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Sell In May??

There is an old saying in the gold and precious metal trading circl that say's "Sell in May and go away". If ever that saying range true it was this year as we saw gold and silver sell off to two year lows starting back in June. This in turn has made the entire ....continue.

BC Golden Triangle

One of the biggest plays this year in junior mining is going to be seen in the Golden Triangle area of northen British Columbia. Due to harsh winters and lots of snowfall, the only time you can actually do any kind of field work is from about June onward and work until the end of October when ....continue.

The Rise Of Nickel

Most of us gold and metal buffs tend to follow the precious metal scene and aside from taking a glance a copper once in a while we seem to ignore what's going on with the base metals. For the past year a lot of analysts have been following cobalt and lithium but at the same time nickel has almost doubled and ....continue.

Yukon Turn Key Mine For Lease
With Purchase Of Equipment

385,000 down you will own the following equipment, 2002 Kobelco sk330, 2003 Kobelco sk250, 2006 HM400-2 komatsu rock truck and much more. Lots of other equipment for sale separately. Mine is easy access from April - Nov drive in 2 hrs from Dawson City. ....continue.

Has The Stock Market Topped Out?

Quite a few market analysts and stock gurus state that the market has topped out and could be ready for a crash any day. Thursday the market fell over 700 points. Lots of others state that we got a few more good years of a rally. Both side have compelling reasons for a continuation and a crash so it is hard to know what's going happen. Actually to be truthful, no one really has a clue though. One thing I know ....continue.

Lost Cities Of Gold

It's hard to be a gold bug or grass roots mining stock buff and not have an interest in buried treasures or lost gold mines. I think that is what makes prospecting exciting. In a lot of cases it's not the treasure that you hope find but all the excitement that goes into the actual searching for the treasure. I tend to think that with the true prospector it's more the adventure than ....continue.

Is Now The Time For Juniors?

I get emails once in a while asking what stocks I recommend and while I don't recommend any stocks or equities, I will tell people what I am buying and why I am buying them if I'm asked. I've gotten some good insight from some readers ....continue.

Silver Miners To Watch In 2018

Welcome to 2018. Some analysts are saying that this year is the year for gold. But there are a few other market watchers who are saying forget gold and watch silver, or better yet, buy silver. Be it physical bullion, silver ETF's or silver mining stocks. There are guys out ther who are touting we will see $400+ silver price ....continue.

A Look At Lithium Stocks

Lithium is one of the lightest of all the metal elements known to man and it's being explored for the world over. Sith new lithium Ion battery technology some people say lithium will power the world and when it comes to things like laptops, tablets and other digital gadgets it definately is powering the world. Lithium compounds, also known as lithium salts, are primarily used as ....continue.

Real News About Fake Gold

Seems we live in a totally fake world now. Ever since Trump's tag line, "fake news," everything is turning up fake. I have always known about fake statistics, fake information, fake people and yes even fake bullion, but when a story about fake gold came out about a one ounce ingot that supposedly came from the Royal Canadian Mint as being fake, that was enough to raise an eyebrow. ....continue.

Gitennes Drilling At Snowbird

There are some junior mining companies that seem to never tire of exploring. While a lot of companies over the years have delisted or reinvented themselves into tech or pot, there are a few that stick to their roots and keep hunting for that next deposit that could become the next big find. I first became aware of Gitennes Exploration about 25 years ago when ....continue.

Here's Why Mexico Is The "Go To" Place

When it comes to investing in a junior mining company the one you thing can almost always be certain of is "uncertainty." Mining and especially exploration is and always has been a high risk business full of uncertainties. Those uncertainties and risks can range from everything from government politics to commodity prices and everything in between. From raising money to how that money is going to ....continue.

Only 20 Million Shares. Ready To Drill

There are thousands of junior mining companies listed on all the various markets today and each and everyone of these juniors is out there, somewhere on the planet trying to dig up the next big find. However if truth be told, most of these juniors will fail to find anything of any great value. Many of these small companies will end up broke and eventually will ..continue.

How To Profit With Cobalt

I've been reading bits of articles lately about a coming shortage of cobalt. Now I don't really know a whole lot about cobalt other than it's mined so I decided to to do a bit of investigating. There are a few things that I found out about doing some quick research and one is that cobalt mining ..continue.

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