Goldflint Mining Property Montana


Goldflint Mining Property Montana

The Goldflint Mining property is a historic mine located on the west slope of Goldflint Mountain in the Homestake mining district in Silver Bow County, Montana. “The Richest Hill on Earth” which is located at Butte, MT and is just a few miles west of the Goldflint property.

Homestake mountain is known for its abundant gold, silver and copper as well as it’s Platinum Group metals mines. The rich history of the Richest Hill on Earth and the Homestake mountain and its mines is mostly well documented. Currently the “Berkely Pit” that was made while mining the Richest Hill on Earth is being drained and the water treated to make it safe while removing the minerals and metals from the water. A company has also resumed mining the ‘Hill’ above the water line extracting what the old timers left behind.

There are many mines on Homestake mountain that were never mined out. The Goldflint mine property is one of those. There are very few records for the Goldflint mine but from what we have been able to determine they were mining gold, silver and possibly copper. The vein that was being mined is visible in spots and over the years water from above has seeped into the mine bringing with its minerals that coat the walls covering the veins. Simply scraping the coating off the walls exposes the real nature of the mine.

The Goldflint property covers the Goldflint vein, an exceptionally rich deposit of gold found in the Homestake Mining District. The Claim covers a full 20.66 acres and 2 of the last unpatented mines in the area. Only one of the mine entrances is open and accessible, but it’s a rich, gold producing mine. The Goldflint mining property was noted in the Butte Special district description as producing high quantities of nearly pure gold but in small quantities of less than 1000 tons, this is a relative term when you are talking about the massive amounts of ore that have come out of the Butte area and the high price of gold today.

The Gold Flint is a short drive out of Butte. A dirt road winds up into the hills and right to the old cabin and on to the mines. This is an old and rarely visited area except by locals. A high clearance 4WD vehicle can make it to the mine no problem, we recommend you take your time, because there are some rough, technical spots. The rough road is probably the reason that the mines are not often visited or disturbed. The road runs to the base of the hill below the Goldflint mine property. There is a good spot for parking near the cabin, in a small clearing below the mine. There is road access to the open mine, and it’s a quick ride up the hill to the mine entrance, where you will find a nice, flat staging area for working. The claim covers a full 20.66 acres, and has been written to cover the general trend of the lode.

The mine is an old cut, most likely pre-1870s. The main mine adit was cut higher in the back and lower in the front in order to self-drain each year during the spring runoff. We were unable to find the early history on this mine, but it appears to have been one of many mines in the area that belonged to the Nellie Mascot Group. The Nellie Mascot company abandoned their mining operations in the area shortly after their processing equipment burned down.

There is roughly 500′ of workings in the main drift of the Gold Flint. A previous owner bought the claim for a family member to give him something to do during the summer. But when we met the man, he was out of his element not ever having mined before and he didn’t have the correct equipment to work it correctly. They didn’t maintain the claim after that last season and Gold And Mineral Mines of Montana LLC has since staked and Filed the Goldflint mine property.

When we visited it this past summer there was between 6-18 inches of water in the middle of the mine in the main drift but the back of the mine was dry. The water won’t cause a problem for your work. It would be easy to siphon out the water with a couple hundred feet of hose while working the back of the mine, which is dry. Or the adit could be opened to allow the water to drain naturally. There is about a foot of paydirt on the floor of the mine waiting to be worked. Every spring the mine floods from the runoff washing the ore down to the floor. This has been happening for about 100 years. The ore on the floor is now covering the old ore cart ties completely. A previous owner discovered this shortly before he had to end his trip. It will take a lot of work but there is about 2,000 square feet of loose sediment on the floor of the mine that could be taken out and run through a sluice. Sampling shows the highest concentration is near the front of the mine at the lowest point on the floor. The floor was sampled at four places and all areas showed gold, silver, quartz, black sands and sulfides. Basically, all that is needed is to haul the dirt out from the floor, classify it and pan it then crush the larger material and pan it also.

The placer gold on the floor is the easy stuff to start making money right away. The mine itself has plenty of gold ore ready to be worked out. However, the minerals in the mine are not easily visible because of a coating of dirt and silt over the surface. This coating hides the ore but is easily scraped off to reveal the rich gold ore.

The tailings offer another good mining opportunity. Over the years some of the gold has washed down to the bottom of the tailings pile from the top. Sampling shows the tailings are consistent with the gold and silver inside the mine.

Two mines are included in this claim. The mines are on the Goldflint lode but currently only one mine entrance is open. The other mine can be dug out and inspected, but the surveyors have documented only the mine that is open. The portal on the open adit was partially caved and the opening was small. A person could get inside but it was difficult so while the surveyors were on site, they have dug out a few more feet so the opening is more easily accessible. The new owners will want to continue to dig out more so it is easy to just walk in to the portal. Opening the portal more will also help to dry out the mine. A dry mine is safer than a wet one. We estimate it would take about a day for 1 or 2 guys to dig out the portal.

The USGS documents the first shipment from the mine in 1911 the cut appears to be much older and we estimate it to be from around the 1870’s or earlier. Currently, the adits’ portal is small due to a portion that has caved in, this opening is large enough for people to get inside and wouldn’t take but a few hours to dig open completely. Once this is opened a locked gate would be required by law to prevent people from going inside and getting injured. Inside the mine it is about 3′ – 4′ wide and 5′ – 6′ tall. The drift is directly on the rich ore body that runs the length of the main drift. There is still a lot of ore visible even though a lot of ore has been previously mined. The Main drift of the mine extends 330′ and has two drifts off of it which makes the total over 500′ of workings.

The fact that such rich samples are so easily found right from the start make this mine an easy one to begin making a profit from right away. The workings are impressive, the entrance on the main drift is small currently but could quickly be made larger. Surveyors didn’t see the “nearly pure gold” referred to in the USGS reports right off but it can be found behind the dirt and silt covering the ore body and of course in the floor of the mine itself. The surveyors did see a lot of good rich gold ore with some native gold and as mentioned the floor is a soft ore bearing material that can be removed and processed. About 8′ inside the portal on the main drift is a cut that leads to a small room with some shelving. Most likely this was storage for explosives. The door on the room is intact. The mine just needs to be worked and the recent sampling has shown this mine will be profitable quickly. We estimate it will take about a month for 3 or 4 guys to remove the material on the floor and run it through a sluice.


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