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World Famous Spruce Creek Atlin BC

Mining has been for most of its history the economic mainstay for the picturesque town of Atlin since the discovery of gold on Pine Creek in 1897, a discovery which interrupted the intended gold-rush journey for many fortune seekers to the Klondike. During its heyday near the turn of the last century, the former town of Discovery, 12 kilometres east of Atlin on Pine Creek, boasted a population in excess of 10,000. Reported placer gold production between 1898 and 1946 from creeks in the Atlin area totaled 19,722 kg. (taken from the bc minfile)

The second most prolific creek in the Atlin area is Spruce Creek. This creek has been mined for close to 100 years and still to this very day, this creek produces gold. Lots of gold. In fact some of the biggest nuggets ever found have come out of this creek. This is also the same creek where the famous "West" nugget was found. This nuggest was found on Spruce Creek; it was taken out 126 feet below the surface. Its weight was 84 ounces, and the contents in pure gold are estimated at 50 ounces. It was found on July 8th, 1899.

Property on the creek doesn't change hands here very often. Most of the claims have been held by long term gold miners, but when they do come available or up for sale, (which is rare,) there is always a great deal of interest. To give you an example, the present claim owner has held this ground for over 10 years and the previous owner had these claims for 22 years.

Small excavator and sluice plant

Nice view of the creek. Notice the bedrock behind the tree.

There are in reality three (3) claims here for sale. This property consists of two old legacy claims that are grouped to make one placer lease. There is also a third claim that is just upstream a bit from the lease.
The larger lease, tenure #370534, is approx 40 ha. and the tenure expires August 30, 2019. The smaller claim is tenure #381604 and is a fractional claim of approx 10 ha.
These claims are real nice in the fact that they are located just outside of Atlin. A real short 10 minute drive on a year round maintained road will get you to the claim no problem. In town you can get fuel, groceries and other supplies. Atlin has a clinic, a police station, two grocery outlets and a few resturants. Whitehorse Yukon is just two hours away.

Sumitomo 160

Nice little clean up after a day of sluicing

Even though this creek has been mined for about 100 years, there is still a lot of ground left to be mined. A person with the right equipment can still find a lot of gold once the over burden has been removed. Ground depths vary here from bedrock jutting out of the ground at surface, to a depth of about 50 feet. There are tens of thousands of yards left on the hill of this claim. The ground in general today is paying about 0.4 grams per yard with the grades of gold averaging 10% course and 90% on the finer side.

The "Spruce Creek Sampler Nugget"

Close up look of the clays & pay layer

Front of the shop at the claim

Old cabin used for storage

Asking price for this property is $65,000 with the excavator, OR $55,000 without the excavator. This price would be for both the lease and the claim together.