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Bonanza Placer Property For Sale

The Bonanza Placer Property claims are located on the prolific Bonanza Creek drainage, 16 kilometers by road from Dawson City. The property consists of 21 contiguous placer claims and 1 outlying placer claim.

The claims are located in the Dawson Mining District and are all co-owned by Dan Trudeau (50%) and Roland Berglund (50%) who have profitably mined the property since 2003.

Title is registered with the Dawson City Mining Recorder and is granted under the Yukon Placer Mining Act. There are no overriding royalties on the property and no disputes regarding property ownership. The claims earliest expiry is in 2024.

The Bonanza Placer Property Claim Group is fully permitted under Placer Land Use Permit LP00919, Water License Number PM13-051, and the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) Consolidated Decision Document 2013-0137-040-1.

The claims have already been significant gold producers with rich Bonanza Creek deposits and high bench White Channel gravel deposits, sidehill bedrock, and hydraulic fans available for mining. Recent operation has focused on the easily accessible bench gravels, and sidehill bedrock.

The owners believe that this property is capable of supporting a large bulk mining operation with investment in larger equipment and infrastructure. Of particular importance when considering the large scale mining potential of this property is:

    • 1) Only the small dredges were in operation on the claims and they did not mine to bedrock on portions of the property allowing the possibility of significant pay gravel at depths below 26 feet in Bonanza Creek. Exploration drilling and geophysics as well as a test mining cut into Bonanza Creek prove that there are still gold bearing gravels on bedrock in the creek bed.


    • 2) Tailings fans deposited at the left limit of Bonanza Creek by hydraulic mining in the early 1900s likely shielded portions of the Bonanza Creek bed from later dredging operations. The owners of the property consider testing this target a priority which will likely occur in the 2015 mining season


    • 3) The Property contains significant White Channel deposits on Adams Hill, Magnet Hill, and American Hill. A rough estimate of the total volume of White Channel material on the Bonanza Placer Property is 2.8 million cubic meters (note this is not a resource or reserve estimate). Mining cuts at the base of the White Channel gravel have shown that they contain gold with Adams Hill and Magnet Hill being on the White Channel gravel’s “coarse gold pay streak”.


  • 4) Potential second bedrock pay layer @ 90' approx( documented ) - If mined we retain a NSR of 15%

Property sale price: $1,700,000.00

Turnkey: Property + equipment $2,200,000.00

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prolific Bonanza Creek drainage, 16 kilometers by road from Dawson City, Dawson, Yukon Y0B 0A3, Canada

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