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Well if your weren't, that's really too bad because by not being invested

you just missed out on a 400% run of pure profits. However, those who were invested in True Gold are laughing all the way to the bank.


You see True Gold Mining was involved in a gold exploration project over in Africa. Burkino Faso to be exact. Anyways they stumbled onto what could be considered a huge find of gold and of course it didn't take long before some of the major mining companies over there took notice and wanted a piece of the action.

But hey, that's what junior mining is really all about. Some little junior company goes out and finds something big and then some big company comes along and pays the little company a whole bunch of money and everybody goes along their merry way like a bunch of happy campers. It's kind of like - big fish eats little fish - except those who are invested in the little fish make a whole lot of dough. And that's what happened to the True Gold Mining investors when Endeavour Mining bought them out.

Now this kind of scenario doesn't happen all the time. You see, most people will look at the chart above and get all upset that they weren't invested in True Gold at the time. But hey, that's life. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. And then there's the fact that many people never even heard about True Gold in the first place. So if they never heard about True Gold they never even really had a chance to invest. Right? But like everything else in life, sometimes you luck out and get a second chance. Sometimes history just repeats itself and you get the opportunity that you missed out on before. Yes sometimes lady luck is on your side.


We know of a small junior that is just like True Gold was. It's just getting started in the same place as True Gold over in Burkino Faso Africa. It's lead geologist knows the ground like the back of his hand and this is his hand-picked property that he has been anxiously waiting to explore and now he has the money to drill. He knows the routine. He's been there lots. Listen, I could go on and on here, but it's up to you to decide if you would like a second chance.


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PS: Right now the stock price of this junior is only ____ but I don't see it being that price much longer!


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NXS gold Burkino Faso, Ouagadougou, Centre Region 00000, Burkina Faso

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