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A RARE OPPORTUNITY to own a mine of historical significance, plus having the ability to spread out on 792 acres, to prospect, explore, hike, four wheel, and develop this property into a significant prospect or mine. An engineer's report of 1942 shows the potential for $50 million gross contained in silver and gold and $ 300 million in copper. This property has been owned by our corporation since 1945, and is now fresh to the market.

The Durgy Mine Property is located near Roxboro N.C., has paved road frontage, beautiful rural setting. You will be buying ALL MINERAL RIGHTS, including unlimited access to nearly 800 acres, along with any gold, silver, copper, crushed stone, iron, oil and natural gas, etc. Recently discovered old mine maps, reports, and documentation are included along with a geologic orientation. Gold, silver, and copper prices are at an ALL TIME HIGH.

This is a great opportunity to develop a potential fortune in metals while enjoying a really beautiful piece of land. Creeks, ponds, woods, ancient mineral veins outcropping, relics of old workings, and pleasant climate, all serve to create a great setting for a retreat. Full title work completed, taxes less than $100 per year.

More information supplied upon request. Do not hesitate to contact!


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