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Back To 2002

No one needs to be reminded of the carnage that is going on with mining stocks. We are usually used to the so called summer doldrums where trading is light and stocks have a tendancy to slide or languish. But this year things have seemed to come unraveled at the seams. Just one look at the chart below and you can see that the XAU is back down to 2002 levels. Gold as the time of this writing is down $27.00 to $1107. Monday morning is going to look pretty ugly.

The Next Metals Bull Run

Just when will we see another bull run in the metals? That's a questions so many who follow the mining sector wonder. A lot of newsletter writers will say that when the masses of the general population decide to run the for the metal, that is when we should see a good price rise in the metal. What surprises me though is just how few people even know or understand precious metals. Take a look at the following video just to see how clueless some people really are when it comes to something as simple as silver.

Some Spring Mining News

There was a recent article in the Yukon News paper that was quite interesting. It seems that since the Alberta oilpatch has slowed down there is getting to be a lot of trucks and trailers with Alberta plates in the Dawson area. I notice here in Atlin also that there is above the normal amount of Alberta plates normally seen. According to the article a lot of these Alberta companies do oilfield construction work such as building roads and leases and with the big oil companies cutting back on drilling and exploration, these construction companies have a lot of equipment that needs to be put to work and where better to work this equipment that in the gold fields. With gold prices firming or at least holding steady, lower fuel cost and and Canadian dollar that give about 20% more in the gold price, it's easy to see why some of these companies have started moving euipment and workers north.

If you are interested in placer gold mining in either BC or the Yukon there is a geat selection of claims and properties listed throughout this website. Take the time to look over the ads on this home page and you can also click the yellow banner up top to take you to the classified ad page where there is a lot more ads.

Yukon Wounded Moose Mine
A Complete Turnkey Operating Mine Surrounded By The Gold Rush Boys

The Wounded Moose Mine is for sale. This fine placer property is turnkey ready for 1,200 cu yards per shift with an estimated ore body of 13,000,000 loose cubic yards of high grade ore. That all translates to a potential reserve of approximately 97,000 ounces raw gold, or 82,000 ounces of Fine Gold 99.99%

The Wounded Moose Mine is approx. 85 km SE of Dawson City with 2 wheel drive road access for the entire mining season. There are 50 Virgin claims - with potential for 60 more.

Attention Americans: Prices are in Canadian dollars which translates like this: Your US dollar goes a long way here!

The mine comes complete with a full line of equipment.

  • D-9H Caterpillar dozer with ripper and U-blade
  • New Zealand style Trommel/production sluice plant
  • 966C Front End Loader
  • Custom built Feed Conveyor
  • Hitachi EX270 LC Excavator
  • Camp facilities
  • Pumps and cleanup equipment
  • And much much more

This operation can be purchase with or WITHOUT the equipment so if you have your own line of equipment that's OK. Permitts are in place and this operation is SLUICE READY right now for the 2015 mining season.

To View web site with more details and photos CLICK HERE

Contact: George Abermeth

Raw Gold Sell Offer

Raw Gold Sell Offer, No Mining Required, Gold is Ready for Purchase

Turn Key Gold Buying Business , Ghana, Uganda, Congo,Tanzania, Sierra Leone, $50,000.00USD fee per country.

We introduce Gold Supply in safe reliable environments , buying/refinery center in each country.

Assist you in paperwork / documentation and introduce you to contacts for export, we also show you how to buy and sell in the same country at a profit if that's your preference.

Consult and advise you over a 7 to 10 day period, your airfare and accommodation is covered for 7 to 10 days within the fee, example of accommodation

Your return on investment, as immediate as your first several gold buys, Gold is sold as agreed with sellers, discounts are available.

The $50,000.00USD invested buys your own Gold Business within the fee , we've done all the leg work, for you, it's turn key, 100% money back guarantee if we do not introduce you to Gold, we are that confident.

We would like to schedule time with you and meet you in Africa , we are currently in Canada, feel free to send questions.

See web page of photos Click Here

Contact: C Kuharic
PH: (604) 789-8253

Caterpillar 345 B Excavator In Dawson

Caterpillar 345 B Excavator for rent or joint venture

Located in the Dawson area, on Hunker Creek. Machine has 5000 hours and is in mint condition with all Cat Maintenance records.
I also have a D8 dozer that could be available. The 106,000 # machine has a seven foot bucket and a four foot rock bucket. The undercarriage is 80%.

Rent for the season or joint venture for gold payment.

Contact: Ryan
Phone: 432-553-1099

Over 2000 Acres Of Alaska

The Shirley Bar Claims consist of over 2000 acres of State mining claims and include the famous Shirley Bar. They are located about 2.5 hours by highway from Fairbanks and 20 miles by highway from Manley Hot Springs. The claims also have their own airstrip and hanger.

This mine is a turn key operation. The mining season begins in mid May and continues thru mid October. The mine produces large nuggets. In the past two years, several nuggets over 5 ounces have been recovered and a previous owner found a 28 ounce nugget

See web page for more details and photos HERE Or Click The Image Above

Contact: Jason Dobson
Phone: 870-489-4305

35 Legendary Klondike Gold Claims

This is a very rare find: A large group of gold claims that have been proven, have a good history, and easy access. We are twenty miles from Dawson City Yukon Canada.
Half hour drive from town. In the spring, summer and fall the government maintains the road. The access is good to these claims throughout the season.
24 claims are located on Carmack Fork at 10 kilometers on upper Bonanza road. And 11 claims half a mile further up, Upper Bonanza road.

Of the 24 claims on Carmack Fork 20 claims are still virgin. So far these claims have produced no less than 1 oz for every 100 yards sluiced.
All indications, drill reports and bulk samples have shown values way higher further up the valley. There are plenty of signs of work by the old timers, old shafts and campsite can still be seen.

See web page for more details and photos HERE Or Click The Image Above

Contact: Dave Trainer
Cell Phone: 250-500-3842

Junior Mining In 2015

No one has to tell you that things in the commodity camp are a little bit bearish right now. Whether it be gold, silver, copper or oil, the price of the commodity and the stocks they represent are all pretty much in the cellar. And today Cellar could also be spelled Seller. Just one look at the chart below and you know that the situation for investors today is kind of grim.

Of course you can also look on that same chart going back to 2009 and see what happened in 2010-2011. The big question today is, "Will history repeat itself?" There are a lot of us gold bulls that say yes. After all if you're in the gold camp you have to be positive on the yellow metal and all other commodities for that matter.

We live in interesting times right now with money printing, economies wrecked, zero percentage rates and so on. Someday something has to give. Will it be this year that we see that someday?

Updated mining stock talk. A look at Peregrine Diamonds. Also some new mines listed for sale in both BC and the Yukon. You can view them on the classified ad page

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