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AZ 112 BLM Precious Metals Mining Claims For Sale

REFERENCE: 2,240 contiguous acres AZ gold and precious metals BLM placer claims, (3.5 sq. mi.), Pinal Co, Arizona. Development ready, geologist feels permits could be had in less than one year.

LOCATION: The location is remarkably easy being about 45 minutes NW of Tucson, AZ and accessible by gravel roads. The land is flat and easily developed. The Florence Valley, Pinal Co., AZ is world renowned for its geological mineralization. Also, it should be noted that there are three active mining projects on three sides of this property. Ron Parker, Geologist, has assisted those projects as well and added to his exclusive geologic knowledge of the area.

GEOLOGICAL REPORTS: Three detailed geological mining report completed by a very highly regarded mining geologist, audited by an independent highly qualified third uninterested professional party, is now available. Any interested party may contact this geologist, Ron Parker, with questions or visiting the site.

BOTTOMLESS PLACER?: The very deep bottom of the placer has never been found to date, that water well was drilled to almost 1,000 feet without hitting the bottom of the placer formation. Most placer claims are relatively very shallow with lots of over burden. This piece could have enormous developmental potential from the surface to nominal placer depths. So far, the largest rocks found on this site are not much larger than a grapefruit!

NO OVERBURDEN: The placer mining would start from the surface. A very uncommon virtue and savings! Step out of your pickup truck and virtually start mining!

AMAZING!: Recent geological development work completed by Ron Parker, Geologist, indicated following the estimated values: (see report)

  • Total est. in ground value of 1 acre to 100 feet - - $5,609,298,720
  • Total est. in ground value of 20 acre to 100 feet - - $112,185,974,405
  • Total est. in ground value of 160 acre to 100 feet - - $897,487,795,242
  • Total est. in ground value of 640 acre to 100 feet - - $3,589,951,180,967

Initially, the first early development assays were calculated out to approximately $40,096,183 in gold, silver, platinum and palladium values from the surface to 6 deep , in only an 11.74 acre piece!

Asking price: $6,000,000 USD. Terms for qualified buyers.

Contact: Ed Smith
Ph: 702-274-7320