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Historic Gold Nugget & the Thistle Gold Mines40 ACRE LODE CLAIMMontana Gold And Silver Mines is proud to present the Historic Gold Nugget Mine Mine Unpatented Lode Mining Claim for sale. This is a 40 acre unpatented lode mining claim for sale exclusively through Montana Gold And Silver Mines. The claim is located just outside of Twin Bridges, Montana and has been properly staked and marked. All Montana Gold And Silver Mines claims have been carefully surveyed, mapped and researched. Field work is completed by our own experienced, well educated Mine Survey Team.

Remote Montana gold mine. The heart of the Rochester Mining District has a long and detailed history. The Gold Nugget Mine Mine is in a quiet area in the historic Rochester mining district. The ores show substantial amounts of native gold (common in the area), iron, copper, quartz and pyrites. The mine dumps could most likely be processed at a very good profit.

The shaft would need to be rehabilitated but a few days work could get it secure and you to the high grade ore body.

Remnants and items seen in the area indicate there has been work done after 1950. It is estimated by the surveyors that the claim has been worked intermittently in the 1900’s.

There is direct BLM road access to this claim and room for staging, parking and other operations.

History of the Mines

Montana is ranked 7th by the USGS for total gold production in the US and has 31 mining districts. Gold production for the 1800’s to 1968 is 17.8 million ounces and large amounts of gold have been mined from 1968 to present. Geologists have predicted that based on the past and the geology of Montana that several large gold and silver deposits will be found and developed in the future.

The Gold Nugget Mine Mine Mine is located in the northeast quarter of section 32. It is about half a mile northeast of Rochester.

Rocks in this district are dominantly schist and gneiss that are locally intruded by small plutons of quartz monzonite, diorite, and aplite related to the Boulder batholith. Ore deposits are mostly northeast-trending veins in gneiss and schist; they contain gold, silver, arsenopyrite, pyrite, and lesser amounts of lead, zinc, and copper minerals in a quartz gangue. Much of the ore has been oxidized to a depth of 600 feet and consists of quartz, limonite, and oxidized copper and lead minerals.

Asking price: $35.000


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