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Shon District , Humboldt County, Nevada
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Mary Clough Mineral Property
100 Acre Lode Claim – Shon District

Humboldt County, NevadaContact Gold Rush Expeditions
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The Mary Clough Property is also known as the Charleston Hill National Mine. The Property is a collection of five (5) lode claims covering the major historical workings and general trending of the gold bodies as have been identified underground. A total of one-hundred (100) acres, which could be expanded as ground in the canyon is open and unclaimed at the time of this report.

Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. acquired this property after surveyors, making an onsite assessment of the mines, reported inside the main drift of the mine, a wide quartz body 18-30 inches in width and an unknown depth. This body had been stoped for roughly 33 feet. The exposed minerals in the quartz are gold and pyrite. The gold is in a native form and as is, is specimen quality.

Assay results are pending for actual quantities of gold per ton.

The mine operated from 1904 into 1941 when the mine was shut down due to the War Act. Mrs. Clough applied for several grants and options to re-open the mine for Tungsten with none approved due to high gold concentration. Some scheelite was noted present in smaller quartz veins which are prevalent throughout the mines.

The mine has been surveyed numerous times by Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. and has included local geologists and miners employed by major mining companies in the area. All input and assessments have been extremely positive.

Property Description:
The Mary Clough Claims are located in Township 40 North, Range 38 East in Humboldt County, Nevada. Roughly 25 air miles north of Winnemucca. The claims are accessed off the highway by an unmaintained but well-travelled road that runs north and then east to the small canyon where the mines are located.

The property is sheltered by steep canyon walls where it is located. This has allowed most of the outside infrastructure, ranging in date from 1920-1980, to remain in relatively decent condition. There is a mill, a crush site, and multiple housing sites on the claim including cabins and a mobile home which dates to the early 1980s.

There are a series of open and closed workings on the claim. The primary working is the Mary Clough Drift which is located south of the old Mill site. This drift runs generally north/south for distance of 1200’ The drift crosses several important quartz veins which show native gold and pyrites. The waste dump for this working is quite substantial and estimated at 40,000 tons. There is also a substantial tailing dump at the mill. An estimated 10,000 tons of tailings are present. These tailings show galena, some iron and are a dark grey color.

A small working near the old homestead has been intentionally collapsed, but the waste dump shows wide quartz with some pyrites and some gold. The portal was made of wood and is still intact, leading to the assessment that the portal was deliberately closed.

Working farther up the canyon there are a series of small shafts and adits, all are less than 1000’ and cut various veins but no clear or white quartz was noted in these workings where they were accessible. The waste dumps for these smaller workings are estimated at 15,000 tons and show mainly iron and host rock.

The final set of workings on the claims is located near the Northwest of the head of the canyon. There are two adits, only one of which is accessible. The lower, accessible adit is a total of 800’. 400’ drifting on a 400’ drift that trends east/west with multiple side drifts and small areas of stoping based off of quartz intrusions.

Interested Clients May Call or Email for a Full GRMP-43 Technical Mine Report.

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Contact: Gold Rush Expeditions
Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138


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