yukon placer gold claims for lease

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I have 16 rich placer gold claims in the Yukon that have been tested and have proven to be very high in gold content. Testing has proven that on the average these claims will produce 41 grams to 50 grams of placer gold per 100 yards run.

This gold averages 60% nuggets and 40% smaller gold. This gold tests out at 86.2 % pure.

We are looking for an honest operator who has the right equipment, knowledge and work ethic to mine this ground. We have water license for large operation and land use permit for camp. We now have new road into claims as to move equipment to the claims. We will let the operator operate and take 85% of all gold recovered.

This ground averages 5-20 feet to bedrock. 90% of this ground is virgin rich ground.

Please call owners at 208-351 5576 for full information.

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