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That's right! Less than 10 cents a share and no this is not a typo. In fact as of last Friday, Sept. 2, 2016, you could buy the shares of this virtually unknown silver mining company for 6 cents. While most junior miners that are in this price range are still in the exploration stage, this small junior is not only an active explorer, but has also become a cash generating silver miner with their flagship project in Chihuahua Mexico.

This same company has a foothold in an area that is surrounded by two major players who at this time are still in the drilling stage. And unlike one of the majors whose stock price is over $20 per share, this small virtually unknown company's undervalued shares are trading, like I said at less than 10 cents.

But before I get into all the positives about the company, I would like to mention that if you are going to invest in any silver mining companies, you will want to make sure that they are exploring and mining in Mexico and the big reason why is because Mexico is known the world over for it's silver.

FACT: Mexico produces more silver than anyone else in the entire world. Mexico is responsible for 21% of global production and in 2015 the output of silver rose 2.0% to 5,372 metric tons (189.5 million ounces). This is followed by Peru, China, Australia and Russia.

Like prospecting and exploration anywhere in the world there are not only rewards but there are also risks and with those risks come failures. Sometimes companies stake claims and spend a lot of money on trenching and drilling only to find that there is little to no value in the ground. For the investor who wishes to invest in a silver company this is where due diligence for risk and reward values comes into effect. Just the task of searching and doing due diligence alone on the hundreds of small junior companies you can invest in can be the same as swinging at the pinata blind folded except there might not be a treat inside.

Now remember, what we are talking about here is a junior who is not only exploring but has already commenced mining and is shipping out concentrates. In the company's press release July 6, 2016, the company stated:
The company is pleased to announce the start of production at the Potosi silver mine located in the historic Santa Eulalia District, Chihuahua, Mexico.
By the way, the Santa Eulalia District is one of the richest silver districts in the world.

In regards to continued exploration, in the news release Aug 22, 2016, the company stated:
"The 10 samples from level nine gave a weighted average of 246 grams per tonne silver, 4.3 per cent lead and 4.3 per cent zinc over an average sample width of 1.12 metres, while those taken by the independent third party yielded averages of 290 g/t Ag, 5.46 per cent Pb and 3.45 per cent Zn for the corresponding samples.

"The 15 samples from level 10 yielded 78 g/t Ag, 3.3 per cent Pb and 4.1 per cent Zn over an average sample width of 1.16 m, while those taken by the independent third party yielded 187 g/t Ag, 3.44 per cent Pb and 4.31 per cent Zn."

Right now the company is just waiting for it's explosive permit for this under ground mine. Once it receives that permit, watch out! I think the stock price will really explode.

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PS: When I said the stock price was less than 10 cents, I forgot to mention that there is only 76 million shares O/S

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