several joint venture mining opportunities available in the yukon

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Yukon Properties Available Lease to purchase, Joint Venture.

Established Yukon placer mining company/family looking for individuals or companies to express interest in carrying out small to medium scale placer mining on some of our mining properties. Currently we have three medium scale miners working successfully on various claim packages. We have several other permitted packages available for the upcoming season. We have mined and sampled these properties and the values warrant small to medium scale mining. Lease to purchase, Joint Venture.

Project #1 Highlights

  • Historical creek mined since the early 1900’s
  • We conducted a bulk test on this creek in 2012 and have produced gold there every season since.
  • Mainly fine gold
  • 840 Fineness
  • Two mining permits
  • Thawed ground
  • Equipment optional
  • Year round access.
  • Camp
  • Excellent fishing and hunting

Project #2 - The Historical Creek “Monitor Pit”

During the 1920’s an aqueduct was constructed over the mountain to bring water to this bench deposit. The mine ceased operation after two seasons following a tragic accident. The claims lay dormant till the early nineties when a retired logger from British Columbia started small scale mining. He mined the claims continuously for many years but never hit bedrock or mined near the old monitor pit face.

At the age of 88 he hung up his shovel. We commenced sampling the property with a medium sized excavator in 2014. We sampled everywhere the old timer showed us but only came up with average results. After cutting a traverse across the old monitor pit face we dug a series of test holes along the access and encountered bedrock on one of the pits and it yielded 2.8 grams of gold from two loose yards washed. We acquired the claims and began negotiations with the adjacent claim holder to purchase several of his claims which are strategically necessary to mine the property. this transaction has now been completed and we have successfully obtained the permits to mine. Late this fall we started stripping a pit on the rich test hole and are currently approximately 20 feet from bedrock.

Project #2 Highlights

  • Valid mining permit
  • Thawed dry bench ground.
  • Summer two wheel drive access
  • Good fishing and hunting
  • Equipment optional

Project #3

  • These claims have been in our family for 25 years.
  • Two 330ZX excavators were mobilized onto the site over the previous two winters via a 130km winter trail
  • Historical creek
  • Two miles of virgin valley ground
  • Old timer hand works
  • Cat mined in the late 60’s
  • Hand shafted in the early 90’s
  • Geological report
  • Mining commenced fall 2016
  • Coarse gold - 880 fineness
  • Average grade one raw Ozt to forty loose yards
  • Permitted
  • Remote access
  • Equipment optional

Project #4

  • 4 miles of virgin ground
  • Thawed
  • Active mining downstream
  • Coarse gold, platinum, copper nuggets
  • 830 Fineness
  • Permitted
  • 10 miles off highway access
  • New Off claim road access permit pending.

Project #5

  • Recent hand work
  • Thawed
  • One mile of virgin ground
  • Extensive sampling
  • Permit renewal pending

Project #6

  • High grade Gold Hard Rock
  • Rich surface vein
  • 2-4 OPT (oz per tonne)
  • Small scale only.
  • Remote.
  • Winter ops

Project #7

  • Exploration
  • High grade silver Hard Rock
  • Rich surface vein float
  • 250 OPT (oz per tonne)
  • Small scale only

Serious inquiries only! No agents please.


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