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San Francisco Mineral Property
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The San Francisco property is an amalgamation of a group of mines cut on the native gold-bearing vein known as the Times vein. The vein is well mapped and noted to run throughout the region. The San Francisco claims are written to follow the bulk of the vein and some offshoots.

There are various adits and shafts on the property that intersect the vein and have been used for mining operations on the veins. The workings are cut in hard rock and are very stable as can be determined from surface work. The adits have been gated and will require a permit to re-open. The shafts are large and will require specialized gear to access. A headframe and winch will be required for working development.


The property can be broken up into a few distinct regions. West Mountain West Face (WMWF) On the far western edge of the property there is a large gated adit with a stable and competent drift cut on a shear wall. Above this adit is another inclined portal that is in poor condition with a lot of slough and overburden that has flowed into the drift. It is assumed that the two portals access the same workings but this is not verified. The dumps on these portals consist of a light grey schist that is intermixed with pyrite and some visible gold. The rock also shows significant amounts of quartz, assumed from veins as not all of the dump contains quartz. Samples on this area are defined as WMWFL (west portal lower) and WMWFU (west portal upper). Samples were taken from the top, bottom and middle of the dump piles. The size of the dump at these portals is estimated at 15,300 tons.

The next area is the West Mountain East face (WMEF). This is the same mountain as WMWF, but surveys the eastern face of this small mountain. There are at least two open adit portals on this section that likely access the same workings as WMWF. The portals are large and stable, but very difficult to access. There is currently only hike in access as the roads have washed away. These portals were not surveyed or sampled as they are assumed to be of similar constitution as the west face. The dumps are minimal and were not measured.

On the northern end of the western-most mountain, there is a shaft of undetermined depth. It is a square cut, 8’ x10’ by surveyor estimates. It is shear as far as can be seen and estimated to be 200-225’ based on elevations. A concrete pad and the remnants of a small hoist shack are present, indicating it was a working with some significance. The dump outside the shaft shows quartz with flecks of native gold and very little pyrite. Samples noted as WMS. Size of the dump is estimated at 6500 tons.


Working east of the western mountain, there is a wash and a small ridge. On this ridge, a substantial mine working has been cut, it may intersect the workings of the western mountain mines. The shaft is 12’x15’ and cut into a hard outcrop. Remnants of a headframe and multiple winches are noted. The waste dump is substantial. There may have been a mill at one time as some of the material is fine and appears it may have been milled. The dumps overall show quartz, grey schist, pyrites and gold. Samples were taken from various regions of the dumps and noted as SFMM. There is a measured 50k tons of dump at this portal.

North of the main workings there are a series of small cuts in an unassuming outcrop. No mineral values of any substance were noted.


Finally, the flats on the eastern half of the claims are noted for placer gold and PGE recovery. There are many small potholes in the two main washes and a few small prospects. The area was documented but not sampled. The owner of a private site abutting the San Francisco claims reported that gold nuggets are frequently found in the wash, especially after a hard rainfall. It would behoove the new claim owner to put some time into a small wash operation and work the washes for easy recoveries.


Overall, access to the claim is straight forward and direct. The road to the main shaft is a bit rough but passable with a full-size vehicle with 4WD. There is no tree cover of any sort and no visible water.


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San Francisco Mining district, Oatman, Arizona 86438, United States

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