is donald trump a friend of the miners

How Does Donald Trump View Mining

It's a good thing elections only come around every four years. On one side of the equation you have people running for office who are out on a campaign trail telling every would be voter what they want to hear. On the other side of the spectrum are those who are the critics telling you why you should or should not vote for someone. Everyone has some kind of special interest and reasoning to vote for a particular candidate.

For those who are lazy and on welfare and if they can get off the couch, they will most likley vote for any socialist type of leader who will see to it that the checks keep rolling in and there is good social programs and free stuff in store.

Then there are those who are the NIMBY's who know what's best for everyone else will try to get you to vote for the greenie types of no progress and no development, anti-this and anti-that, unless it is in someone elses back yard of course. Then there are the rest of us. Those who understand life is not about free rides and handouts. Important things like the economy, jobs, security and some sort of prosperity and are not afraid to go and work for it.

So when we look at what's happening in the USA and we see Donald Trump out front and center we need to ask ourselves how would he as a president be in the eyes of the miners. What's Donalds stance on mining? Would he be an anti-mining type or pro-mining. After all nothing gets people more riled up than mining it seems even though they all love the hi tech benefits mining has to offer. So how would Donald Trump look at the mining industry?

Well I have been reading some interesting articles that would make me think that this is a pro mining guy. You see it his grand father Fredrick came over to America from Germany and then eventually made his way to the Klondike during the gold rush. Although there is nothing that states that he was a miner it is well known that Fredrick Trump became a hotelier and had a hotel in Bennet and also in Whitehorse Yukon. Some say his hotels were places of ill repute but there is little documentation of that. There is however articles that state that his hotels were some of the finest in the territory.

In Gwenda Blair's 2001 book The Trumps: Three Generations Of Builders And A Presidential Candidate, she described how Frederick Trump opened a series of restaurants and hotels during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890s. One of those hotels, The Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, was described as decadent and far superior to other restaurants in the area:

"In the larder was salmon and an extraordinary variety of meats, including duck, ptarmigan, grouse, goose, and swan, as well as caribou, moose, goat, sheep, rabbit, and squirrel. Incredibly, the New Arctic served fresh fruit: red currants, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, even cranberries. A small oasis of luxury, the Arctic's menu was a vast improvement over what the two restaurateurs had been able to offer on the trail."

Doesn't sound like the hotels of whiskey runners and ladies of the night to me.

Fredrick Trump sold his hotels and went back to Seattle and started back in the hotel business there. It was said that he left the Yukon with around $500,000. That is a lot of money today and it was a heck of alot more back then.

So with all this information I would tend to think Donald Trump would always remember his roots. Big family business's seem to always remember how they got started and it was the Klondike Gold Rush that got the Trump hotel and resort empire started. Knowing this I would tend to think Donald Trump would be a pro mining guy too.

Speaking for myself as a person who lives in the Yukon area today, I know that the Trump's expertise in hotels could very well be used once again in this area, as the Yukon, especially Whitehorse, could sure use a NICE NEW HOTEL or two and they wouldn't even have to be world class. Just NEW!

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