Oct. 12.14

Moly, Copper & Silver Deposit For Sale

NMI 082E4 Cu1


Mining Division Osoyoos

BCGS Map 082E011

NTS Map 082E04W

Latitude 49 06' 26" N UTM 11 (NAD 83)

Longitude 119 48' 43" W Northing 5443183

Easting 294781

Commodities Copper, Molybdenum, Silver

Deposit Types L04 : Porphyry Cu +/- Mo +/- Au

Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Plutonic Rocks, Okanagan

Capsule Geology

The King Edward prospect is located about 11.5 kilometres south of Keremeos, between the Susap and Hunter creeks on the west side of the Similkameen River. The prospect consists of the Susap and Don showings.

The property was originally explored between 1903 and 1925. Exploration in 1903 was conducted by King Edward Mines Ltd. The property then consisted of the Night Hawk, King Edward, Westmorland, Johnny Bull, Tip Top, VV & E, Woodland, Kendall and Bank of Fairview claims, which were subsequently Crown granted (Lots 541s to 549s) to R.H. Parkison in 1908. In 1918, the Susap showing was re-examined as a source of molybdenum for wartime needs. More recent work in 1962, 1967 and 1970 to 1973 has included more than 900 metres of diamond drilling. Friday Mines Ltd. was owner and operator in 1962. Noranda Exploration Co. Ltd. optioned the property in 1967 and carried out geological mapping and soil sampling in addition to continued trenching and sampling over a small portion of the present property. Cro-Mur Mining and Exploration Co. Ltd acquired the property in 1970. Upon completion of bulldozer trenching and access road construction, an evaluation report was prepared by W.V. Smitheringale. The claims were subsequently optioned to Scurry Rainbow Oil Ltd. in 1971. Scurry remapped both the surface and underground geology and completed considerable trenching and a limited extension of one of the Susap adits. They followed their initial year's work with an IP and magnetometer survey and completed three diamond-drill holes in the Susap Creek area in 1972. Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd. operated the property under option in 1973. A very comprehensive regional and detailed geological, magnetometer, soil sampling and access road construction program ensued over a large area extending well past the presently held lands. One 305-metre drillhole was completed beneath the earlier Scurry drilling at the Susap prospect in late 1973 and the option allowed to lapse. Brenda Mines Ltd. completed a single 122 metre diamond-drill hole just west and beneath the main Susap showing in 1977. Teck Corporation Ltd. sampled the lower Susap adit in 1977. United Hearne Resources Ltd. optioned the property from Cro-Mur in late 1978 and carried out a general prospect evaluation by G.A. Noel early the following year. The company subsequently resampled and mapped the old Hunter Creek workings and completed 6 diamond-drill holes totalling 662 metres on the Susap prospect. The property has apparently lain dormant until its acquisition by L. Little. Aurora Gold Ltd. (now Best Chance Exploration) optioned the Susap property from L. Little in 1989. A complete review of previous exploration results and additional geological evaluation was carried out by W.A. MacLeod (1989) and this work was submitted for assessment. In conjunction with that survey a test VLF survey was conducted across the strike of the mineralization. In 1996, Best Chance Exploration conducted a self-potential survey over 5.4 kilometres at 40-metre intervals.

The King Edward prospect straddles the northern contact between the Middle Jurassic Similkameen intrusion and older rocks of the Carboniferous to Triassic Shoemaker and Old Tom formations. Chert, argillite, tuff and volcanics comprise lithologies of the Shoemaker Formation. The overlying Old Tom Formation consists of greenstone, breccia and intrusions.

Copper, molybdenum and precious metal mineralization appears to be best developed and closely associated with late stage felsic intrusions and silicified zones along the contact between a coarse grained phase and a fine grained augite-bearing syenite border phase, known as the Jurassic Kruger intrusion. The zone is characterized by sub-horizontal open fracture sets within both intrusive phases.

Quartz vein hosted sulphides are almost entirely confined to a fracture set striking 067 degrees and dipping 30 to 60 degrees to the southeast. Primary mineralization consists of chalcopyrite, molybdenite with minor bornite, pyrite and arsenopyrite.

The main showing (Susap showing) is on the former King Edward Crown grant (Lot 542s). The 1979 drill program intersected significant copper and molybdenum mineralization. The best intersections were near the top of drillholes 79-1 and 79-3, collared in the main hillside trench. Section A, a 11.58 metre section between 2.74 and 14.32 metres in drillhole 79-1, yielded 0.316 per cent copper and 0.10 per cent molybdenum (0.168 per cent molybdenite) (Assessment Report 7535). From drillhole 79-3, the 6.09 metre section between 3.05 to 9.14 metres intersected 0.365 per cent copper and 0.169 per cent molybdenum (0.282 per cent molybdenite) (Assessment Report 7535). Channel sampling from the old underground workings in 1979 yielded 0.163 per cent copper and 0.169 per cent molybdenum across 23.5 metres, including 10 metres of 0.34 per cent copper and 0.225 per cent molybdenum (Assessment Report 7535). Trace gold has also been detected.

Drilling 700 metres to the east of the main showing has intersected similar mineralization grading 0.132 per cent copper and 0.006 per cent molybdenum (0.010 per cent MoS2) over 9 metres true width (Assessment Report 19336). About 1500 metres to the east-northeast, a second showing (Don showing) is located near Hunter Creek on the Gar (formerly the Don) claims. Sampling of this mineralized zone, including two abandoned adits, yielded average values of 0.56 per cent copper, 0.045 per cent molybdenum (0.075 per cent MoS2), 18.86 grams per tonne silver and 0.07 gram per tonne gold over 70 metres by 8 to 10 metres with an indicated vertical depth of 40 metres (Assessment Report 20315). The mineralized zone is apparently open towards the Susap showing. All three mineralized zones appear to be located along a similar mineralized trend. The mineralized zone has a strike length of at least 910 metres.

Diamond drilling coupling with extensive surface and underground sampling has outlined indicated reserves of 1.5 million tonnes grading 0.158 per cent copper, 0.045 per cent molybdenum (0.075 per cent MoS2) across 8 to 30 metres true width at the main Susap showing (Assessment Report 19336).

Regional aeromagnetic data suggests the presence of a buried late stage pluton beneath the King Edward prospect. An induced polarization survey in 1991 showed increased chargeability over the Susap showing and increased chargeability with depth to the east towards the Don showing (Assessment Report 21801).

BC Minfile Information

$250,000.00 + 2%N.S.R or Options available

Contact: Darrel Davis
Ph: 250 832 2853

Oct 12.14

High Grade Silver Mine

Measured - Proven Reserves

NMI 082F14 Ag31


BCGS Map 082F084

Status Past Producer NTS Map 082F14E

Latitude 49 53' 28" N UTM 11 (NAD 83)

Longitude 117 13' 48" W Northing 5526549 Easting 483479

Commodities Silver, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold Deposit Types I05 : Polymetallic veins Ag-Pb-Zn+/-Au I01 : Au-quartz veins

Tectonic Belt Omineca Terrane Plutonic Rocks

Capsule Geology

The Comstock occurrence is located at about 2103 metres elevation on the divide between Fennell and Silverton creeks. Silverton, British Columbia is located 11.5 kilometres to the northwest. The Comstock Group historically consisted of seven claims including the Ruby Trust (Lot 1804), Silver Chief (Lot 1813) (forfeited to the Crown February 9, 1993) and Comstock (Lot 1814) (forfeited to the Crown February 9, 1993), Silver Cup (Lot 1815), Isabel Fraction (Lot 1817) and Kentucky Girl (Lot 1818).

The earliest recorded work was in 1898 and continued intermittently until 1920. Early workings consisted of nine adits totalling 853 metres length. A mill was erected in 1897 to treat Comstock ore but was only used for two months. No further work was recorded until 1970. Work in 1970 was conducted by R.H. Murphy and partners and included a small shipment of dump material to the Trail smelter. Further work was done in 1972 and 1973. In 1976, H.S. Murphy and R.H. Murphy conducted a geochemical survey, trenching and one 25-metre drillhole. In 1988, Dragoon Resources Ltd. custom smelted ore in a mill in Ainsworth.

The area is dominated by granitic rocks of the Middle Jurassic Nelson intrusions. At the Comstock occurrence these consist of biotite lamprophyre and quartz monzonite.

At the Comstock mine, mineralized quartz veins occur predominantly along the contact of a biotite lamprophyre body and quartz monzonite, both of the Nelson intrusions. The quartz monzonite is fine to medium grained, massive and fresh. The biotite lamprophyre is dark grey to black, medium grained with local coarse biotite crystals; magnetite is common. Monzonite blocks occur within the lamprophyre body.

Quartz veining and related mineralization is hosted in a brecciated zone 5 centimetres to 2 metres wide, striking 035 to 055 degrees and dipping 35 to 55 degrees southeast. Mineralization consists of galena, sphalerite, minor tetrahedrite and trace pyrargyrite. Gouge is evident on both the hangingwall and footwall of the zone which also contains crushed quartz monzonite and lamprophyre fragments. The zone has been traced over a strike length of approximately 2100 metres between the 1670 and 2040 metre elevations (Assessment Report 17821).

Intense iron carbonate alteration, limonitic fractures and minor quartz-carbonate veining occur adjacent to the main mineralized zone. Several east striking lamprophyre dikes and quartz veins intersect the main zone.

Measured geological (proven) reserves at the Comstock-Silver Cup property is 45,355 tonnes grading 1199.8 grams per tonne silver, 6 per cent lead and 10 per cent zinc (Western Investment News - May 1987).

The Comstock mine was developed by nine adits. Stoping was carried out between the second and third levels and between the fifth and seventh levels, for a strike length of 15 metres and 109 metres respectively. The underground workings have explored the mineralized zone over a vertical distance of 121 metres.

Production records indicate 455 tonnes of ore mined. From this, 1,687,774 grams silver, 12,387 grams gold, 217,634 kilograms lead and 126,657 kilograms zinc were recovered.

Price $250,000.00 + 2%N.S.R or will option

BC Minfile Information

Contact: Darrel Davis / Davis Mining Corp.
Ph: 250 832-2853

Oct. 12.14

Huge Nickel Deposit For Sale

NMI 082E1 Ni1


BCGS Map 082E010

Status Past Producer NTS Map 082E01E

Latitude 49 00' 33" N UTM 11 (NAD 83)

Longitude 118 10' 29" W Northing 5429140 Easting 414094

Commodities Nickel, Chromium, Iron, Magnetite, Copper, Platinum Deposit Types M03 : Podiform chromite

Tectonic Belt Omineca Terrane Plutonic Rocks, Quesnel

Capsule Geology

The area is predominantly underlain by Lower to Middle Jurassic Rossland Group massive greenstone, andesite, latite, agglomerate and volcanic breccia. Minor greywacke and interbedded limestone with lenses of silicified equivalents, also occur.

At the Castle Mountain Nickel deposit, a wedge-shaped ultramafic complex comprised of serpentinized dunite of the Carboniferous or older Anarchist Group has been tectonically emplaced against chlorite and carbonate altered Rossland Group greenstone breccias, tuffs, flows and metasedimentary rocks. The Rossland Group rocks surround the ultramafic body to the west, north and northeast while foliated monzonites of the Middle to Late Jurassic Nelson Intrusions, outcrop to the east and southeast. The contacts with these surrounding rocks are fault-bounded and commonly quartz-talc- carbonate altered. The serpentinite body has been mapped as an upthrust section of an ophiolite (J. Fyles, personal communication, 1989).

The faulted and sheared ultramafic body is 2440 metres long, 1220 metres wide and dips 38 degrees east. The rock is largely serpentinite and is composed of variably oxidized alternating layers of serpentinized dunite and gabbro or their equivalents. Locally unaltered dunite is present. Mesh textures in serpentine are absent, as are bastites, and there are no relict orthopyroxene grains which suggests the that protolith was massive dunite. The dunite and gabbro layers are intercalated with porphyritic dykes or sill-like bodies which constitute up to 30 per cent of the ultramafic rock mass. Predominant quartz-feldspar porphyry sills occur regularly throughout the body; crosscutting quartz porphyry dykes, diorite porphyry dykes and lamprophyre dykes are also common. Shearing and fracturing are pervasive throughout the ultramafic body with the zones commonly quartz-talc-carbonate altered.

Nickeliferous magnetite and nickel sulphide minerals consisting of pentlandite, millerite and heazlewoodite are more or less uniformly distributed and disseminated throughout the ultramafic body. Heazlewoodite is the most common of the nickel sulphide minerals. Nickel-bearing serpentine and nickeliferous pyrite are also common; pentlandite is intergrown with pyrrhotite. Some chalcopyrite and brucite have also been identified. Approximately 42 per cent of the total nickel content is held in solid solution with magnetite and sulphides hold the balance (Property File - R. Steiner, 1972). Dykes carry up to 0.19 per cent nickel as millerite, nickeliferous magnetite or heazlewoodite. Chromite occurs as disseminated grains, stringers and massive lenses. Disseminated chromite is ubiquitous; stringers of chromitite consisting of elongate trains of coarse crystals give the rock a "pebbly" texture with chromite forming 15 to 40 per cent of the rock. Pods of massive chromitite have been exposed in scattered workings across the serpentinite. The randomly located pods vary in size from 3 to 7 metres in length and 2 to 3 metres in width. Surface and underground development have shown that the chromite mineralization is structurally disrupted by a multitude of fractures and shears. Individual shears vary from 1 to 15 centimetres in width and can be grouped into zones up to 30 metres wide. Occasionally chromite is found to be concentrated along some of the shear planes. There is no specific orientation to the chromite mineralization but there has been some suggestion that it trends roughly northwest and dips subvertically. An adit and underground workings explored chromite lenses occurring in the hangingwall of a strong fault which strikes northeast and dips 50 degrees southeast. In 1918, about 725 tonnes of chromite ore, grading 38.5 per cent Cr2O3 was shipped from these workings.

The ultramafic body becomes gabbroic at depth with dykes becoming thinner and less frequent and dunite/gabbro layering thicker. Chromite and magnetite content decreases but nickel sulphides (millerite, pentlandite) increase.

Underground diamond drilling has suggested indicated reserves of 354,676,100 tonnes of ore with an average grade of 0.2 per cent total nickel (Statement of Material Facts 07/74, Chromex Nickel Mining Ltd.). However, serious concerns about the validity of the nickel resource potential has been raised by others and further work and testing has been recommended (Property File - Grove, E.W. and Johnson, W.M., 1975). The drilling has shown that nickel mineralization is uniform to depth and the chromite mineralization is erratic.

Platinum is said to occur with chromitite in the serpentinite, but the only record is the Munition Resources Commission report (W. Thomlinson, 1920). Rock samples assayed up to 0.68 gram per tonne platinum.

The property is located at approximately 914 metres elevation on the southwesterly slope of Castle Mountain 5 kilometres southeast of Christina Lake and 19 kilometres east of Grand Forks. Details of early staking and prospecting on this ground are lacking. The Brandon (Lot 2382), Little Burne (Lot 2383) and Little Burne Fr. (Lot 2387) claims were Crown granted in 1901 to J. McNulty and associates. The Marshall, Little Annie, Little Brown (Lots 2388-2390), and Marshall Fr. (Lot 2404) were Crown granted to the above in 1904. The Sylvester K. (Lot 2385) claim was Crown granted to Adolph Sercu in 1900. The Sylvester K Fr. (Lot 2386) was Crown granted to Mr. Sercu in 1915. The Mastodon group, comprising the Mastodon, Mammoth, Black Tail Fr., Pan, Dominion and Canyon claims, was leased in 1917 for a period of 1 1/2 years from Angus Cameron and associates of Laurier, by the Stewart Calvert Company, of Oroville, Washington.

Chromite was reportedly discovered on the property in 1917 and shipments were made from opencuts and two adits, the upper about 61 metres long, on the Mastodon claim, and from a 9 metre deep inclined shaft on the Mammoth claim. The Mastodon, Mammoth, Dominion, Pan, Mastodon Fr., and Canyon (Lots 23845-23885, 23905, respectively) were Crown granted to W.H. Stewart in 1919. Opencutting was done on several claims to the northeast, including the Midnight and Black Tail. The Midnight claim was owned by W.H. Phillips of Cascade in the 1930s. In 1939, Northern Syndicate Limited, of Calgary acquired a lease on the Crown grants from W.H. Stewart of Bellevue, Washington, and Wm. Calvert, Jr., of Seattle. An additional 14 claims were acquired, 7 by purchase on a royalty basis from R.E. Wolveston of Greenwood and D.P. Simpson of Osoyoos, and 7 by staking. These claims are the Black Tail, Power, Midnight, Big Cave, Chromite, Serpentinite, Serpentinite No. 1, Power 1-5, 10, 12. Of these the first four claims (Lots 35675, 35695-35715) were subsequently Crown granted. No activity other than prospecting and sampling was reported at that time. Canadian Exploration, Limited staked 13 claims in this vicinity in 1941.

Chromex Nickel Mines Ltd., incorporated January 1966, acquired the Mastodon group of Crown grants. Hunter Point Explorations Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary also incorporated in January 1966, staked over 100 adjacent claims in the Ann and other groups. Geophysical surveys carried out during the year included a combined airborne magnetometer, electromagnetic and scintillometer survey, and a ground magnetometer survey. Drilling during 1967-68 totalled 2530 metres in 18 holes, mainly on the Mastodon claim. In 1969, an additional 305 metres of diamond drilling was carried out, again mainly on the Mastodon claim. Additional claims were staked, 74 to the east and 16 to the west. Drilling in 1970 totalled 1554 metres in 12 holes. In 1971 most of the work was concentrated on the Basic property although some drilling was done on the Ann and Haz-al groups and the Canyon claim. Diamond drilling in 1972-73 totalled about 488 metres in 5 holes, in part on the Ann and H groups. Work by Chromex Nickel in 1977-78 included trenching and 411.5 metres of diamond drilling in two AQ holes. In 1997, Applied Mine Technologies Inc.conducted a remote sensing study and GIS compilation on the Bowser and Bif claims which cover the Mastodon prospect.

$250,000.00 + 2%N.S.R or will option

BC Minfile Information

Contact: Darrel Davis
Ph: 250 832 2853


2012 MSI Wash Plant

For sale is a 2012 MSI wash plant configuration: This wash plant was operated for only 6 months.

Trommel Wash Plant and Accessories as per below.

  • S5 Trommel plant,includes 20ft long sluice boxes
  • 225 Kw generator
  • Main disconnect and power cable
  • 40ft stackable conveyor and electrical starter
  • 6" water pump,skid, motor mount guards,sheaves, and v-belts(no motor)
  • 40 Hp motor with starter,creates 1100 GPM at 135 ft.of head
  • 200' pump power cable
  • 6" suction pump
  • 6" layflat hose
  • 6" quick coupling full conection
  • 6"hose clamps (2) one pair for each hose end
  • 6"suction screen
  • 6"suction float (1 pontoon sytle)
  • 18' finishing jig with pre- screener
  • Xtruder 255 finishing table

View specs of both trommel and finishing table.

Trommel located at Dubai, UAE. Can be delivered US, Canada ASAP.
Price 390,000 $USD including Jig, Extruder, generator, pump...e.t.c..

Contact: Krayushkin Igor
Email: therontrading


Dawson & Klondike Area Gold Claims

Hunker Creek SOLD - SOLD. (left fork) 13 grouped Claims on the top left fork of Hunker Creek Yukon and it comes right out of the center of the Mitchell Sheba & MacKay gold bearing quartz lode in the Klondike schist between King Solomon Dome and Hunker Summit. There's also an interesting fault line that crosses the property. The same fault line goes from lombard pup on Dominion creek down to Mint pup on Hunker Creek both being mined successully. It has easy access next to Hunker Road. There is plenty of water for mining. Indications of a deeper channel off to the side and flat spots in bedrock make it a very very interesting prospect. Remains from past mining activities were found here and there and we stumble on an old mining shaft close to the first post. Old timer digging and tailings were also discover at the top.

Bonanza Creek SOLD (upper) 4 claims on upper bonanza + a discover claim (3 claims) on the upper left fork. Lots of old timer stuff, signs of past mining activities. Still plenty of 100 year old + trees near the creek on the thaw side so my guess is that a lot of gold still present. Great site, access from upper bonanza road, plenty of water. Near Dawson city.

Gold Bottom Gulch 1 Discovery claim (1500feet) + 1 mile prospecting lease on gold bottom gulch, tributary of gold bottom creek. Miner who mined the mouth said that there were a paystreak coming from this gulch. A fault line is also present and crosses the discovery claim. Super easy access through gold bottom mining road and a small road goes right to the first claim. $15,000 obo w/lease or $35,000 if turned into claims.

Chapman Pup 1 Discovery claim (1500 feet) wide valley, depth unknown. One miner recorded 11 claims in 1991 and kept it until 2003. Usually when miner hold a piece of land for this long, its a good sign. This is one of the longest north facing tributary of Dominion creek with almost 2 miles in lenght. Super easy access from dominion road and there's a trail that follows the creek upstream $2,500 obo.

Contact: Joel
Website: secondchancegoldmines.com OR facebook.com/scgmines


For Sale - 6-inch Commercial Gold Dredge with Double Screen Fine Gold Recovery

6-inch dredge platform with extra pontoons, Twin 9-HP motors, 263-Gast compressor with storage tank and pressure gauge, tachometers on both motors, oversized 6-inch power jet and flare, quick connect system on suction hose, new 25-foot 6-inch suction hose, 6-inch swivel nozzle with break-away flap.

Double-screen classification system for the best fine-gold recovery possible on a suction dredge. This dredge is in as new condition.

See video, photos and contact info here

Email: dredge4sale@idiggold2.com

July 18.14



For sale: 44 BLM Unpatented Lode Mining Claims, 4 BLM Mill Site Claims, & equipment.
Location: Inyo County, California [Mojave Desert]

The assets will be sold in two lots: Lot A, the Keystone Mine Claims; Lot B, the Eight Once Mine Claims, mill sites, and equipment.
View the assets sold in each lot at www.thegorskifirm.com

Estimated Gold Reserves [provided by prior management and unverified by seller]:
Current Keystone Tunnel: 145,320 oz. Average Recoverable Ore Grade: 0.42 oz / ton.
8 Ounce Mine [not yet drilled]: 100,000 oz. Ore Grade: 1.0 oz / ton

Special instructions: History and studies available. Sale is subject to court approval. No sale deadline is set by the court. Begin due diligence immediately. Contact the Contact Person with your offer.


Contact Person: Vincent A. Gorski
Email: KeystoneMineManagement@gmail.com

July 10.14

Kiakho Lake Valley Gold Project

Highly prospective placer target with commercial-scale opportunity. Land position consists of a single 10-cell contiguous placer claim encompassing 500 acres in the historic Fort Steele mining district. Over $300,000 invested into property infrastructure, permitting and drilling by previous operator.

Recent exploration has confirmed presence of free gold across property. Gold mineralization occurs in glacial drift and alluvium extending across eight kilometers of valley floor and is believed to derive from the Pleistocene glacial deposit.
Seeking joint-venture partner.

Visit www.nealecoresourses.com for more information.


Placer Gold Mine in East Fork for Sale, Yukon

Up for sale is a complete turnkey, ready to go mine in Yukon. The Nansen Mt. claims and campsite are located 6 miles from the BYG hard rock mine site in a permafrost area. Access is by a government maintained road for 62 km out of Carmacks, the final 10-km maintained by the miner.

The property consists of 40 claims and 1 lease (equal to 10 claims). The size of each claim is 500 by 2000 feet. There are 12 claims of virgin ground on East Fork and 23 claims of virgin Ground on Nankeen Creek. Nansen Creek has one additional gold bearing Stream coming into the claims with 1 lease (10 claims).

See the website for more details HERE

Telephone: (604)862-8636
Contact: gzhao1998@gmail.com


Attention Placer Miners. MINERS MOSS

Sluicing season is just around the corner. Ranger Mining Equipment Ltd. has a special offer on TERRA 8100 (Blue) Mine Moss ( 3' x 20' x 3/4" thick) for only $900.00 Cdn per box.

Pricing is ex-works Atlin, BC, Nanaimo, BC or Whitehorse, Yukon.
Delivery to be confirmed at time of order. Taxes not included.

Read specifications HERE

Contact: Adam Purves
Ranger Mining Equipment Ltd.
Cell: (778) 266-7777
Office: (604) 567-2777
Fax: (604) 567-2888
E-mail: apurves@rangermining.ca
Web: www.rangermining.ca


Placer Mining Claims - Dawson City, Yukon


Carmacks Fork, 11 virgin gold claims on the left fork of upper Bonanza creek. Class 4 water license under application. Only 25 km from Dawson on a government maintained road. The claims below us were getting richer as they came up the creek and drill tests showed from 1oz per 100 yds bank run to 1 oz per 25 yds. This is a full mile of untouched ground with an existing old road and enough water to mine all season with up to a 6" pump. There seems to be from 8 feet to 12 feet of black muck and about 12 feet of pay gravel, but bed rock is not the same everywhere on the creek and the depth can change.

$110,000, negotiable, claims only no equipment.

Contact: Klondike Prospectors Group


Placer Mining Claims - Dawson City, Yukon


Flannery Pup is one of the three feeders for Bonanza creek. We have 7 claims on Flannery Pup and a grown in road. This ground has a very high potential of having a natural glory hole at the top. It is the only creek I have seen that has a 500 foot wide flat at the top of the creek. This creek has lots of room to mine 200 feet wide all the way up and a nice place for a camp about half way up the claims. This is the first pup up from Bonanza that runs into Carmacks Fork and less than 1km from the main road.

$70,000 claims only.

Contact: Klondike Prospectors Group


Placer Mining Claims - Dawson City, Yukon

Last Chance Creek

We have the left fork of Last Chance Creek. This creek has a rich history and there are old hand workings from the gold rush days but it's 99% virgin ground. There are only 5 claims here and a nice location for a small camp. There is about 8 - 12 feet of overburden, mostly black muck and about the same in gravel. This would be ideal for a small operation.

$50,000 claims only.

Contact: Klondike Prospectors Group


Placer gold claims for sale Dawson City Mining District, Yukon, $100,000

There are a total of 29 claims of which 7 are virgin. The creek has been worked but the benches on both sides have not been touched on the other 22 claims. Golden predator did some hard rock drilling and exploration in 2012. In talking to my brother there were placer indications found on the southeast bench. Kim Klippert did some mining on Child's and produced 88 ounces.

The gold is about 70% pure with the odd nugget. The Former owner took over 400 ounces out of the creek bottom in 2001 and 2002.

Reclamation of the creek will be completed in the spring of 2014. The settling ponds will be left in place, and it has a valid Land Use and Water Permit until the end of season 2018. Most claims have 16-18 years in excess credit, and one with 12 years

Location and Access:
Yukon, Canada. The Claims are located about 3hrs south of Dawson city in the Black Hills watershed, and are accessible all season long, 4 wheel drive is recommended.

For pics follow this link

Email: dano92653@telus.net

Mar 7.14

WANTED: Joint Venture Finance Partner to Develop Arizona Placer Project

  • Seeking $4.9 million investment in exchange for 49% equity in Arizona placer project to bring operation into commercial production
  • Immediate commencement of production (permitting in place and 40,000 yds3 stockpiled)
  • Located in historic mining district of Yavapai county outside of Prescott, AZ
  • Auriferous gravels fill wide prehistoric channel derived from massive sulfide and quartz veins
  • Equipment supplier Caterpillar providing engineering expertise and equipment financing
  • Conservative global resource of ~85,000 ounces
  • Pilot test plant in 2013 produced 8.88 oz/Au from 1,000 yd3 aggregate sample
  • Joint Venture partner will receive 80/20 split of net profits until they have recouped 115% ($5.635 million) of initial investment at which point net profits will claw back to 49/51
  • Joint Venture partner can take delivery in cash or kind (tax-free)
  • Experienced team in place with significant placer mining experience
  • Excellent infrastructure and year-round mining planned

2013 Pilot Plant Results (8.88 oz/Au from 1,000 yd3 aggregate sample)

For more detailed financial information, economic analysis, in-depth presentation and technical reports please email.
(Note: Confidentially Agreement required)

Email: 1option@dematties.com

Mar 4.14

Boulder Creek Manson Creek Area in British Columbia, 2 Placer Claims For Sale
----> These Claims Are Now SOLD <-----

Tenure #'s 1022335 & 1024534. The creek is reported to be rich in coarse gold with a recorded production for the period of 1936 to 1940 being 3421 grams of gold. These properties hold good potential for a hand operation or small scale mechanical work.

View area map Here

Asking $6000 for the pair.


Feb 17. 14

Two Placer Gold Leases in the Cariboo

Two placer Gold Leases located in the Cariboo Gold District near Likely, B.C. available for sale or lease. Consists of approximately 1956 acres (815.3 Ha) contiguous high valley tertiary channel. Some recent exploration R.C. drilling. Lower end of channel mined continuously for the past 35 years.

100 yd per hour wash plant and a 46 ft x 6 ft trommel also available for sale or lease. Also, a 125 kwh diesel generator, centrifugal fine gold recovery unit, and vibrating gold recovery table.

For full details contact George Robson

Ph:(604) 613-1907
Email: George@robsoncrushing.com

Jan. 27.14

Spruce Creek Atlin, BC Placer Lease Available for Placer Operator

Fully delineated virgin resource on existing placer lease on Spruce Creek in Atlin, BC available for placer operator to work. Drilling was performed on the property in 2012 and 2013. Road access and permits in place for the 2014 mining season. Owner looking for negotiated royalty on all gold recovered and will require reclamation bond to be posted with owner. Owner has wash plant on site that is available for use. Placer operator is expected to bring own equipment and labor.

Please contact Bill for more information. Serious inquiries only.
Email: wd@sectorcapitalgroup.com
Ph: 1-603-627-0416

Jan. 22.14


Want to Get Rid of Your Gold Mine ASAP?

Bankruptcy - Inheritance - Retirement - Sickness

Whatever your reasons, we are currently looking to acquire small/medium size operating gold mine in the Yukon Territory. The mine should have all the equipment in place, free and clear from any debt and in good working order, must be located not more than 100km from a major town and be accessible by vehicle all season.

Other conditions:
Must have a water license (class IV) in place
Must have at least 10 grouped claims
Must provide a complete list of equipment, assets & dependencies available
Must have proven tested ground of at least 0.016oz/yd

Please drop us a line at your convenience for a free and confidential, no-obligation assessment of your gold mine. Offer within 48 hours Guaranteed - Quick Closing

Contact us today

Email: Joel@secondchancegoldmines.com

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