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Wildhorse Mineral Property
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The Wildhorse Gold Mine is a lode mining property with a very long and well-documented history. The mine was and has been worked solely by hand by Mr. and Mrs. Mendhom using a single jack and working from 30-100 feet underground. Average recovery values are documented at a staggering one hundred and seventy (170) oz of gold and seven hundred and sixty (760) ounces of silver PER TON. With gold at a value of $1500 per ounce and silver at $17 per ounce, each ton would be worth roughly $267,000.00.

The mine consists of a single shaft which is where all ores have been developed underground. There is also a small gravity mill that was used to process the ores prior to shipping to the US Mint.

A large cut exists to the west of the main shaft and there is stockpiled high-grade gold ore on-site from the cut. A 1973 report stated the ores averaged .86. oz/T in AU. Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc.®surveyors assay of the same material returned 1.33 oz. AU and 21.08 oz. AG per ton. The material appears concentrated but is the result of the convergence of several gold and silver bearing lodes on the property.

This is a very high value, high grade gold and silver deposit. It is set in the heart of the Seven Troughs district which has an excellent history of large producing gold and silver mines.

The general terrain is what would be expected for desert, arid climates. The lack of water makes the surface susceptible to flash flooding and heavy runoff which results in gulches and gullies which sometimes impede travel.

The road to the property is in very good condition with the exception of the last ½ mile which has some deep gullies and large boulders. This is a benefit in that it has stopped most if not all other entry on to the property. The road can be repaired and gated with an approved notice of operation, allowing for easy shipments of ore up and down the canyon.

The mine was surveyed by a Barrick Mining Geologist in 2015. The underground workings are much more extensive than previously reported and are estimated at a minimum of 1200’. These workings will require stabilization and shoring as they are very near the water table line. As such they are damp and oft times filled with 1-2 feet of water. Gold in appreciable values was noted in the workings and similar to 1973 reporting, the veins were noted to be convergent outside the workings and not parallel as had been reported previously.

There were permits in place for operations in 1995. However, when the property was surveyed by Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc.® in 2014, there was no evidence of any work that had been done since the 1970s aside from some road clearing.

In 2015, Timberline Resources snatched up a large block of 4,100 acres in claims in the area, including land around the Wildhorse Site. They identified multiple prominent gold veins throughout the district. In their press release, Timberline Resources stated “The Seven Troughs district is recognized as yielding some of the highest gold production grades in Nevada history…Management believes that the district has the potential to host a large precious metals system similar to the high-grade gold and silver veins of Japan’s world renowned Hishikari epithermal gold mine.”

Reserves are noted at 100,000 tons, blocked with a value 1/10 of that previously documented. That being seventeen (17) oz gold per ton and seventy six (76) ounces of silver per ton. Average value at current (10/18/19) metals pricing, each ton is worth twenty six thousand seven hundred and ninety two dollars ($26,792.00). With 100,000 tons available at minimum, there is a value of at least two billion, six hundred seventy-nine million two hundred thousand dollars) $2,679,200,000.

There is no accounting in this figure for future development and other veins which have been noted as high value and in need of further development.

This property will need to be properly developed to produce in a reliable manner. Permits will be required and some heavy machinery will be needed.

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