is lithium the next big play for junior mining companies

Is Lithium The Next Big Play?

Well the results are in for the two parcels of mining claims that we had advertised here that were to be sold by Ritchie Bros. Auctions. The two groupings of claims sold on April 27. The first grouping of claims which was 51 claims on 13 Mile Creek sold for $127,500 CAD. The second grouping of claims on th 60 Mile consisted of 53 claims and sold for $106,000 CAD.

One has to keep in mind that these claims were river access only meaning that all equipment would need to be either barged in or wait until winter when the ground is froze enough to get equipment in. What this does show though is that there are buyers who are interested in buying mining properties.

With gold seeming to rally this last little while there has been a renewed interest in mining claims. Talking to various mining people along with marketing people, there is getting to be more money available for mining pproject. In the public arena, private placements are finding investors and in some cases depending on the project placements are geting over filled. This sure beats the ways things were even 6 months ago. Last year for instance was almost a no show for raising money and a lot of junior mining company types were ready to throw in the towel. That being said I am sure that there still is a lot of companies that are working marginal ground and have little investor awareness that probably wish they could call it quits.

In the last month or so there has been a rush for some of smaller companies to get into the lithium plays. It seems everyday there is some news release that says this company or that comapny has aquired ground in some area somewhere that is located close to where someone else has found some interesting ground with lithium. I get asked what I think about about and I am not sure what to say. First and foremost I know nothing about lithiumor than it goes into batteries. The public interest kind of reminds me of the NWT diamond rush about 25 years ago or the Voisy's Bay rush 20 years ago. One company strikes it big and everyone rushes in hoping to find something big. I think it started with Lithium X and also

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