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First off, I would like to mention our featured junior miner, Central Iron Ore. It's not often we get an Australian miner being featured on our website. So here's big "G'day" and "Welcome"! Central Iron Ore is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker, CIO.

Central Iron Ore is an iron ore miner with a large exposure to gold in the Kalgoorlie area of Western Australia. With a large land mass of holdings, cash on hand and a Joint Venture with Barrick, this is one junior miner that deserves a closer look. You can find out more on our featured miner page.

Have You Got Ore's Or Concentrates To Sell?
Global Metal Technologies is Purchasing Precious Metal Ore

Global Metal Technologies (GMT) has recently expanded their product line and is now actively purchasing precious metal ore. There currently is no program available to sell this ore in the United States. GMT's program creates the opportunity for miners to obtain quick cash for their ore. GMT will arrange the trucking and logistics so all the miner has to do is to supervise the loading of ore. The ore must be delivered to GMT's plant in SW Montana.

The ideal client will have access to ore that is approximately 0.25 opt gold or an equivalent value of silver. They will be able to generate approximately 500 tons per month of ore or greater and are looking for a long term relationship.

Barney Guy, SVP for procurement at GMT explained the program. "During the course of growing our concentrate purchase program, we realized that there was a lack of mills available for miners to have their ore milled. There are many miners who have valuable ore but have stopped mining since they have no way to mill or sell this ore and cannot take advantage of the high gold and silver prices. Our program has been simplified so that if a miners ore qualifies for the program we can start purchasing immediately, get cash into the miner's hand so they can continue to mine."

If you are interested please call Barney Guy at 425-471-0391 or email your contact information and current fire assay to: bg@globalmetaltech.com

Gold Watch Project Wash Plants

Now, many readers know that I bought a Gold Watch Project wash plant for the placer operation that I have. Some have expressed interest in this kind of wash plant so I have decided to do a write up with some pro's and con's I experienced after a season of sluicing.

I purchased the 50 ton model which has proven itself to sluice out about 30+ yards per hour. When running wet material, the plant will exceed that tonnage without any problems. In drier material such as the bank run that I was running I averaged about 30 yards per hour. Having said that, if I had an operation where the paydirt was piled and was always in reach, I could most likely sluice out even a bit more. I have a JD 120c which is a 12 ton excavator and it has a 1/2 yard bucket. For this size of plant you won't want to have any bigger of an excavator or bucket.

The model I have came equipt with the 10 horse Yanmar diesel engine. To say the least, that in my opinion is the way to go. It can run about 3 hours on a tank and the tank holds just around 4 liters / + -1 gallon. Super effeciant. That engine runs the hydraulic pump that turns the counter weight.

First Day On The Job & Ready For Work

The counter weight or eccentric system Gold Watch uses for their shaker is a real simple system. (That's one of the reasons I bought the plant). The eccentric is just one small single weight that is centered above the deck itself. This allows it to have a short shaft instead of being like most screen decks where you have the long cross through shafts with the weights on either side. In fact the shaft is really no bigger that the weight itself. The bearings that hold the shaft in place are over the counter parts as is the hydraulic motor and couplers.

The sluice runs are unique in the fact that there are three (3) runs that accordian together. This allows the wash plant to to be very compact which is good for moving the plant around. I work in wooded areas and being compact makes testing new ground pretty easy being able to sneek around trees and other obstacles.

However there is some cursing when it comes time to do the clean ups especially on the middle sluice run. It takes a few clean ups though to learn a few tricks and it is sure a pleasure to have some extra help at clean up time.

The biggest PRO of this machine in my opinion is the simple way that you can adjust your sluice runs. The guys who came up with this idea were really thinking smart and had simplicity in mind. A series of simple cargo winches is all that is used to raise or lower the sluice runs. I love it! No more blocks, leveling jacks, bars, pins, jackalls etc. Just simple winches. With this winch system you can a your adjust your sluice runs, up, down, front to back, side to side and foreward or backwards to get the perfect water flow over your riffles.

Close up shows the cargo type winches I was mentioning.

Another great feature is the grizzly bars on the deck itself. They are self cleaning. No more rocks getting stuck.

Self Cleaning Grizzly - The 3/4 " Mesh Screens Material For Your Nugget Trap

Of course with all the pro's there are a few con's in my opinion. For starters the wash plant is a bit top heavy. I believe the larger models like the 100 ton or the 200 ton have a wider stance than the 50 ton. With the 50 ton model the skids under the plant are way too narrow (as in close together) and makes dragging around very tricky in uneven terrain. By adding a wider stance to the set skids you will be able to avoid the possiblity of having the plant end up on it's side.

Another down side that I expereinced is it seems that the side/edges of the sluice runs are not quite high enough. The plant comes with a 4 inch pump and that is a whole lot of water coming at you. I found that the sluice runs were boiling over a lot especially in sandier material. By the time you install double thick nomad matting like I use and then the riffles, there is not a whole lot of room on the upside. This water running over the sides can eventually errode your pad and could cause the plant to list off balance in the event you wanted to leave your plant in one place for any length of time. If the sluice runs were about an inch higher in height I think this would eleminate some of that problem.

Mining An Upper Bench

So all in all how would I rate this wash plant? I am very pleased with the way this plant performs. It does a super job. I have a lot of fine gold with very heavy black sands and was really pleased to find that almost all the gold gets trapped in the middle sluice run and very little makes it down to the third one. I also have a fair amount of flat gold, almost like tinsel and the riffle design they have seems to work as there is very little gold in the bottom sluice.

Would I buy another one? Yes! These plants are a super easy to mine with. You can be set up and mining in no time at all. Just drag the plant to where you want to mine, level out a quick pad, hook up your hoses, add water, start digging and presto, you're getting gold!

If you are looking at running a small one or two man operation or if you have a lot of ground that needs testing, these wash plants will serve you well. My plant was built on time and delivered on time, in person, right to my yard where I was given a demonstration. All the border crossing papers were done also.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these wash plants for your mining operation, give Chase Shillig a call @ (888) 868-2650 for a quote.
You can also send an email to goldwatchproject@gmail.com. Be sure to tell him Junior Miners sent you. You never know, you just might get a deal! (wink wink)

And Finally .....

I would also like to let everyone know about what has been happening at the website. First off there are new top images giving it a bit of a different look. Our classified ads page is still seeing a lot of claims getting listed for sale. There has been a whole lot of mining properties sell this summer. Good ground is getting harder to come by all the time. If you are thinking about selling, now could very well be a good time because there are a lot of eager buyers out there looking at getting in on the mining game and there is a lot more that are just looking at adding to their present land holdings. Once you've mined your ground out you've got to move somewhere or you're out of the game. So again, if you're thinking about selling, think junior miners .com for advertising. Our ad prices haven't changed in 4 years. Still $40.00 for a simple ad.

That's it for this news letter. I hope everyone enjoyed the read and be sure to follow up on any of the topics that interest you. Whether it be looking at getting a wash plant, selling ores or concentrates or looking for the next undervalued stock, just follow the links.

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