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Home of the Klondike Gold Fields

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We first listed these claims in 2011 and later that year made a deal with Titan West to sell the property. We gave them terms of which would let them purchase the claims over a period of time. They did some testing the first season and found that the bottom claims produced at least 1 oz per 100 cubic yards and up to 3 times that in claims further up.
For what ever reason they did not mine the second season and could not meet their obligation they had committed for payment. After being assured that they would be able to pay for the claims if I would let them mine in the 2014 season I agreed to a lease agreement that would allow this to be done.

As none of these conditions have been met we are re-listing the claims.

Carmacks Fork On Upper Bonanza Creek

This is a very rare find: A large group of gold claims that have been proven, have a good history, and easy access. We are twenty miles from Dawson City.

Description of claims
This group of claims are all on the same creek and water shed. These claims are staked in such a way so there are no gaps and no potential for any one else to stake a fraction or any other nuisance staking. There are 25 claims staked in total, 21 on Carmack Fork, 2 co-discoveries on Flannery Pup and a discovery claim on 2 of the unnamed tributaries. By being staked in this configuration the group covers 4 miles of creek bottom.
The water flow of the creek is greater than that of upper Bonanza and more consistent. I have seen many years when the water supply on Bonanza dropped too low to mine without recycling, but Carmack Fork still flowed steady.

To date there has only been 2 claims that have been machine mined of which there is plenty of side pay left. So far the ground has produced 1 oz for every 100 cubic yards that have been sluiced. These claims have a water license and land use permit of which are good until 2017 of which could be transferred to the new owner. Some of the drill reports that have be done on the upper part claims show a potential increase by as much as four times. My wife is a gold smith, and a lot of the gold on this property, is perfect for nugget jewelry.

    These are some of the most frequently asked questions asked.

  • What is the price? -------$500,000 of which is subject to change as the price of gold rises.
  • Will we consider leasing the claims? ------$300,000 non refundable down payment and the balance at $125,000 increments each year until the balance of $550,000 is paid in full.
  • Can we test the claims? --------Yes but only if you have made arrangements to enter the property with with me or my wife. This has to be done to make sure that all parties concerned understand the water licence and land use permit.
  • Will you consider selling 1 claim at a time? -------only from the top down without water licence or land use permit for $25,000 each.
  • Is there machinery that go with these claims? -------there is some older machinery on site but is not part of the purchase price but we can talk.
  • You don't have to be Canadian to own a placer mine.

We are not land speculators, but are miners that have invested a lot of time and money developing these claims.
Not only could this property support a gold mine, it could easily be turned into a tourist attraction, such as RV park, camping, hiking the Heritage Trail, gold panning, wild life viewing or exploring the historic sites on the property. We are not only offering a gold mine, but also a wonderful lifestyle.

The only reason that we are considering selling the property is, we are spreading ourselves too thin. I am a consultant in the Northern Alberta oil fields, we have a sailboat on Vancouver island, and we are developing a R.V. park in the B.C. interior. This makes it, very hard for us to develop it to it's fullest potential.

Photos & Maps

Map #1 - Map #1 - Water Licence

40 Ounces Of Gold

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Contact: Dave Trainer
Cell Phone: 250-500-3842
Email: trainercontracting
Or: barb.trainer