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Three (3) Gold Mining Properties For Sale In Tanzania Africa

We are selling 3 virgin mining claims in Tanzania/East Africa in areas well-known for rich gold deposits:

A preliminary geological report is available for all properties – the samples collected show promising gold content very worthwhile of exploration and exploitation.

Mkalama, Singida:

51 sqkm, gold content found in samples up to 7.11 g/to.

Mwaoga, Chunya:

6 sqkm, gold content found in samples up to 3.01 g/to.

Photo showing eluvial gold occurrence

Photo showing quartz veins containing gold deposits

Nyahonga, Chunya:

31 sqkm, gold content found in samples up to 3.05 g/to.

Location of prospecting License outlined on map (from geological report)

Contact: Devother Kroener
Email: tz.mining@yahoo.com

About Tanzania

Tanzania is an east African country. The country hosts the world renown Greenstone Belt which is known for it's richness in gold, silver, nickle and copper. Some of the worlds largest mining companies have operating mines in this country. AngloGold Ashanti is a major player here. Mid sized miners like those of Tanzanian Royalty have been active in this country for well over a decade. Smaller companies like MDN Mining are active in exploration programs here also. Tanzania offers a vast underdeveloped area to explore and offers exceptional opportunities.

To get good overview of mining in Tanzania, vist the Lake Victoria Mining Company website as it gives a good overview of what Tanzania has to offer.

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