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Keystone District , Taos County, New Mexico
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Edison Mineral Property
40 Acre Lode and Placer Claim – Keystone District

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The Edison Mine is a historical gold and silver producing property. The Edison Mines are made up of two claims, one (1), twenty (20) acre lode mineral claim that encompasses all of the historical portals of the Edison and the Little Gem mining operations. In addition, one (1), twenty (20) acre Placer Mineral Claim which is situated on the lower workings of the claim and the stream which flows year round through the valley. The claims are located in the Red River Mining District which is historically noted for gold and silver production.

The Edison and Little Gem Mines produced gold and silver with copper byproducts from 1890 to 1922 according to historical data and extrapolation. The mines are located 10,300’ and are subject to harsh winters and intensive snowfall. This snowfall quickly translates into water in the spring. This water has been identified as the major deterrent to mining operations at the Edison and Little Gem Mines. The ores were historically noted as rich and profitable, some veins assaying as high as $300.00 per ounce in gold and silver. However lack of technology and funding impeded the development of these mines near the turn of the 21st century. The Edison and the Little Gem properties were noted as “not working” in 1922.
While there has been significant interest in the properties, there has been no real development work put into the mines since 1922.

Property Description:
Set at a high elevation, over 10,000’, the mines sit upon a large dump that meets up with a creek below. The creek flows year-round and there is some seepage from the northern most adit on the claim. This runs down to the creek and meets just before the waste dump.

The waste dump is not impressive at first glance. The iron ores are heavily oxidized, and the site has not been disturbed in some time. With some light digging, surveyors were able to uncover some small bits of native gold and pyrites.

At current, there is only one adit which is open and accessible. Other workings at the little Gem mine have been reclaimed and will require some work to excavate and re-open.

There are excellent roads to the property. The roads could likely be navigated with any high clearance 2WD vehicle. There is a parking area where the road to the mines has been closed as part of reclamation. The roads to the mines are still present but not accessible. A notice of Operation would need to include the gating and re-opening of these roads for development access.

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Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138
Email: goldrush@goldrushexpeditions.com

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