Old Mines, Camps & Towns

Everyone loves stories about old mines, lost treasures and ghost towns. There are always stories of these towns that sprung up out of nowhere. Places all around the world and almost since the beginning of time.

Sadly what most fail to realize is the that it took a prospector or local indigenous person to find that original deposit that turned that area into a mining camp and in turn maybe into a town. Just like years ago, todays junior miners are the modern version of the same old prospectors that discovered these desposits and made built these mines.

We will be adding stories to this page as time permitts. Be sure to stop back from time to time to read up on these old towns and camps and other mining areas around the world that are once again getting a second look.

On an added note, Junior Miners is honoured to have a writer from South America do research for us on South American mining and also to research out all these great stories of lost mines and treasures.

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