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Plamosa District , La Paz County, Arizona
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Great Bear Mining Claim
20 Acre Lode Claim — Plamosa District

La Paz County, ArizonaContact Gold Rush Expeditions
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Federally Registered Mining Claim ID:AMC442193

The Great Bear mining claim is a prime example of a rich, but abandoned Arizona Gold Mine. The mine has a history of production and substantial development. The mine is noted for its gold production which has been worked from lodes and veins. Most of the district has been historically based on placer mines which have been worked out and have no further value. The source of this gold is the Great Bear and other lode mines in the vicinity.

The mine is developed by a series of drifts and stopes that examine one of three defined gold bearing lodes in the mountain. There have been tram systems, housing and even a small mill on the property according to historic accounts.

The mine is located in a veritable hotbed for Gold recovery with the West Port mine, less than 1 air mile from the property being sold at $8.5 Million.
This is a nearly turn-key property that will need some clearing and shoring in the stopes but otherwise, work on sampling and development both above and below ground could begin immediately.

There is excellent access to the mine and the workings through a series of county maintained 4WD roads. The mine must be accessed from the roads north of Quartzsite as the more direct access to the mines is blocked by another, active gold mining operation.

Mining Claim Description
Large mine worked exclusively for gold. Historic reports speak of 3 veins. The center vein is worked and accessed by an adit with stoping and drifting work. The actual mines do not match the historical maps and lend to the idea that substantial work has been done since the maps were created. Visible gold can be found in some dark sections of the iron-bearing rock. Note that historically gold was found in quantity, from .5 OPT to over 5 OPT. This value in gold exclusively. The mines are clear and open for the most part and expose the veins reported in the 1930s. The mine is remote and takes some work to get to. A large patent mine to the southeast has blocked road access from the highway and the mine is only accessible from the north.

A significant amount of work was done prior to 1941, there is no recorded history after this time. It is considered likely that the equipment was looted from the mine during the closure forced by the War Act. This theft likely did irreconcilable damage to the claim owner and prevented further development.

Gold could be worked from the visible veins with hand-held tools as it has been for the last century. There is no water source onsite so processing will have to take place elsewhere.

Large historic gold mining operation just outside of Quartzsite, Arizona. The mines are all cut along a series of dark gold veins that can clearly be seen in the mountain side. The veins range from 3' to 9' as documented by local geologists and USGS. Many of the mine openings connect via trenches. Gold forms differently than would be expected as is found in dark ores with hematite and other iron-based minerals. Old reports note 3 veins that are large and gold bearing. Only the center vein has been worked in earnest. When the mine was shut down by the War Act there was over 30,000 tons of ore blocked out (reserves) on the center vein. Average return of 3 OPT in gold.

In today's value, the blocked reserves in the Great Bear Mine are worth over $112,000,000 (Million).

Large camp on the mining claim at one time to support the mining operations. Evidence of buildings, head-frames and much more. Strangely undisturbed despite its proximity to Quartzite. This may be due to the remote access. Road access is good, but slow going and will require high clearance and 4WD. The road would need work for large dumpers or trailers.

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Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
Ph: 385-218-2138

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