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Cracker Creek District , Baker County, Oregon
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Historic Buckeye Gold Mine and Camp
20 Acre Lode Claim – Cracker Creek District

Baker County, OregonContact Gold Rush Expeditions
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Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is proud to present the Historic Buckeye Gold Mining Claim for sale. This is a 20 acre lode mining claim for sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The Buckeye is located just outside of Sumpter, Oregon. The previously abandoned gold mine and has surveyed and properly staked and marked at all corners as required by Oregon and federal law. All Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. claims have been meticulously surveyed, mapped and researched. Field work is completed by our own experienced, well versed Mine Survey Team.

The Buckeye Mine is the only accessible portal on what is referred to as the Buckeye Group. The Buckeye is the gem of the group. The main mine camp is located on this claim. Consisting of a series of buildings and workshops. These buildings are not necessarily historical as they have been built from the ground up over the last 30-40 years.


The camp and the mine are also somewhat famous in that they were both featured on the TV series “Ghost Mine”. On the TV series, the mine was referred to as the Crescent, which is incorrect and references a patented mine site farther up the mountain. This was likely obfuscated just to keep people from finding it.

The Crescent Patent property with no real development above is listed at a price of $1.7 Million for 17.5 acres. The Buckeye mine is listed at a fraction of that and actually contains valuable deposits and workings.

The roads to the mine are steep and require 4WD for loose rock and dirt. They are in excellent repair and will be easily passable to most any 4WD vehicle. The town of Sumpter, below the mine does not offer much in the way of amenities. There are buildings on the claim that were built in the 1980s in support of logging operations. These buildings consist of a series of small bunk rooms, a main office and some smaller storage buildings. The buildings are newer and could be easily utilized in support of the mining operation. Excellent roads, large mine, documented productions, really can’t’ lose with this one.


History of the Mines
The Buckeye Claim is part of a larger group of lode claims known as the Buckeye Group.[1] It’s been developed since 1900, and was owned by W H Gleason and J N Doane of Sumpter.
While a good portion of the Buckeye property near the ridgeline was Patented, the actual Buckeye and Tunnel #1 are not on any sort of patent. Early development showed $142, $105, and $24, which is an average of $90 per ton in gold and silver(gold at $20 per ounce).[2][3] It was eventually sold to the Sipe Mining Company.[4] By 1914, the mine has produced $5,000 worth of free gold specimens.[2] By 1916, there were two-thirds of a mile of drifts and raises developed on the property. The strike of the main vein is north 60 degrees east, and dips 70 degrees south east. There were also narrow branch fissures containing limited quartz lenses which frequently found coarse free gold. The No. 3 tunnel, which was about 300' below the one above at the time, followed a branch fissure for 1,000' before encountering the main ledge.[4] In 1917, a fire tore through the town of Sumpter and the town never really recovered to its former prominence. There is very little data on the mines of the area after the fire. It is assumed that the mine continued to produce up until is was shuttered by the War Act in 1941.
In 1940, a Bureau of Mines inspector observed that there were likely more than $10,000,000.00 in reserves of free gold in the mine as assessed by observations made in Tunnel #1.


The Buckeye mine explores a group of nearly parallel veins in carbonaceous variety of argillite. In most places the veins display several ramifying strands, each of which is made up of angular argillite fragments show clearly as angular patches containing disseminated carbon in the midst of quartz, which is itself crushed and recemented by quartz. The percentage of sulfides is low.Asking Price: $40,000


Contact: Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138
Email: goldrush@goldrushexpeditions.com

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