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Oatman District , Mohave County, Arizona
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Historic Gold Range Mining Claim
20 Acre Lode Claim – Oatman District

Mohave County, ArizonaContact Gold Rush Expeditions
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Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is proud to present the Historic Gold Range Gold Mining Claim. This is a 20 acre lode mining claim for sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The Gold Range Mine is located just outside of Oatman, Arizona and has been properly staked and marked at all corners.

All Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. claims have been meticulously surveyed, mapped and researched. Field work is completed by our own experienced, well versed Mine Survey Team.

The Gold Range is a geologically important series of workings located just outside the historic mining town of Oatman, Arizona. The mines have been explored and surveyed for gold content as early as 1890. Gold was produced from the mine intermittently on a small scale from 1900-1976.

The Gold Range mines have been worked for native gold which is found in veins and larger deposits, creating what is known as the “nugget effect”. The claim consists of a series of adits and shafts running along a general trend up the hillside. The main shaft is the largest of the workings and estimated at 100-150' There is assumed drifting in the shaft of 500' based on measurements of waste dumps.

There is a good 4WD road that provides good access to the upper and lower mine levels. There is room for staging of some smaller equipment. Estimated room for 4 full size vehicles near the mine entrances. More room available on a flat above the mines.

The most recent work was into gold bearing iron deposits and the waste dumps have been separated according to mineralization.

This is an ideal claim for casual use exploration and sample gathering. No permitting or plans would be required to chase the veins in the open mines as they currently exist.

History of the Mines
The mineral deposits at Oatman are typical of epithermal precious metals veins in Tertiary volcanic rocks. They consist of quartz-calcite-adularia open-space fillings along fissure veins within which defined ore shoots containing fine-grained gold occur. Sulfide content is generally low: less than one quarter of one percent. The ore shoots appear to have a limited vertical range of a few hundred to 1200 feet and exhibit a strong vertical zonation of alteration-mineralization, Many of the ore shoots are blind at the surface, showing only weak alteration with little or barren vein material.

A grab sample of calcite-rhyolite breccia taken by James C. Snell, P. Eng., from the face of the collar of an adit in a draw below the site of diamond drill holes I5 and 16 assayed 0.804 ounces of gold/ton. The sample was assayed by Min-En Laboratories Ltd. of North Vancouver, B. C., (certificate # 8-47/P1, Jan. 21/88].


Asking Price: $4,000

Contact: Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138

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