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Silver Property In The Uinta Mountains Utah

We have a silver property we are currently drilling in the Uinta Mountains NE Utah. It is a sediment hosted (quartzite) stockworks type deposit similar to the Rock Creek deposit in Montana, with considerably higher silver values from 4 oz/ton to 74.5 oz/ton in a 350 thick sequence. The deposit is in the Hoyt Canyon fault zone near the intersection of the major regional South Flank Fault zone which is also mineralized and being drilled for confirmation.

The silver is in fine flakes and grains as native silver, amalgam and silver selenide in kaolinite/dickite veinlets in highly fracture quartzite. A little gold in a red sandstone at the 50 foot level (2.43 g/ton) was intersected. The mineralized zone in the Hoyt Canyon Fault is approximately 300 feet wide by 4500 feet long. The mineralized zone in the South Flank Fault may reach 5.5 mile in length and 1000 feet in width in a silica breccia capped fault fill in carbonate rocks. We are looking for aide in further development of the property.

If anyone may be interested in this property they can contact me at, or by phone at 801 733 0308 or by mail at Russ Conn PO Box 923 Duchesne, Ut, 84021. I can provide a deposit model and answer most geologic questions regarding the property. I also have other properties under development and one being mined currently.

Contact: Russ
Phone: 801 733 0308
Postal Mail: Russ Conn
PO Box 923 Duchesne, Ut, 84021