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16 Placer Claims. Dawson City Yukon

Sixteen (16) placer claims half virgin 2 km from Dawson City. Held since 1974. Continous claims Bonanza creek on one side Klondike flats on the other and the famous tunnel on the other. Covers majority of Jackson Hill plus some virgin bottom land. Two (2) claims bordering gave 6000 onces in 1985.

Two (2) holes drilled 60 ft to bedrock 800 ft apart on bench gave 3.5 and 4.5 gms each. All 60 ft. was pay dirt which is white channel gravel. No these numbers are not a misprint. This relates to aprox $400 per yd. Tens of thousands of yds under road alone with no overburden.

Drill first or test with hoe as aprox. 3500 ft of sidehill road is sitting on white channel and overburden above on highside. Whole road shows color. Permits in place till Aug 16 this yr.

One (1) million will give terms.