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Two Excellent Gold Bearing Creeks In Dawson Yukon

Carmack Fork, This is the Right fork of the richest creek in Yukon, Bonanza Creek. We Own the last mile, all virgin ground. The claims adjoining us have an extensive history and drill tests show that our mile is as much as 4 times Richer. The Gold seems to be more concentrated on the upper creeks and this one looks to be good all the way. 20 miles from Dawson makes it easy to run and maintain a real mine. The road is in great shape, government maintained and accessible for 3 seasons. Class 4 water license is in the application process right now.

Flannery Pup, This is the other fork at the top. We hold a mile lease which will become 7 claims by next month. Flannery Pup is only a mile long and they took 100 oz out of the cut at the bottom of the creek where it joins Carmack fork. If you look on Google earth you can see this creek has a natural glory hole at the top. Most creeks pinch off at the top this one has a 500 ft wide bench where the gold should have collected.

Carmack Fork ---$250,000
Flannery Pup --- $200,000

Spring set up sale, Both groups of claims for $250,000. We are Gold miners and this sale price is only good until June 1st 2016.

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Contact: Noah Williams
Ph: 780-278-3695

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located in Dawson City, Dawson, Yukon Y0B 0A3, Canada

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