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Three Gold Properties For Sale
or will consider joint venture if you have equipment.

Two properties are in Yukon and one in B.C. Both Yukon Mines are fully permitted and B.C. mine is in application process. Each property has historical and recent records showing thousands of ounces of production and hundreds of thousands of ounces in reserve. Extensive documentation is available for each of these properties including, 43-101 reports, geology reports, seismic reports, production and historical records. These will be made available to qualified buyers.

35 Claims (1731 acres) located in British Columbia. Historical production records for this property show that between 1865 and 1866 over 5000 ounces were recovered and an additional 300 ounces in a 1994 testing program. Estimated gold reserves are in excess of 250,000 ounces. Surface values have been tested at 6-9 dollars per cubic yard and deeper values range from 33-54 dollars per cubic yard. Depths to bedrock vary from 25-75 feet. This property can be profitably mined from the surface to the bedrock. Gold has assayed at over 90% pure and ranges from fine gold up to very large nuggets. A large 14 oz nugget was found in the 1800's and many 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce nuggets in the 1994 testing program. This property also includes 4,107 Hectors of hard rock claims with samples yielding as high as 59 oz. per ton. There is a wash plant available for this site.

40 Claims (920 acres) located in Yukon. Historical records are unknown however many shafts and tunnels have been found indicating past work. In the past 14 years over 1800 ounces have been taken out during mining and assessment work programs. Estimated gold reserves are in excess of 50,000 ounces. Values range from 6 dollars per cubic yard on the surface to 120 dollars per cubic yard on bedrock. Only 2 ft of frozen black muck needs to be stripped to expose the pay gravels. Depth to bedrock varies from 25-40 feet. Gold has assayed at around 91% pure and ranges from fine gold up to very large nuggets, including a 5 oz nugget found in 2003 and numerous 1-3 ounce nuggets found during assessment work. One test yielded 54 ounces from 800 cubic yards. Equipment on site includes a 150 yard per hour wash plant, Generator, Fiat Allis 40B Caterpillar, fuel tanks and some camp facilities.

77 Claims (1771 acres) located in Yukon. Historical records are from 1980 to 1994 a total of 18000 ounces were produced. Estimated gold reserves are in excess of 100,000 ounces. Values range from 10-35 dollars per cubic yard. There are 5 feet of black muck to be removed along with 10 feet of barren gravels in order to expose the gold bearing gravels. Depth to bedrock varies between 20-25 feet. Gold has been assayed at around 83% pure and ranges from fine gold up to 4 gram nuggets. Equipment on site includes a 200 yard per hour wash plant and a JD350 D-LC Excavator.

Contact: Ray

Junior Mining In 2015

No one has to tell you that things in the commodity camp are a little bit bearish right now. Whether it be gold, silver, copper or oil, the price of the commodity and the stocks they represent are all pretty much in the cellar. And today Cellar could also be spelled Seller. Just one look at the chart below and you know that the situation for investors today is kind of grim.

Of course you can also look on that same chart going back to 2009 and see what happened in 2010-2011. The big question today is, "Will history repeat itself?" There are a lot of us gold bulls that say yes. After all if you're in the gold camp you have to be positive on the yellow metal and all other commodities for that matter.

We live in interesting times right now with money printing, economies wrecked, zero percentage rates and so on. Someday something has to give. Will it be this year that we see that someday?

Updated mining stock talk. A look at Peregrine Diamonds. Also some new mines listed for sale in both BC and the Yukon. You can view them on the classified ad page

Omineca Placer Gold Properties

Placer Gold Claims for Sale in North Central British Columbia.

All our properties are on historically significant gold creeks and hold great potential for modern day placer operations.

West Omineca Placer Gold Project
22 Placer claims on 4 creeks Tom, Harrison, Kenny, and Vital
Lots of history in the area, great potential for high grade gold recovery $177,000.

Toodoggone Placer Gold Project
261.62 Hectares of Placer ground in the Toodoggone River Valley
Records indicate very encouraging gold values in a 700,000 cubic yard deposit with little to no overburden. Never been worked with machinery $130,000.

Germansen South Placer Gold Project
4 Placer Gold Claims in the Germansen Landing/ Manson Creek Area. Covering approximately 300 Hectares. Approximately 1KM of Germansen River frontage.
Lots of History in the area $70,000

Germansen North Placer Gold Project
4 Placer Gold Claims in the Germansen Landing/Manson Creek area with total area of approximately 350 Hectares.
The properties have approximately 1Km of Germansen River frontage, and several smaller creeks on them. $100,000

See the website for more details HERE


Junior Mining In 2015

A lot of commentaries are saying this (2015) is the year for a junior mining come back in the markets. Gold, silver and the other metals all finished lower than they were a year ago. Some say that oil will be a drag on commodities also. Only tme will really tell the real facts.

Some additions to the website. I've added an online store and one of the reasons was i have gotten emails in the past asking where one can buy fluxes, crucibles, molds and that sort of things. These are items that you can't just get anywhere. I know I've tried looking around and ended up doing an internet search. I found that there is a few sellers of these items that sell through Amazon, so if you are interested in these types of items be sure to take a look.

Listings of mining claims has been a bit slow this year. A lot of people have decided to hold onto properties with a wait an see attitude as to where the gold price is going to go. From what I hear a lot feel that they will not get the value they think their claims are worth. Having said that, there was a fair amount of property that did sell in the last few months.

Also I get emails commenting on the mining stock talk page. Some readers have sent requests of miners they feel should be getting additional exposure. I thank you for your comments but feel that the new strategy will be to just do small write ups on various juniors that are active on projects no matter where they are located. This will give readers and investors a chance to hear about some miners that are not in the more active circles. Investment websites tend to promote and talk about the miers who are getting a lot of attention and seem to ignore the ones that are under the radar so to speak.

With that I wish all a the best in the new year

Canadian Tax Loss Time

In December we sometimes see a lot of stocks selling off to take advantage of a tax loss. Looking back on charts from last year there was some great deals to be had with some of the major held miners. Not sure if we will see the same type of sell off this year or not but there is always hope for those who wish to wait.

After the metals sold off at the begining of the month some stocks are making huge gains. Stocks like ANV, IMG, K, LSG, YRI just to name a few have seen gains of up to 50% since their lows just a few weeks back. Will this trend continue depends on where the metals trade from here.

A quick look at Mountain Province in our Mining Stock Talk section and there is some excellent placer mines that have been listed for sale in our classified section.

Canadian Thanksgiving

This weekend is thanksgiving in Canada. Junior miners would like to say thanks to all readers of the site and subscribers of the newsletter. We wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

Supposedly gold and silver along with the rest of the metals have done their final bottom, that according to Bo Polny who is a cycle analyst guy. Metal prices should be onward and upward from now on in. Let's hope he is right.

Just updated a Mining Stock Talk article with a quick look at Fortune Minerals. Also be sure to read up on our featured miner, Carmax Mining as news could very well be out as early as next week. This news will be the assays from drilling this summer on it's 100% owned Eaglehead property which is located in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia.

Featured Junior Miner - Carmax Mining

At present we are featuring Carmax Mining. Carmax is working in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia on a copper-moly-gold project. You can read up on this company and it's project right here.

With gold silver being dumped on in the last few weeks, many people are wondering if the price will go even lower. Silver was back into the $17 dollar area. Graphite stocks however are rallying. This is because Tesla the electric car maker is planning on building a gigafactory and will need tons of graphite to make graphene for batteries for these cars. You can research out list of graphite stocks right here.

Mining Stock Talk Updates

Be sure to visit the stock talk page. During the last few weeks we have complied some information on some very interesting mining companies. Companies like Chieftain Metals, North American Palladium, and Gold Strike.

Gold Stike has become one of the Ventures hottest trading mining stock in the past few weeks. The company is working on it's Plateau South claims. Initial drilling on the VG zone in 2013 intersected a blind, gold-mineralized shoot 3.25 metres below surface, with visible gold in three of eight drill holes, and a best intersection grading 7.60 grams per tonne gold over 9.03 metres, including 14.58 grams per tonne over 4.0 metres, and the zone remains open. Grab and channel samples assayed up to 15.45 ounces per ton have been obtained along the 25 kilometre Yellow Giant Trend that includes the VG, Goldbank and Goldstack zones. With pending news of possible financing for the developement of their Yukon gold property, this is one hot trading stock.

Some Late Summer Reviews

Over the summer there has been some additional information added to the website. There are new stories posted in the old mines and camps section along with some reviews of a few junior miners in the junior mining stock talk where we have looked at a few mining and exploration companies. Also there has been numerous ads posted to the classified section. Lots of new claims and mining equipment. Some forecasters are stating close to $2000 gold next season and if you are one of the people who think the same, now would be a good time to start taking a look for next years mining season.

A quick review of North American Nickel, the company that is featured here. News is hopefully coming this month from the drill program in Greenland. The company has 2 drills running this year. The stock has performed quite well also. From a 22 cent low in December the stock has hit 65 cents and is currently in the mid 50 cent range. Good news could very easily push the stock past a dollar.

Junior Miners Best Bets

Nickel is one of the bright spots in the metals this year. It is the only metal aside from palladium that is really amounting to any gains. The price of nickel for the past 6 months has risen from $6 lb. to $9 lb. That is a 50% gain where as gold, silver and the rest have seen their prices chop sideways or in some cases fall.

Not many junior miners have seen their stock price gain either. While many are on the brink of going bankrupt or trying to reinvent themselves as marijauna growers, North American Nickel and it's managment team is bucking the trend and doing what it does best and that is exploring and finding deposits. As you can see in the charts above since the lows of tax loss time in December, the stock has gained a full 100% and with a big drill season just around the corner starting June 14, the stock price will really have nowhere to go but up. Not a lot of free floating stock either. Almost everyday there are more bids than asks. Somedays it's like 6:1 on the buy side.

North American Nickel is Junior Miners featured miner. If you are looking for a good solid mining play that has the goods in the ground and is being backed with big money, be sure to take a look at North Ameican Nickel. This junior and it's Greenland play could very well be the next Voisey's Bay.

Gold Slam

I remember years ago just before the price of gold started it's bull run back in 2001, a gentleman made the comment that when you see people leaning over the side of the ship heaving thier guts out, you know the end is near. But he went on to say that once you see the rest of people jumping over board then you know it is the end. Today was one of those days as a lot of longs most likly sold out of their gold stocks and for some, their physical gold.

There have been many commentators stating that there would be at least one more wash out before the middle of 2014 and right around the sell in May and go away time of year. Today looked a lot like one of those days with gold getting slammed down close to $30. A quick view of the chart below tells the story.

Surpisingly the other metals held their ground with paladium and platinum showing no change at all. Silver was off 40 cents. All the base metals were off a bit except for nickel. Nickel is just under $9 a pound right now and that is good news for holder of North American Nickel who are seeing their stock holding strong in the 40 cent range. News should be out very shortly about their PP and talk is that the 2 drills will be turning by the middle of June over in Greenland.

Dawson City Yukon Gold Show

The Dawson City Gold Show was held over the May long weekend. There was a few displays that were from various vendors and two junior mining companies. Kaminak Resources had a booth displaying information about their Coffee Gold Project and Victoria Gold also had a display showing off their Dublin Gulch area project. There was also the regular government agencies such as YESAB and the different Yukon mining associations presented as well. There was also key note speakers throughout the day.

Early morning street view of Dawson City. Sat. May 17

Not many new claims or properties have been listed in the last few. It's that time of year that most miners in Canada are getting ready for a season of work. There are however still some very good deals out there for those looking at getting into the mining game.

In junior mining news, North American Nickel is going to be starting drilling in Greenland any day now. This year they will have two drills turning. Exciting thing about this play this year is going to see just how big this nickel deposit really is. They already know to a huge degree just how rich it is so finding out just how large it is is going to make this summer a season of excitment. I've posted various times about this play because this could very well be another Voisey's Bay.

Junior Miners Is 7 Years old

Time flies when your having fun. This year May marks 7 years of being online. Lots of changes have taken place with the junior mining sector in the 7 years since the site went live. We watched the metals climb to all time highs and then slips back to where they are today.

Over that time there has been litterly thousands of companies added to the directory. Hundreds of classified ads placed. Thousands of visitors come and go throught the site each month. The subscribers of the newsletter continue to add up also.

A few more claims have been added to the classified section. Some of the listed ended up being under offer after just a few days of being listed which tells me that there is good interest in good value ground. If you are interested getting into the mining game be sure to check out and see what is for sale.

Remember next week, May 16-17 is the Dawson City Yukon Gold show. This is one place and one show that everyone who is interested in placer gold mining should attend at least once in their life. I will be there and plan to take as many photos as possible and will have them posted in the new photo album sometime after the show. Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter on the top right hand side of this page as I will be sending out a news letter after the gold show. This will make for a good reminder so you don't miss out on any of the sites in Dawson and other related news.

Photo Album Added

Everyone loves pictures. Right after I posted some pictures that were sent to me, I starting getting emails from readers who seem they can't get enough of pictures of mining operations. So I have decided to start an online photo album. At the moment I only have the pictures from mining shows in New Zealand that were sent to me, however I do plan on taking photos this up and coming mining season from areas around Atlin and the Yukon. If you have pictures of your mining operation that you would like to show off to others, feel free to email some in. For those who wish to email photos to me please resize images to 800 pixel wide before sending.

Up In Smoke

Back in the late 1990's after the Bre-X scandal, a lot of junior's were finding themselves with super low gold and silver prices and investors kind of turned off with metals. Some of these juniors proceeded to re-invent themselves into the tech and dot com boom that going on at the time. It seemed at the time that getting into whatever investors were chasing was the only way to survive. Today with a stagnant metals market and investors chasing everything but metal plays, a lot of these juniors are getting into legalized grow ops of pot. Some of these companies have seen there stock prices become 10 baggers overnight. Stocks sitting at 1 cent are seeing 25 cents, 50 cents and higher. LW Capital did a 1:5 rollback and then did an IPO and re-named itself Tweed (TSX-V: TWD) and then saw it's stock shot from 2 cents to almost 5 bucks in a matter of days. How long any of this will last and how many of these juniors will survive as pot growers is anyones guess. If your thinking of dabbling in these pot stocks I would stick with any juniors that are still hooked into the metals and mining and are just doing the pot thing as a way of diverification. Read More.

Quite a few new listings of mining claims this past while. Be sure to check out the classified ads to find out what has come up for sale. Some very value priced claims in the Dawson area. One property listed today has been in the same hands since 1974 and has ground values as high as $400 per yard.

Next month in May, there is two (2) gold shows. The Quesnel Gold Show in Quesnel BC is on May 3-4. Alex Debogorski, the Ice Road Trucker star will be there.

Then on the May long weekend Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th, Dawson City Yukon is holding it's 28th annual gold show. With all the reality TV shows on Yukon Gold and Gold Rush there will be a lot of excitment going on.

Uranium Stocks Gone Wild

Lots of activity in the uranium sector these days. Junior miners like Fission Uranium, NexGen and Denison are all trading like crazy. Fission is up 40% this year alone and NexGen is up over 100%. In general there is re-newed interest going on in the mining and exploration sector in general and that interest is reflected in the HUI. Most gold stocks have leveled out since the run up seen at the beginning of the year.

A few more claims have been added to the classified ads. This week we listed a rhodonite mine on Salt Spring Island BC. This would be a good hobby mine for any placer miner who wishes to spend winters in a warmer climate any one who wish to get involved in the semi precious stone market. Rhodonite is a popular mineral among rock collectors. When it forms large crystals or has a deep red color it is extremely sought after by collectors and can command very high prices.

Also we have a featured sponsor this month. Byzantium International Ltd. which is a precious metals buyer and refiner would like to showcase their company. Not only a buyer but Byzantium also stores and vaults precious metals and other valueables. You can follow up on this company HERE.

Bentonite Mine In Kazahkstan

Bentonite is widely used in drilling, farming, as sealant, as food additive for livestock, cement, adhesives, ceramic bodies, winemaking, paper manufacturing, cat litters production, production of copper concentrate and many other areas.

We sell the rights for pit development of bentonite clay field till 2025 (time duration can be extended). The mine is located in Eastern Kazakhstan (ex-USSR country).

See full page ad with photos of this property and equipment HERE

Ph: +7-701-79-777-33

Upper Frisco Creek - Dawson Yukon

New Age Drilling and Mining has opened up new ground on a Beringia ground creek, which is a rare find anymore in the Yukon. We own 15 claims on Frisco Creek with options on another 30 up the creek. The ground has proven very positive and we continue to work up the creek, opening up ground for the future. This a a full scale mining operation with a complete line of modern up todate equipment.

See full page ad with photos of this property and equipment HERE

Contact: Stuart Young

New Graphite Section Added

There is a new list of graphite miners added to the site. You can view this list here. There has been a lot of interest in the junior miners looking for graphite since the huge run up in Zenyatta. Everyone is wanting to try to find the next ZEN so I hope this short list will help out somewhat with your investing decisions.

Stand And Deliver?

Lots of talk on the net about the Comex. Seems that there might not be enough gold stashed away for those who would like to take delivery of their metals. Some articles are quoting that as high as 50 requests per ounce.

There has always been speculation that the Comex has loaned out more gold than they had because of course nobody really takes delivery. They just roll over their contracts. So over time there is the chance (wink wink) that the Comex might have loaned out than they had and now that some people are nervous about the finanical situation that is going on in the world with bail ins and bail outs and everything else going belly up, some of these people want their gold for insurance just in case things get a bit out of hand.

After all there is a lot of people really starting to wonder if there is any gold at all? Maybe it has been sold off to other Central Banks or other countries, never to be seen again. Like how would you feel if you have a futures contract for 100 ounces of gold and then requested to have that gold delivered to you only to find out that it could take up to 100 days or maybe longer. And no, you do not want cash or credit or any other IOU. You bought a contract for gold and GOLD is what you want and you want it delivered now. And if that didn't happen, you would probably be a bit more that just upset.

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