How The Rest Of The World Views Gold & Silver

For all us gold and silver and silver bugs out there, we always seem to have our finger on the pulse of the gold and silver prices. It's almost a natural thing and we tend to think that everyone else thinks the same way. However that is not the same. I'm starting to think that us metal bugs are the 1% that you read about and the everyone else is the 99%. Ask anyone what the price of gold is and almost all will not have a clue. In fact some are so dense on reality that they you could not give them gold or silver. I know it's hard to believe but it is true. This is just stuff you can't make up. Sit back and enjoy the 2 videos below. Wish this guy would come around to my town.

What a dilemma!! A Hershy's bar or a silver bar? Or 10 ounces of silver for 10 bucks. I often wonder if any of these people are actually embarrassed after seeing just how uninformed they are? But hey, this seems to be the norm these days and it's these aame folks that are running governments spending your tax dollars.

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