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Altus Strategies plc is a mining royalty company that focuses on the discovery and development of mineral resources in Africa. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Altus Strategies has a portfolio of projects in Mali, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Morocco, and Liberia, among other countries. The company's strategy is to acquire and develop early-stage mineral exploration projects, and then sell or joint venture them to larger mining companies. Altus Strategies also generates revenue through royalty agreements with mining companies that operate on its properties. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market.

Peer Comparisons

Altus Strategies plc is a mining royalty company that focuses on the discovery and development of mineral resources in Africa. The company has a unique business model that sets it apart from its peers in the mining industry. Here are some of the competitive advantages of Altus Strategies:

1. Diversified portfolio: Altus Strategies has a diversified portfolio of mineral assets across Africa, which reduces the risk of relying on a single project. The company has a portfolio of gold, copper, iron ore, bauxite, and other mineral assets.

2. Royalty model: Altus Strategies operates on a royalty model, which means that the company earns a percentage of the revenue generated from the mining operations of its partners. This model allows the company to generate revenue without incurring the high costs associated with mining operations.

3. Experienced management team: Altus Strategies has a highly experienced management team with a proven track record of success in the mining industry. The team has extensive knowledge of the African mining sector and has established strong relationships with local communities and governments.

4. Strategic partnerships: Altus Strategies has established strategic partnerships with some of the world's leading mining companies, including BHP, Rio Tinto, and Glencore. These partnerships provide the company with access to expertise, resources, and funding.

5. Focus on sustainability: Altus Strategies is committed to sustainable mining practices and has a strong focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The company works closely with local communities to ensure that its mining operations have a positive impact on the environment and the people living in the area.


1. Limited geographical diversification: Altus Strategies plc operates primarily in Africa, which exposes the company to political and economic risks specific to the region. This lack of diversification compared to its peers may limit its growth potential.

2. Smaller market capitalization: Altus Strategies plc has a smaller market capitalization compared to its peers, which may limit its ability to attract institutional investors and access capital markets.

3. Limited track record: Altus Strategies plc is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2007. This limited track record compared to its peers may make it less attractive to investors who prefer companies with a longer history of success.

4. Reliance on exploration: Altus Strategies plc is primarily an exploration company, which means that it is focused on discovering new mineral deposits rather than producing and selling minerals. This business model is inherently risky and may result in lower profitability compared to its peers.

5. Limited revenue streams: Altus Strategies plc generates revenue primarily from exploration and royalty agreements. This limited revenue stream compared to its peers may make it more vulnerable to market fluctuations and economic downturns.

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14 Station Road The Orchard Centre, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 7LL, England
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Altus Strategies Plc | A Multi-Commodity Exploration Company
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Altus Strategies Plc is a multi-commodity project generator focused on Africa. We identify, acquire, explore and develop mineral projects with the potential to become world-class deposits.
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