63 mining claims in ontario

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63 Claim Unit NW Ontario63 Claim Unit Property (3.9 SQ. MILES) In The Prolific Uchi Sub-Province, NW Ontario, The Dempster Claims

The Dempster and Arrowhead Shear Zones are shown in pictures 2 and 3. The deformation shear zones are related to a pluton intrusion. The shear zones were explored by the Ontario Gold Joint Venture who conducted extensive B-Horizon soil sampling of the glacial drift cover and by scattered humus soil sampling.

The B-horizon samples show very high anomalous gold values at a number of locations on the shear zones and the humus soil samples show very high anomalous gold values at a number of areas over the shear zones (pictures 2, 3 and 5).

These targets have not been drilled except for one hole by this writer / owner at Arrowhead Lake. The hole intersected 150 m of iron carbonate alteration that is a gold-related hydrothermal alteration in the Arrowhead Shear Zone.

As an option deal, the owner recommends both a drone VLF-EM survey over a 4-mile length of the target shear zones and a humus soil survey on a grid to cover a 3-mile length of the target shear zones. The Dempster property is listed as a Power Point on the OPA’s Property Exchange.

Contact: Donald Brown
Email: dbrown9874@rogers.com

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