SOPerior Fertilizer Corp

Detailed Information

SOPerior Fertilizer Corp is a Canadian-based company that specializes in the production and distribution of sulfate of potash (SOP) fertilizer. SOP is a premium fertilizer that contains high levels of potassium and sulfur, which are essential nutrients for plant growth and development.

The company's flagship project is the Blawn Mountain Project, located in Utah, USA. The project is a large-scale, low-cost SOP mine and processing facility that is expected to produce up to 245,000 tonnes of SOP per year. The Blawn Mountain Project has a significant resource base, with an estimated 153 million tonnes of SOP mineralization.

SOPerior Fertilizer Corp is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. The company uses a closed-loop water system to minimize water usage and reduce the impact on local water resources. Additionally, the company's SOP product is a low-chloride fertilizer, which reduces the risk of soil salinization and protects the environment.

Overall, SOPerior Fertilizer Corp is a leading producer of high-quality SOP fertilizer, with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.


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