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Burn Through A Lot Of Diesel?
Interested In Saving Real Dollars?

Check out UltraBurn from Emissions Technology

UltraBurn is a combustion catalyst system that enables a diesel engine to utilize more available oxygen for more efficient combustion. The catalytic aerosol enhances the combustion process providing more efficient and complete combustion during the power stroke and less smoldering burn in the exhaust stroke. End result? More unburned fuel is converted into useful energy in the engine, reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

The more efficient combustion typically results in:

Fuel Savings of 5-10%
Reduced PM and NOx emissions
Cleaner engines with less carbon build up
Extended maintenance intervals

The UltraBurn system is not some "gimmicky" tank additive but rather a dedicated aerosol injection system that is currently in use on over 2500 engines worldwide.

Now distributed in Canada by Surepoint Technologies Group

Contact the Surepoint Technologies Group at and let us run you through a payback calculator and see how much you could be saving!

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