lucky boy mine in ely nevada for sale

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Osceola District , White Pine County, Nevada
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Historic Lucky Boy Mineral Property
20 Acre Lode Claim – Osceola District

White Pine County, NevadaContact Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138


Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is proud to present the Historic Lucky Boy Mineral Property. The Lucky Boy mine is contained within this 20 acre lode mining claim for sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The Lucky Boy Mine is located just outside of Ely, Nevada and has been properly staked and marked at all corners.

All Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. claims are meticulously surveyed, mapped and researched. On site field work is completed by Corey Shuman and Jessica Shuman, nationally recognized Mineral Surveyors with over 36 years of combined experience.

Located in the heart of Nevada’s gold bearing Osceola District, The Lucky Boy Mineral Claim covers the entire workings of the Lucky Boy Mine. A series of adits and shafts make up well over 800' of underground development.

The Lucky Boy Mine has been historically worked for gold, silver, and lead. Believed to have been discovered in early 1900, and worked intermittently by small-scale operations through 1982.

Production numbers are not available and history of the site is very spotty. Mineral assessment is based off reports and documentation collected from inside and near the mine camp.

Discarded relics on the site consist of a large motor with some hydraulic parts and pieces.

There are remnants of a very old arrastra below the mine entrance. This is an indicator of the gold deposits located here. Silver and galena are not processed by crushing and separating. The quartz and small bits of gold visible in the current condition of the mine are a good indication of potential in the area. The mines and workings should be cored and assayed to determine the highest value regions.

Estimated 150,000 tons of waste dump. One large pile appears to be a high-grade stash and showed good quartz and metallic ores. This high-grade pile is estimated 4 tons.

Plenty of room for parking and staging vehicles and equipment on the claim as existing.

The Lucky Boy Mine claim is recommended for a small miner who could operate under casual use guidelines. The deposit should be examined, explored and defined before major operations are undertaken.

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Contact: Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138

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