blue nugget #4 mineral claim for sale in montana

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Yogo Mining District , Judith Basin County, Montana
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Blue Nugget #4 Mineral Claim
Yogo Mining District - Judith Basin County, Montana
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The Blue Nugget No4 is one of only a few a Placer Gold and Gem(sapphire) mines in the Yogo Gulch region. The area is blanketed in claims which rarely come available. The area is prized for weathered and worn gold nuggets which can be located in the creek. Also of interest in the region are the sapphires. The infamous Yogo Sapphires which often fetch a higher price per carat than diamonds are reportedly massed in the Yogo Dike south of the gulch. With that in mind, Yogo Blue sapphires have been reported as high as Bear Gulch and up to 1 mile upstream from old Yogo Town.

The property is located in the Yogo Mining District in Judith Basin County, Montana. The site contains a single (1) placer claim positioned to cover the creek bed which is documented to contain placer gold in the form of nuggets as well as sapphires.

The gold nuggets are noted to be smooth and well-worn and range in size from a few grams up to the highest reported size being 3.9 oz. Sapphires also range from miniscule up to 21 carats. The Blue Nugget No4 was tested by surveyors and gold and sapphires were found easily using a standard gold pan.

Higher concentrations and values could be achieved by utilizing new mining techniques such as suction dredging, which is legal on the creek with a permit from the Montana DEQ.
The property covers 1750 linear feet of Yogo Creek, 1500’ in a straight line. The creek has some shortfalls, sharp turns, and some hard banks which are ideal for depositing both gold and sapphires.

There has been some activity in the area but nothing beyond hand panning. The area is a prime spot for hunters in season.

Since 2016 when Gold Rush located the Blue Nugget (1-6 and the Blue Gold) Group, owners of the claims have reported gold recovery ranging from 15oz to 140oz per season. This recovery is without any mine permits.

The Blue Nugget No4 was originally sold to Ensurge Mining in 2016 with a number of other properties. The company defaulted on payments in 2018 and the mines reverted to Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. Ensurge did no work in prospecting or developing the Blue Nugget No4 and it is as it was located with no further disturbance.

This claim could be easily worked by hand with no mechanized equipment. It could also benefit from a small miner permit which would include a small backhoe, and a washplant capable of processing up to 10 tons per day. With this type of set up, the return on the property would be greatly increased.

Asking Price: $25,000

Contact: Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138

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