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We have an ever growing list of junior mining companies listed in alphabetical order. There is about (about 1650 companies listed so far). You can see below that we have the list broken down into different categories of mineral types and we also have a complete section on Australian gold stocks. It has been our best effort to list only junior mining and exploration companies on this website. However some of the companies listed throughout this site have become more than juniors. That is, they have become producers and actual miners. In some cases these junior companies may have ventured into other types of business such as tech etc. do to economic situations. If your company is not listed here and you would like to see it listed on Juniorminers.com, by all means let us know. Just contact us with your URL, a bit of info and your stock ticker and we will get your company posted. There is a one time fee of $10.00 for inclusion into the website directory. Once you have paid for your listing we will post your information. Just Email Us us with your information to be posted. Please allow up to 48 hours for your posting to appear.  
All junior mining companies are listed here.
  Our list of Australian mining companies are listed here. Our list of Uranium mining companies are listed here. Our list of Diamond mining companies are listed here. Our list of Silver mining companies are listed here. Our list of Graphite mining companies are listed here. Our list of refiners & assayers are listed here. Our Global directory of Stock Exchanges is listed here. Our list of online shops that sell physical precious metals is listed here.

junior mining companies

If you are a junior mining company and would like to be featured on juniorminers, just contact us and let us know.
What Is A Junior Miner Anyway?
Juniorminers.com set out to find what the definition of what a Junior Miner was. So we contacted the nice folks at the PDAC (Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada) and asked them for their definition of a Junior Miner Company. Their response was this: Mining companies are defined largely by the way in which they derive their revenues. A senior producer or operator generates its revenues from the production and sale of the commodity it is mining. A junior mining company has no mining operations and is essentially a venture capital company. It must rely almost entirely on the capital markets to finance its exploration activities [I say "almost entirely" because some juniors derive their financing from private sources]. There is another category: mid-tier producers. These are generally junior companies that have decided to go into production on properties that they have discovered. We then asked the folks at the TSX and their response was: Everyone has their interpretation of the definition of a junior mining company. We see most of them as being listed on TSX Venture Exchange instead of on the TSX.  
Advertising On Juniorminers.com
One of the first questions you may ask is "Why should I advertise here on Juniorminers.com?" Well our answer is "Why not". Right now, we are in a bull market in commodities and metals and it is only a matter of time before the name/term "junior miners" front page news. People are going to be typing in the term juniorminers looking for the next big thing and quess where they are going to land? You guess it. Right here at Juniorminers.com Whether you have a product or service to sell or you are just wanting to promote your company and get the word out, we have advertising rates that are second to none. To find out more about our rates click here.

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