Genius Metals Inc

Genius Metals Inc. is a Canadian mineral exploration company that focuses on the exploration and development of precious and base metals properties in Canada. The company's primary focus is on the exploration of gold, silver, copper, and zinc deposits.

The company's flagship project is the Sakami gold project, located in the James Bay region of Quebec. The project covers an area of approximately 130 square kilometers and has shown promising results in previous exploration programs.

Genius Metals Inc. is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker symbol GENI.

Peer Comparisons

Genius Metals Inc. However, based on publicly available information, the competitive edge of Genius Metals Inc could be its focus on the exploration and development of rare earth elements (REEs) and other critical metals. These metals are essential components in various high-tech applications, including electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and advanced electronics. Genius Metals Inc's exploration projects are located in North America, which could provide a strategic advantage in terms of proximity to end-users and reduced supply chain risks. Additionally, the company's management team has extensive experience in the mining industry, which could help them navigate the complex regulatory and operational challenges associated with REE mining.


1. Limited Market Presence: Genius Metals Inc has a limited market presence compared to its peers, which may limit its ability to attract new customers and expand its business.

2. Lack of Diversification: The company's business is primarily focused on the mining and exploration of precious metals, which makes it vulnerable to fluctuations in commodity prices and market demand.

3. High Debt Levels: Genius Metals Inc has a relatively high debt-to-equity ratio compared to its peers, which may limit its ability to invest in growth opportunities and increase shareholder value.

4. Limited Financial Resources: The company has limited financial resources compared to its peers, which may limit its ability to compete effectively in the market and invest in new technologies and innovations.

5. Dependence on Key Customers: Genius Metals Inc is highly dependent on a few key customers for a significant portion of its revenue, which makes it vulnerable to changes in customer demand and preferences.

6. Limited Geographic Reach: The company's operations are primarily focused in a few geographic regions, which may limit its ability to tap into new markets and expand its customer base.

7. Lack of Brand Recognition: Genius Metals Inc has limited brand recognition compared to its peers, which may limit its ability to attract new customers and compete effectively in the market.

Stock Quotes

Price - 7.42

Open - 7.97

Low - 7.3

Close - 7.4

High - 8.25

Ticker 1 - GENI

Ticker 2 - GNSMF

Ticker 3 -

Exchange 1 - TSXV

Exchange 2 - OTCQB

Exchange 3 -

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203-22 Lafleur Ave N Saint-Sauveur, QC, J0R 1R0, Canada
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Genius Metals | Metal Fabrication & Welding Services
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Genius Metals Inc. engages in the exploration and development of gold and other mineral properties primarily in Québec and Nova Scotia.
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We are Genius Metals Inc.
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Genius Metals: Mineral Exploration Company in Quebec and Nova Scotia
genius metals, metal fabrication, metal products, custom metal fabrication, metal fabrication services, metal fabrication shop

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