rebound in the cdnx

CDNX Rebound?

North American Nickel NAN has their second set of assays out in a news release this week. Grades as high as 4.6 % over a 10 meter length. The stock? Went down! I am not sure what it takes anymore to rally a crowd. Maybe 100% pure nickel? Had these results been out about 15 years ago when Voiseys Bay was in the news this stock would be well into the 10 plus dollar range. And that was back then! For some strange reason there is more hype and pomp in copper and copper is a whole lot more abundant and less valuable price wise than nickel. Could be we've all been brainwashed into the "If every china man went out and bought a toaster the world would run out of copper" thinking, so copper is the hotter commodity of the day or else we maybe it's just search engines like google which hit over $1000 a share this week. Yes, one thousand dollars per share.

Helio Resources HRC put out news today stating that they are starting a diamond drill program to test the down plunge extensions of three high-grade zones identified within the Kenge resource at the company's 100-per-cent-owned SMP gold project in Tanzania. The stock rallied up almost 100% but closed the day up 35% @ 9.5 cents.

The junior resource market has been in a real slump for a long time, something like over 2 years now although it feels like forever. Even with all the articles telling us that China is buying up tons of gold and the economy is ready to collapse and the world is coming to and end, gold , silver and the miners are tanked out at the bottom. So the big questions is, "Are we at the bottom"? or will we stay in this slump for years to come. Well a picture is worth a thousand words and charts will always tell a story. I was sent a chart today that shows the CDNX is about to break out. What's big about this is that practically all the junior miners and small resource companies are listed on the CDNX. So maybe we are on the verge on a break out to the upside in the mining sector again.

Ka Ching. Hot 1/2 cent play for those who like to scatch and "maybe" win. Habanaro HAO is a 1/2 cent to 1 cent play that is getting a bit hotter. They were involved in some kind of oil play around Ft. MacMurrey that the Alberta government is suppose to compensate them for. They are also involved in a silver play in around Keno Yukon and have some claims of aluminus clay in Quebec. These aluminous clay claims in Quebec are bordering Orbite Aluminae ORT claim. Orbite has been in the news a bit lately as it is in the process of refining aluminous clays and the company also has a huge acreage of aluminous clays. Aluminous clays contain aluminum oxide which is used in aluminum. Back to Habanaro though, they also have properties gold in the White Gold area of Yukon which is a very prominant area of exploration. Some small bit of news from any of these plays could pop the stock up a cent or two. That's like 100% plus.

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