the west willow mining claims

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Tincup District , Gunnison County, Colorado
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West Willow Lode and Placer Mining Claim
40 Acre Lode and Placer Claim — Tincup District

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Federally Registered Mining Claim ID:CMC290452 & CMC290453

The West Willow Mining Claims is a collection of adits which were cut above a group of Placer Gold workings in the Tincup District. There is very limited history on the mines and the development. The Tincup Gulch placers are well known for their gold recovery but were never worked out due to a variety of challenges such as extremely short seasons, elevation issues and remote location.

The West Willow shows evidence of placer mine operations. Old sluice boxes were found in the stream and some turns in the stream and river had obviously been detoured by mining operations.

Of more interest is the adits and mine camp located above the stream. The adits were cut as the gold deposits in the Willow stream began to dissipate, indicating that the source of the gold was close by. The adits reportedly worked free milling gold.

The mines were similar in structure and deposition as the Gold Cup Mine in the same district according to locals. The mines were worked by a small coalition of miners from 1890-1897. Legal problems stopped the mining in 1897 and it wasn’t again until early 1900's that the mines were put back into production with 3 people based out of the town of Tin Cup.

Mining Claim Description
Heavy snow and severe weather are blamed with lack of significant production from any of the mines in the region. At an elevation of over 10,000’ the snowpack comes in early and averages 24’ each year.
The adits have been purposefully closed, and would require some effort to re-open. This could be done by hand but use of a small tractor is recommended.

Above the adits and the placer operations is a cabin and remains of a blacksmith workshop, both are assumed to be associated with the mine and the operations. The cabin is estimated to be over 100 years old but likely in use in the 1950s based on trash and archaeological evidence.



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Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
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