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Hunker Creek (left fork) 13 grouped Claims for ONLY $25,000 (Quick closing)
Need to upgrade to bigger equipment this is the only reason why we are selling.

On the top left fork of Hunker Creek Yukon and it comes right out of the center of the Mitchell Sheba & MacKay gold bearing quartz lode in the Klondike schist between King Solomon Dome and Hunker Summit.

There's also an interesting fault line that crosses the property. The same fault line goes from lombard pup on Dominion creek down to Mint pup on Hunker Creek both being mined successfully. It has easy access next to Hunker Road.

There is plenty of water for mining. Indications of a deeper channel off to the side and flat spots in bedrock make it a very very interesting prospect. Remains from past mining activities were found here and there and we stumble on an old mining shaft close to the first post.
Old timer digging and tailing were also discover at the top. The first 2 bottom claims have been drilled by the last owner of the claim, the result was inconclusive because of the thawed and wet gravel when at the time the drilling occurred but even if they weren't able to pinpoint a paystreak they were able to recover gold from both holes.