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BERING SEA GOLD MINING CLAIMS These are all approximately 40 acre tidewater claims which start at the water's edge, extend a quarter of a mile (1320 feet) along the beach and then a quarter of a mile into the ocean.



DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION!I'm in the process of putting a remotely operated submarine dredge into operation and need to sell a few claims to make that happen.
I have several to the West of Nome in an area with very little overburden and near a fault line which were formerly listed for $40,000 each. I also have several on Sledge Island which were formerly listed for $80,000 each. I'll sell a few of these, in either location, for $10,000 each.

There are many reports and surveys available on the internet that attest to the richness of the gold deposits offshore Nome. It is the richest known marine placer gold deposit on the planet. There is one report in particular that documents the deposits around Sledge Island ( google: Sledge Island gold. Other key words would be USGS survey Nome gold, offshore gold nome, etc.) If you can't find the reports, get in touch and I'll send you some links.

There have been millions of ounces of gold taken from the Nome mining district, probably 95 percent of which came from the land and less than 5 percent from offshore. A lot of people, including me, believe there is as much or more gold on the bottom of the sea offshore Nome than there was on the land. It was pushed from the mountains and valleys out into the sea by the ancient glaciers, rivers and streams. It has been virtually untouched compared to the land deposits because it's been only recently that our equipment and technology have evolved to the point where it could be economically recovered.

Note: I'd consider the possibility of a joint venture.
To see how we dredge in Nome, Google
Bering Sea Gold
The Discovery Channel.

Contact: Vernon Adkison, Wild Ranger Gold Company
PH: 907-399-1176

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