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172 Mining Claim Units NW Ontario172 Mining Claim Units (10.8 SQ. MILES) For Option With 2-Mile- Drill - Ready Target In The Prolific Uchi Belt, NW Onatrio

This large claim group has a two-mile long drill target on an 8.6 km – long dilatational Riedel shear zone that has never been drilled- with 56 anomalous gold sample stations, 64 anomalous molybdenum, 90 anomalous iron, 20 anomalous arsenic and 35 anomalous antimony sites- same gold indicators as over the 22 M oz Hemlo gold deposit.

This target has recently been covered by a ground VLF-EM survey. The 2-mile long target is open to the east for another 2.5 miles (slide 4).

There is also a 1.5 -mile long pluton -related gold target shown on slide 1 with anomalous gold indicator elements in soil and rock with a pluton-gold signature. This listing is also on the OPA’s Property Exchange as a large Power Point Presentation as the Fry-McVean property

Here is a Power Point that I put together showing the gold soil anomalies and K-H current density anomalies on 17 lines ( about 1 mile on strike) on the two-mile long gold geochemical anomaly target on my Fry-McVean claims. There is excelent correspondence between the geochemical and geophysical anomalies. I will post the VLF-EM Fraser apparent resistivity profiles soon to compare with the gold in humus anomalies.

To view power point presentation, CLICK HERE

Contact: Donald Brown
Email: dbrown9874@rogers.com

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