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Atlin Mining District. 40 minutes southeast of Atlin, BC, Access is via a good road.

Claim Overview:
Wilson creek is divided into 3 very distinct areas
Lower area- 140HA can be extended. Lightly mined with road access to most areas. There is an inferred channel here that has excellent prospects.

Center Area:
This is 160HA with 110HA in leases good to 2021. This is the most mined area, best estimate is about 30,000oz have been mined here since 1899 when discovered. There is 2 benches left that need exploration.

Upper Area
Approx 200HA with another 200HA that has previously been staked. Road access possible with little work on both sides of the valley. This is the area of greatest interest. Very little exploration had occurred. There have been 2 low grade strips mined in the 90's - $18 a yard in 2016 prices. There are 2 areas to mine that the creek is on now and a diversion would be necessary.

Grades and Past work:
The grades are all over the place with 2 distinct gold types- a 88% pure yellow quartzy type that can run 5oz to 100 yards - we only found small pockets in mined areas that were always cut off.

I believe this is a meandering channel that runs top to bottom of the valley and needs exploration.

Lower grade is everywhere with values in the 1oz to 150yards. Typically this is finer more copper colour.

The Prospects:
The most recent successes in Atlin have been focusing on upper areas in past producers ( Otter and Spruce)

There is no logical reason that Wilson would not have a major upstream source. The typical mining is always done in areas that past activity has occurred with easy access and low cost. Wilson is not a deep creek, all mining has occurred above 40' in depth and most under 20'

A upper valley wide drilling and trenching program to identify source. This could allow for a multi year operation of easy access ground. This is probably the easiest creek to mine in the north.

1. Great access with roads and settling ponds in place.
2. Shallow to bedrock
3. Large virgin areas
4. Low cost expansion


Warning - This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the rights to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.