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Plomosa District , La Paz County, Arizona
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Historic Copper Queen Mine Mineral Property
20 Acre Lode Claim – Plomosa District
La Paz County, Arizona
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Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is proud to present the Historic Copper Queen Mine. The Copper Queen Mine is a 20 acre lode Mineral claim for sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The Copper Queen Mine in a remote location, located outside of Bouse, Arizona. The Copper Queen Claim and has been properly staked and marked at all corners.

All Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. claims are meticulously surveyed, mapped and researched. On-site field work is completed by Corey Shuman and Jessica Shuman, nationally recognized Mineral Surveyors with over 36 years of combined experience.

The Copper Queen Mine is a relatively undisturbed site that is located claim is located near the 4 peaks and Jasper mineral Claims. The Copper Queen boundaries encompasses a large outcrop of dark iron stained rock which has historically shown well for gold and lead values. There are many small prospects and short adits cut into this outcrop. A large shaft of unverified depth is located on the north end of the outcrop. Based on the waste dump size, surveyors estimated the Copper Queen Mine shaft total size to be over 1000'. Likely in a 100-200' shaft and drift workings coming off of that main shaft. The shaft is somewhat “anthilled” and will require some excavation and shoring to be made safe for access. It is estimated that the shaft has been abandoned since 1940 if not prior. There is evidence of air and water lines into the shaft indicating substantial infrastructure underground.

Ores are anticipated to be gold and copper, some platinum has been reported in similar ores, but is not commonly found. Ores appear hematite-based and traditionally carry good values in gold and silver.

Road access to the claim is simple and direct. It does require 4WD for some wash crossings and sandy areas. There are some good flats for parking and staging of equipment The claim consists of one monster size shaft. Historically the claim was mined for copper and gold.

History of the Copper Queen Mine
The Copper Queen mine was originally discovered by A.V. Wilson in 1905 and relocated in 1939 by Charlie B Wilson. [1]
A 1924 surface assay indicates 58.60% iron, 35.64% silica, .01% phosphorous, .38% manganese, 1.65% alumina, 1.10% lime, 1.68% magnesium.[1]
From a 1940 report,

The three claims mentioned cover a low lying ridge that stands up about 75 feet above the surrounding plain. On approaching this hill, it has the appearance of a small mountain of iron ore. On closer examination, however, one finds that this is not true, inasmuch as the hill is traversed by a number of iron dikes and blowouts which have fallen over in many places, thereby scattering low grade iron ore and iron stained rocks on the sides of the hill mentioned. This fact is attested by numerous open cuts and prospect holes which in most cases pass through the iron-stained cap rock within ten feet or so, exposing country rock below, resembling grano-diorite material.
However, in places the test pits referred to show that some of the iron stained, as well as copper stained dikes do go down; these dikes being from ten to 20 feet wide in places. Furthermore, I noted evidence of strong thermal action in the entire hill, the mineralized part of which is about 1200 feet long by 500 feet wide. This thermal action consists of lime solutions which have penetrated the entire structure of the hill, cementing the shattered rocks together. Other solutions have come up carrying iron and copper. The whole rock mass of the hill is badly disturbed and is sheared and faulted in all directions.
In other words a great deal of copper stained iron gossan was noted within the area covered by the three claims mentioned. Therefore, by deeper work, either by shafts or drill holes, there is a possibility that a copper mine might be found below.[1]

1. Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources File Data: Copper Queen

Asking Price: $3,500
Contact: Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138

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