Champion Creek Placer

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Champion Creek Placer

Over 3 km. of frontage on both sides of Champion Creek

  • Road accessible and underlain completely by crown land, camp anywhere
  • Located approx. 2km upstream of the creek mouth and the Tulameen River
  • Draining mineralized bedrock units of the Tulameen Ultramafic Complex, Champion Creek is thought to the be the 1st tributary creek whose outwash provides gold and platinum mineralization to the Tulameen River
  • 146.92 hectares / 311.18 acres. BC Placer Tenure #1043667
  • Good to July 1, 2017

The property is located 40km. east-northeast "as the crow flies" of the Town of Hope, British Columbia . From Hope, drive north for approx. 50 km on Coquihalla Hwy. 5 to the Britton Creek / Coquihalla Lakes Rest Area at latitude 49.656429 longitude -121.006811.

From there, drive south on Tulameen Forest Service Road (turning right at the Y Junction), crossing the for approx. 25 km. to Champion Creek FSR which intersects the property boundary after a further 3 km.

The claim centre is at latitude 49.485400 longitude -120.919520.

From Minfile 092HSE229

Champion Creek is a north-flowing tributary of the Tulameen River, some 9 kilometres long, situated about 59 kilometres west of Princeton. The creek is characterized by a narrow rock-walled canyon near its mouth, which gives way upstream to a broader flaring valley.

Deep gravels occur along the upper portion of the creek in the broad valley. These gravels are reported to contain gold and platinum. Virtually no gravels are present in the canyon below. The creek was explored as early as 1885.

In 2011, Champion Creek was the subject of a reconnaissance project, the resulting report describes the area along with a geological summary and includes the subject property:

No large scale mining or placer exploration has been applied to Champion Creek or the subject property. It is reported to have never been mined to bedrock with excellent prospects remaining (Goldpanning Southwest BC and Vancouver Island, J. Lewis/C. Hart, 1998).

Also from Minfile

Gold and platinum deposits have been found over the lower 40 kilometres of the Tulameen river. Most recorded production and exploration has occurred along two stretches. The upper stretch begins about 2 kilometres west of Tulameen and continues up the river for 12 kilometres to the mouth of Champion Creek. The lower stretch begins at Coalmont, just above the mouth of Granite Creek, and continues southeast for 19 kilometres to Princeton. See Tulameen River (092HSE235) for a detailed review of the lower section.

Some of the richest placers mined in the Tulameen district occur along the upper Tulameen River, in the canyon between Champion and Olivine creeks, both in the river bed and in adjacent gravel benches.

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