over 100 klondike mining claims selling by ritchie brothers auctions

It Might Be On CBC News, BUT You Heard It Here First!

April 14 2016.
CBC News North ran an article about Marcel Dulac of Dulac Mining selling off a bunch of his mining claims in the Klondike region. This is a unique situation where as most mining and mineral claims are sold between parties or through online venues like juniorminers.com website, these mining claims are going up for auction at the end of the month via Ritchie Bros. auctioneers in Edmonton. As Marcel says, there is lots of equipment parked down south due to the oil patch slow down so now would be a great time to pick up some mining claims and bring some of the equipment north and put it and a few men to work.

Marcel Dulac contacted juniorminers.com way back in the middle of March about advertising this big auction. Readers and susbscribers of junior miners were notified about this big auction at that time and have had the opportunity to get as much information about the claims as they can and get themselves registered to be able to bid online. Last year's big spring time auction saw about 14,000 bidders from 55 countries bid on about 7,700 items. This year's auction is even bigger. Selling will go on for (5) five days from April 26 - April 30. There is almost 11,000 pieces of equipment that will up for auction ranging from heavy equipment, trucks, mining equipment to properties and everything in between.

Alberta has been hit hard and a lot of these private entrepreneurs are looking to other types of businesses to continue doing business. A lot of eyes have turned towards placer mining," Marcel said. "So the interest is quite high." However as Marcel says no one knows what the claims will sell for. They could sell for $5 a claim or tens of thousands a claim. Thats the thing with auctions. But being as gold has rallied up 18% so far this year and you have a world wide audience out there watching and bidding, I betting prices could go quite high. Good mining ground is geting harder and harder to find. Running the classifed ads on this website I am seeing a lot of interest in mining claims as a way to invest money as most investments elsewhere are getting over valued.

If you want any additional information about this once in a life time auction, just click on the picture above and all the contact info is located there. If you are interested in bidding on these mining claims you will need to register and the sooner you register the better.

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