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The Silver Peak is a 20-acre lode mining property located in White Pine County, Nevada.

The Silver Peak is a gold and silver producing property with an emphasis on the recovery of gold. This is notable in the mining methods and recovery methods that are still in place on the property. The mining operation consists of a large open pit operation on the western edge of the property. The pit has several adits that are a part of it. None of these adits are more than 100’ in length but explore the mineralization.


Mineralization in the pit area consists of a spotty, pale white quartz, which appears to be barren of gold or silver but does have iron and some likely zinc. Limonite is common in the material, and some would be a limonite after pyrite.

There were no visibly impressive ores visible in the pit area, but 40 lbs of samples were taken for assay from the region. There is a modern grizzly, likely circa 1960-1970 at the north end of the pit. There is also an older timber load out.

The dump material on the property is spread out over a large area but estimated at 20,000 tons total.


Working east on the property, there are some open cuts and a round-about at the end of the road. The material here may be a high-grade separation area or may have scraped from an exposed deposit. It is difficult to ascertain, but the material is a milky quartz with hints of iron and galena.

On the eastern edge of the property, the terrain drops off steeply into a stream bed. At the top of this drop off, on the edge of the ridge, is an old stone cabin. Based on algae and condition, likely early 1900s construction. There is a productive adit just behind this cabin, which helps to quantify the assumed age. The adit is short, 6’ tall by 3’ wide. It follows a grouping of small quartz veins. The veins are blued with either copper or galena but show some fleck gold in spots. There is also heavily banded deposits of galena and iron.

A dump outside the cabin is estimated at 5,000 tons. A small sample of the dumps was taken for assay.


Finally, bottom of the gulch is an old gravity-based mill. The mill appears to be set for gold with concrete bases for crushers and remnants of shakers and classifiers. The mill is in rough condition but is reported to have served not only the Silver Peak mine, but others in the general vicinity.

On the creek are the remains of a small-scale placer operation. Several buckets and boxes used as sluices. There are shakers for fines and the creek has been routed to pool in several spots.

Overall a very nice spot for a beginning miner to start working. There should be some reasonable gold recovery if worked correctly. A notice of operation is recommended, although the property is extremely remote and rarely visited.


The site is accessible by a good 4WD road that steeply ascends from the valley floor at 5500’ to the mine site at 8800’. The road will not be passable in snow or heavy rains.


Contact: Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138

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