Stelmine Canada Ltée / Stelmine Canada Ltd

Detailed Information

Stelmine Canada Ltée / Stelmine Canada Ltd is a Canadian mineral exploration company. It is focused on the exploration and development of precious and base metals properties in Quebec, Canada. The company's primary objective is to discover and develop high-quality mineral deposits that have the potential to become profitable mining operations.

Stelmine Canada Ltée has a portfolio of exploration projects in Quebec, including the Courcy and Mercator projects. These projects are located in the James Bay region, which is known for its rich mineral potential. The company utilizes modern exploration techniques and technologies to identify and evaluate mineral targets.

Stelmine Canada Ltée is committed to responsible and sustainable exploration practices. It prioritizes environmental stewardship and community engagement in its operations. The company aims to create value for its shareholders while minimizing its impact on the environment and respecting the rights and interests of local communities.

Overall, Stelmine Canada Ltée is a mineral exploration company focused on discovering and developing mineral deposits in Quebec, Canada. With a commitment to responsible exploration practices, the company aims to create value for its shareholders while minimizing its environmental impact and engaging with local communities.

Contact Information
8255 Boul. Henri-Bourassa #23 , Québec, QC G1G 4C8, Canada

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