and on approximately one kilometre of Mickey Creek. Mining land use permit and a water license has been granted on this property.

Tally prospect consists of nine placer claims that are on the lower Fortymile River near the historic Forty Mile town site. Gold has been found on these claims. There is a large steamer and windlass dating back to 1896. Permitting for mining and a ten year water license has been given to mine these claims. There is a government maintained road that goes through the claim block.

The Tandem prospect consists of nine placer claims located on a bench on the west side of the Yukon River facing Dawson City just downriver from the confluence of the Klondike River. There is easy access to Dawson via road and trails.

The Browns Creek prospects consist of thirty-nine claims and a five mile prospecting lease on Browns Creek. There is road and trail access. A land use and water license application is progressing. Parts of this creek have been mined since the 1880's, and by modern methods since the 1970's.

Any group or individual claims can be bought outright, leased or optioned at negotiable terms. A joint venture on some of the claims would be possible to finance further exploration and testing, and potentially mining.

Contact: Grant Allan
Telephone: (867) 332-9975



Production Mine for Sale or Joint Venture in Yukon

Operating Mine for sale in central Yukon, Canada. Up to 3250 acres (aprox 140 claims) included in sale with all equipment on site. License in place till 2021 on 36 claims and pending for the remainder of the property. Geological and Geophysical exploration in addition to auger drilling testing grids completed. All infrastructure and equipment included is in good working condition and maintenance records available.

This is a turn key operation with detailed info for previous years available to serious inquiries.


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