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Group Of Claims In The Atlin Area

Contact: Doug Hall

This section of placer claims can be reached by a good motor-road 32 miles, 51km South from the town of Atlin, to the O'donnel River.

A description of the area, geology geography, characteristics and work done in the area is described in the B.C. Gov. reports, that can be found online at the links provided below. They're a very good read for the serious investor.
Annual Reports of the Minister Of Mines - Annual Reports (AR)
B.C. Geological Survey Bulletins - Bulletins

Some highlights below.

  • The claim area was discovered 1898-1900. It was prospected, and initially worked small-scale.
  • AR 1906 - McKee Reports recovery of 1oz. Per man per day, shoveling in.
  • AR 1912/13 - High grade gold discovered on a high bench, 50ft above the river just south of the camp.
  • AR 1913 - Nathan Murphy of the O'Donnel Partnership. 600m further south from the bench but at river level, reported phenomenally rich ground.
  • AR 1937 J.T. Mundy 1937 p226 citing the above “ Nathan Murphy cites the following tests, with gold figured at $15.75 per ounce, of rich ground encountered in drifting under the bench at 400 feet in, in an old adit on the GoldHill bench lease (now the Grace), a short distance down-stream from his present workings:
    Test No.1: One pan, $89.30
    Test No.2: Rocking one wheelbarrow (five wheelbarrows to 1/2 cubic yard), $61.40
    Test No.3: Sluicing one car of gravel (1/3 yard), $103.50
    Test No.4: Three pans of gravel, $115.30”

Photo of test #1 of one pan 5.669oz. missing

Test #2

Test #3

Test #4

Mandy 1937 - During the 1937 season Murphy, with one assistant, reported values averaging about $1 to the half-yard car, and a total recovery for the season of 33 oz. of gold valued at $924, recovered from 500 yards of gravel sluiced. – 1:15.15 yd 3

Large settling ponds South East of bench.

Discovery Drift

Murphy's Drift

3 Pay Layers On Bench

1986 - On an option, drilling, seismic and bulk testing was done. Drilling - 26+ holes, seismic - 3 lines, bulk testing - 1120 yd3

Bulk testing - Total ‘gravel sluiced = 1,120 cubic yards, say 1200 cubic yards. Recovered: 75.35 placer ounces Assume 800 fine = 60.28 refined ounces. Average grade = 0.05 ounces of gold per cubic yard.

Drilling - 18 holes tested indicates, volume of 82,823 yd3 containing 3901.4 ozs, grade 0.047 oz/yd

British Columbia Geological Survey Geological Fieldwork 2001, Paper 2002-1 Platinum-Group-Element (PGE) Placer Deposits in British Columbia. The report shows the O'donnel RV. Has the 2nd highest Placer Platinum in B.C. Platinum Fieldwork Link

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Contact: Doug Hall